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Efsun and Bahar episode 8 synopsis (O hayat benim)

Efsun and Bahar episode 8 synopsis (O hayat benim)
This unexpected marriage proposal is a surprise for Ilyas and Nuran, but while Alp's parents are glad about such a move, Ilyas thinks that Bahar is not prepared yet. Bahar, anyway, is amazed and goes to the kitchen to ask Nuran why she was not consulted over this very important matter? Nuran would like to marry Bahar with Alp, though B ahar refuses and Alp goes home with his parents, very upset. In the meantime in the Atahan house Hulya warns Mehmet Emir that something might not go well since Efsun doesn't want to make the DNA test. Mehmet Emir talks with Efsun trying to persuade her to make the test.

The next day there are two major topics to discuss in the little neighborhood: that Mehmet Emir will find out that Efsun is not his real daughter and that Bahar didn't want to marry Alp because she is in love with Atehs. Nuran collects some hair from Bahar's comb and gives it to Efsun for the test. When she goes with the hair sample to the hospital, the doctors announce her that they need blood for the test, not hair. But now Hulya has an interest that Efsun to not make the test and tries to offer money to Nuran to convince Efsun to give up. Nuran refuses Hulya's money.

In the neighborhood, Beyza goes to Nuran and tells her that she knows that Bahar is the daughter of Mehmet Emir and wants money to keep silence over this matter so Nuran is forced to accept Hulya's offer. Later Ilyas sees the money and takes it, thinking that it is for their usual expenses. Finally the money arrives into Beyza's hands. Atesh tells Efsun that she must make the DNA test as a legal procedure to be admitted as Mehmet Emir's daughter.

The summaries are made after the original version of the Turkish series, of about 2.5 hours an episode, without ads. The photos are screenshots taken from the youtube episode uploaded by the official Fox TV channel.

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