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Yaman and Mira episodes 21-22 synopsis

Yaman and Mira episode 21

Yaman and Mira episodes 21-22 synopsis
Yaman is in the Tozludere house with his mother who is getting separated from Hasan. He wants her not to sing in clubs anymore, therefore she finds a job as a cook in a kindergarten (nursery school). Yaman's group of friends want to go for a few days to ski in a mountain resort and strive to help Yaman with money, so that he can join them too, even if he does not agree with this help. Hale is missing from this group, because now, after the incident with Mira, everyone runs away from her. But she insists to talk with Mira, who rightly fears her, and tries to apologize. She tells Mira that now she regularly goes to the psychologist and she realized that the anger comes from inside her and that she needs to change. However, her ex-friends avoid her at least temporarily.

Selim is very depressed because he had to make something illegal so he could help his wife out of the mess created by Asim. Ender does not know it, she doesn't realize that her own father plotted against her and thinks that Selim has something to hide from her. Selim wants to take revenge so he looks for Arsen Reyhan to suggest her that he would like them to continue what they have already started, but Arsen disagrees. She only warns him that Asim will hurt him. (Arsen was Asim's lover when she was young and she has a daughter from him. This part of the series will be shown during the next episodes.) Ender knows that her husband is it at home, apparently ill, and learns that he went out as soon as she left for the office. As a consequence she suspects that Selim has a love affair and starts to follow her husband. Therefore, she learns about his meeting with Arsen, without knowing its purpose and then she finds out that Selim sent a bouquet of flowers and a note with apologizes to Arsen. Being an experienced lawyer, Selim notices that Ender tracks him and he comes accross her way on the street to talk to her. She admits that she was following him because he behaved coldly, so she thought he had a relationship with someone else. Selim assures her that it's nothing like this and tells her that he only hates the person who determined him to help her doing illegal things. Ender does not suspect that it is her father Selim hints to.

Mert, Mira, Yaman and Eylul are in Tozludere where they celebrate Nevin's new job. In the middle of dinner the power goes off, then the electricians come and tell them that they were reported to have stolen power, with a piece of plastic inserted in the counter (to make the counter stop counting). They are requested to pay the fine. Nevin and Yaman realize that the whole thing was actually planned by Hasan, to get revenge. Yaman's friends decide to give up the trip to help him with money for the fine. Orkun and his group of friends hear that Mira cancelled their leaving and decide to go to the mountains in the same resort and same hotel where Mira should have stayed, hoping they will have fun with Tugce and Hale.

Yaman and Nevin, on their turn, report Hasan at the police because he carries a gun without gun license. The cops boost him on the street the next day. Following the incident, Orkun fires Hasan.

Yaman has some problems at the fitness club where he works. One day an old lady flirts with Yaman, who behaves very properly and respectfully tells her to ask for the trainer's advice, not his own, because he is just a cleaner. The woman insists, but because she was refused, she gub's manager and complains that Yaman flirted with her. The manager realizes that this is a lie, but because the woman is one of the founding members of the club, he is obliged to fire Yaman. Fortunately, in the same day, without knowing that he is unemployed, Ender proposes him to come at the company as her assistant architect, thinking that in this way he will learn architecture and she will have an eye on him. Yaman gladly accepts. Eventually Selim gives some cash to Nevin and she gives it to Yaman to pay the fine. Thus, all the problems having been sold, the teens will still want to go on the trip in the mountains, and they start preparations.

Yaman and Mira episode 22

Yaman and Mira episodes 21-22 synopsis
The initial reservation having been cancelled, the 5 friends - Mira, Beren, Mert, Eylul, and Yaman - arrive at the hotel and learn that there is just a twin room left free that fortunately has a lobby as a second chamber. At the same time, Orkun and his group arrive there too. Nobody likes the new situation, but they can't give up now. Eventually the things settle like this: Beren will stay in the same room with Hale and her friends, and Mert, Yaman, Mira and Eylul in the twin room they have available. There won't be many incidents between them. Only that Yaman accidentally hits Orkun with a snowbal, and Orkun in his turn cuts off all the car tires so that Yaman and his group of friends can't go back at the end of the weekend.

Selim goes on with his investigations and asks to be searched all the trials where Asim was involved. The designated lawyer finds nothing personal, just business trials. Though there is one single interesting trial of Arsen's former husband, which ended 18 years ago. Arsenfinds out what Selim does and warns him to stay away from her family life, although now she and Levent are no longer together. Unwillingly, she mentions about her daughter, and Selim notices that Arsen said "her" daughter and not "theirs". Selim, accustomed to being very carefull to such linguistic details, asks her why she mentions about her daughter, because she must have nothing to do with his problems. Indirectly, Arsen admits that she is not her former husband's child, but Asim's, and that they had a relationship before her marriage.

Most of the 22nd episode focuses around the weekend in the mountain resort. Hale, feeling that everyone avoids her, makes a new friend in the person of a middle-aged man, divorced and returned home from America, named Tolga. Orkun, and the others see them together, but for now nobody asks her who is he.

Hasan, now left without job and knowing that Nevin reported him at the police, goes home to try a reconciliation with her, but she rejects him. Sude divorces Faruk and then tells him a secret about Sedef: that she had been married in America and because of a problem she was forced to come back to Turkey. Sude advises Faruk to ask Sedef about it and learn the truth by himself (she told him this secret because she wants him not to marry Sedef). Faruk follows her advice, but Sedef seems troubled by this detail and doesn't want to speak about her life in America. The next day, Sude goes at Selim's home with a bottle of wine to celebrate her new status of a divorced woman. Giray gets out of prison and goes to Nevin's to talk to her. As a consequence she will leave home. The details are shown in the next episode. Episode 22 ends when Yaman and his friends arrive at his home, where on the table there is a letter showing that Nevin left her son again.

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  1. Thanks Johanna.So here is the another turkish show after AFK which I choose to watch.(coz of Cagatay at first,being a big admirer of him) But as I read it here,This show looks intersesting with good storyplot.I just wanted to know if it have such typical melodramatic sad endings or a practical,realistic and happy ending.I know its too early to ask it without watching it first but I cant tolerate a sad ending for Cagatay especially;)after watching feriha.Jokes apart this is the I would better not watch it if it have such ending becahse AFK was mine favorite but that show's ending disappoints me a lot.yet I love it and kept watching it.But for Medecizer I wanted to know in advance the ending.Please tell if you can .And thanks for your summeries mam.

  2. I've seen these series and they are amazing!

  3. i cant find synopsis of episode 23 onwards..can u help me out with this?


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