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Yaman and Mira - episodes 17-18 synopsis

Yaman and Mira - episode 17

Yaman and Mira - episodes 17-18 summary
Mira, Eylul and Mert are at the police station waiting for Yaman. Giray is arrested and will be sent in the court. Selim helps Yaman to get out of there but he is angry with him and speaks very clearly saying that he has to cut off with his past if he wants to have a brilliant future and that all these pendulations between his past relations and present is not good because they draw him backwards. Selim is willing to help Yaman get rid of poverty but he is the one who has to make the big decision: or with those from Altinkoy, or in Tozludere for ever. Yaman cries because it's a very difficult decision to make.

Eylul finds out what happened last night and that everything was set up by Ayshe and Giray. Sude, very clever and hidden, advices Mira to be careful how she speaks with Yaman who may be vulnerable now. Mira is amazed about this sudden changing of attitude from her mother, but actually Sude wants that Mira to separate from Yaman again by hurting him unwillingly. Orkun goes to the dean of the faculty with pictures proving that he was hit by Yaman, hoping that Yaman would be expelled or at least he would have his scholarship cancelled. But the dean notices that the fight didn't take place in the university, so he can't punish Yaman for personal actions. Orkun is upset because he couldn't do anything against his rival.

Gioray is found guilty and is sent to prison in the same room with Kenan, who tells him that he knows about his betrayal, with Ayshe. Giray informs Kenan that he is engaged to Ayshe and she is already pregnant. Hearing this, Kenan becomes violent. In the meantime Ayshe tells her father that she is pregnant and he banishes her away, sending her directly in the street. Nevin helps her and offers her shelter. Leyla advises her to abort the child but Ayshe wouldn't like to do it, moreover, she does not have the neccessary money for this operation. Leyla insists that Yaman should give her the money for the abortion. Nevin doesn't agreee with this idea and asks Hasan to help Ayshe. Hasan gets angry because he is not willing to help her, and then he goes in the garden where, at the roots of a tree, he secretly keeps a box with money. When he digs to check if all the money is there, he is very surprised to find just an orange in his box. We are shown that one night in the past few days when Hasan added some money in the box, Turan Koper, Yaman and Kenan's father, saw Hasan and later he took the money from that box. Hasan suspects that Turan must have taken his money, but he doesn't have any proof.

Mira, in spite of her mother's advice, tells something to Yaman that makes him upset and they quarrel again in the University. After the classes, Mira goes to the swimming pool at home and being sad she lets herself down under the water untill she reaches the pool's floor. The seconds pass and she seems to not be aware that she can die, or perhaps she wants to die? :) Orkun is there and saves her bringing her at the surface again. Yaman goes at Selim's office and the lawyer shows him the recordings on the cameras in the bank where he has an account. Yaman recognizes his father, who came there to make a deposit (Hasan's money) in Yaman's account. Selim doesn't know from where could Turan Koper have that much money and advises Yaman to stay away from troubles and from people who live a fishy life.

Asim's secretary is paid by Sude to give her all the information that she can. So, Sude finds out that the old business man wants to marry Sedef with Faruk. The secretary records a conversation on the phone between Faruk and Asim and the CD-ROM reaches Ender's business partner. This man gives it to Sude, as a thank for ruining the "Middle East" partnership. Later, Sude informs Faruk and her lawyer that she is not decided yet concerning the divorce. Faruk is uncomfortable with Sude's decision but all he can do is to wait.

Mira asks Ender to help her get cope again with Yaman. Ender asks all 4 of them (Mert, Eylul, Yaman and Mira) to sort some clothes for charity. The door suddenly gets blocked (actually Mert has the key) but they stay there until Mira and Yaman manage to get closer again and to make a step to reconciliation. After a few days, Hasan waits for Selim in a parking area and asks the lawyer if Yaman has a big sum of money in his account, adding that it is his money and Turan Koper stole it from him. Selim avoids a direct answer and tells him to prove that the money was his. When Yaman goes to talk to Kenan at the prison, he understands that Hasan was right and told them the truth. Then, thinking overt this matter, he remembers about the picture sent by Hale on his phone and realizes that the money was paid by Orkun to Hasan for some services, such as the setting up of the theft from Beylice's house. Yaman tells Kenan that he is going to give the money back to the owner but Kenan becomes furious and warns him that he won't consider him as his brother if he really does this.

Yaman goes home and then to Orkun's house who was celebrating his birthday. Yaman wants to go seeing the guests but Orkun insists that he tells what he wants and then he may go. Yaman shows the bag with money (the one found in the flowerpot) and tells to everybody how Orkun arranged with Hasan to make things appear as he is the thief. Orkun denies but Yaman shows him the picture on his mobile phone sent by Hale. Mithat Civanoglu, Orkun's father, realizes that his son lied all the time and that everything Yaman said is true. Yaman goes home and Mira follows him ...

Yaman and Mira - episode 18

Yaman and Mira - episodes 17-18 summary
Everybody is astonished about what he said. Selim is very glad that Yaman started to use his mind and solves things in an intelligent way. Orkun, mad with fury fights his father who doesn't care anymore about the guests. Mithat is angry because he always had to clean his son's bad facts and to cover him. Eventually Orkun leaves with 2 of his friends, but Mithat continues to quarrel with his wife, who still defends her son. In the house there are only Eylul and Bugra, her ex-boyfriend, and they watch to the argue of the two husbands. Mithat goes upstairs and his wife follows him. He wants to slap her for blindly defending Orkun, but he steps aside and falls down with a serious injury at his head. He dies instantly. Orkun meets Sedef in a bar and they drink till morning comes. When he arrives at home he finds out about his father's unexpected death.

One evening Ayshe wants to see Yaman but the bodyguard doesn't let her in the area. She goes back walking, but it is night and the street is not well lighted. Faruk comes home by car and he is not very attentive at the road. He hits Ayshe and they both arrive at the hospital. Faruk has just a minor injury at his arm but Ayshe loses her baby. When the police comes to interrogate her, she doesn't say anything bad about Faruk and takes all the guilt upon herself. Faruk, being impressed by her attitude, takes her as his maid after she gets out of the hospital. Asim finds out about Mithat's death and his only concern now is who undertakes his shares and business. Orkun informs him that he is Mithat's heir but Asim doesn't feel comfortable about that. Yaman and Mira are getting closer and closer again. At Mithat's funerals Mert tells Eylul that keeping their relationship secret (Eylul is ashamed to admit that she loves the one who previously she had laughed at) means an insult to him.

Hasan is ready for a confrontation and takes his revolver with him in the car when he goes as Orkun's driver at the graveyard. Yaman is there to and the two rivals meet again ...

The summaries are made after the original Turkish TV episodes 
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