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Yaman and Mira - episodes 19-20 synopsis

Yaman and Mira episode 19 summary

Yaman and Mira - episodes 19-20 synopsis
Orkun and Yaman meet each other in the graveyard. Orkun calls Yaman a murderer, trying to blame him for his father's sudden death. Later, Yaman tells Selim what happened and that he would like to move back to Tozludere, not because Orkun scared him, but because he doesn't want to make troubles to Serez family who helped him that much. He promises that he will attend his courses and learn that at the university, no matter if he lives here, or in his mother's house. Selim accepts it, though he is not glad about it. Within several days of living at his mother's, Nevin tells him that she decided to divorce Hasan. Yaman is then hired at the swimming pool where Mira and her friends used to go.

At the company, Ender announces during a board meeting that she managed to convince the ex-business partners involved in the Middle East project to come again and to resume the negociations. Asim is very glad that they can continue the project and there is no need to look for other partners, which would have meant more money to spend. Sude plays another game: she previously put an employee to spy Asim, and now she whispers to Ender that her office mate was found to have installed microphones into Asim's office and he was fired. Then, Sude asks Asim about the marriage between Faruk and Sedef, and the old man says that he thought that they were having a relationship, but since he understood he was wrong, he is not going to not interfere anymore in their lives.

Faruk continues to be close to Sedef and one day, while walking on the beach, they get to the conclusion that they are very much alike, but they both need a patient life, not staying next to people who like intrigues and manipulations. Faruk notices a for sale building that they are just passing by, and he stops to look at it. Sedef and he decide to buy the building and open a restaurant there.

Orkun and his mother search through Mithat's things and find an expensive watch with a love note signed just A. Both of them are amazed because they considered Mithat as being an honest man, and this objects suggests that he had a mistress. Orkun will try to fin dout who that woman is and to his great surprise he learns that she is Aylin, Hale's mother. Then, he remembers that during the New-Year's eve Mithat's was next to Aylin most of the time, neglecting his family. We are shown a moment in the past during a romantic date between the two lovers when Mithat offers a beautiful ring to Aylin. Now, that Mithat is dead, Aylin wears the ring and lies to her husband, Umit, that it's an old family jewel. Orkun goes to Hale and tells her to stay away from him and his family, but he doesn't tell her why. Hale thinks that Orkun is again with Mira, and supposes that Mira is the reason for this sudden breaking up between them, so being very jealous, Hale attacts Mira in a trap and takes her by car drivind madly fast. Hale tries to provoke an accident where Mira to die, but she calls Yaman who comes after her, and in the meantime Orkun, learning what is just happening, speaks to Hale on the phone and tries to explain to her that not Mira is the cause of their separation. Finally he is forced to tell her the truth, that her mother was his father's mistress. Hale slows down and stops the car when Yaman gets there at the same time with an ambulance and a police car.

Yaman and Mira episode 20 summary

Yaman and Mira - episodes 19-20 synopsis
Mira and Hale are taken to the hospital and while Hale remains there for investigations, Mira is set free. Aylin comes to visit her daughter and Hale gets angry, knowing what her mother did. Yaman is visited at his working place by Umit and Selim who want to find out details about Mithat and Aylin relationship, but Yaman doesn't know about it. In the meantime, Aylin begs Sude not to tell her husband about this love affair and in exchange she will persuade Umit to do business again with Sude. For the moment, everybody knows that Hale just had a tantrum seisure.

The surprise of the day is that Asim is taken at the police station by the investigators of financial frauds. Sedef announces Ender and Selim to come there too, but they can just wait outside. When Asim is set free, he seems to be glad. Then he tells everybody that he was called concerning a file about an illegal contract who was Ender's, about 8 years ago, so he is not guilty at all. (Everything was set up by Asim, because he wants to take revenge from Selim and show him that in some cases you have to accept illegal ways to solve your problem).

Hasan is informed by Nevin that during that morning she went to the lawyers to discuss about their divorce. He takes his gun and warns her that he is going to shoot her if she leaves him. Then, Nevin starts throwing things and gets very angry, reproaching him that during all these years he hasn't done anything but frightening her. In the evening Yaman wants to make a romantic surprise to Mira and he climbs the pole covered in ivy from her balcony, as a modern Romeo. But he forgets that the alarm is on and it rings when he gets on the terrace next to her bedroom. Beren and Sude come immediately, Mert takes his binoculars to see what's going on, and they laught at him and his idea.

The next day on everybody's agenda is Ender's contract. Asim watches Selim and Ender, but the two husbands are not aware about the trap they are caught into. The probem is that within several days the case would have been prescribed but even in the last day things can change to worse for Ender. Yaman goes to the bar where Nevin sings and speaks with the owner to fire his mother, then he tell her too, because he doesn't want her to have this job anymore. In short time she finds a job as a cook in a nursery school but she misses singing a lot. Hasan comes home to take his things and goes away.

Selim tries to solve Ender's problem by illeagal means, because he has no choice, and this makes him vulnerable towards Asim. Ender can't wait anymore and is depressed. Selim calls her at 5 o'clock and tells her that the file is prescribed. Later Ender asks Sedef if she made the denouncement at the police. Of course, Sedef has no idea about that. Selim goes home with Asim in the car and the old man tells his son-in-law that he made the denouncement because he was sure that he (Selim) would save his wife at any cost because he loves her. Then Selim wants to hurt him but he only tells Asim that he is not a loving man because he could do such a thing, meaning to denounce his own daughter. Asim remembers him that on the first place the daughter denounced her own father, but he says that not Ender was his target, but him, Selim, who was always very proud about being a clean and extremely honest man. He adds that they are even now, with dirty hands, but he will have to get used to it.

Yaman decides to go and live with his family and announces Mira and the Serez family about it, and that they will keep in touch by phone.

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