Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Efsun and Bahar episode 7 synopsis (O hayat benim)

Efsun and Bahar episode 7 synopsis (O hayat benim)
Osman shot Atesh instead of Mehmet Emir and Bahar, who came there by now, tries to see if he is still alive. Later he is taken to the hospital.
Ilyas is forced by the police to admit his deeds and he is interrogated separately from Nuran. Of course, due to it, their stories are different, because Nuran lies. During the investigation a policeman comes to announce that Yusuf's body was found. After Ilyas and Nuran are released, they find out about Atesh being shot and go to the hospital where everybody waits for the doctors' verdict.

After several days Atesh is recovered and Ilyas learns that Mehmet Emir didn't make any complaint to the police regarding his father's death.
Efsun starts being jealous with Bahar because she confessed her love for Atesh. So, she meets Alp and they settle a plan together, to separate Bahar from Atesh, to keep her at a distance from him. Soon Alp will come to ask Bahar to marry him.
Osman is taken by the police and arrested so, because he believes that Ilyas and Nuran are behind this, he swears revenge. Atesh and Mehmet Emir make the documents to recognize Efsun as Mehmet Emir's daughter and Fulya says that Efsun should also make a DNA test. Efsun, hearing this she claims that she can't stand to see blood and that she doesn't want to make the DNA test. Alp and his parents come to Bahar's place to propose marriage to her.

The summaries are made after the original version of the Turkish series, of about 2,5 hours an episode, without ads. The photos are screenshots taken from the youtube episode uploaded by the official Fox TV channel.

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