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Yaman and Mira - episodes 15-16 synopsis

Yaman and Mira - episode 15

Yaman and Mira - episodes 15-16 synopsis
Selim calls Yaman and tells him that they are back, but they are driving to the company because Asim wants to speak to them on a specific matter. Yaman and Mira go home and hurry to clean everything as if the party didn't take place. Mert and Eylul help them. Asim announces that he is not upset about what happened (he had to give up that business involving the ground that was protected by the state), but he wants to make Sedef a part of his company, and gives her the project "Middle East" which was Ender's project, and the he says he gets Ender out of it leaving her free to do what she wants. In other words, he almost fired Ender from the company. Sedef is very glad to hear that, Ender and Selim are astonished about the sudden bad news, and Asim is eager to see Selim's next move, because his target is Selim, not his daughter. Then he adds that he would like that the damages at the model house to be paid by Selim (thinking that he cannot afford it), because they are a sprt of parents for Yaman.

Selim accepts and will pay within a few days, with the money he gets from Arsen Reyhan. Ender is very angry and wants revenge, but Selim advises her to have a second thought, because this fight would be tiring and uneven. Fortunately, a journalist has the recording with Sedef dancing, drunk, in a night club and he wants to sell it to Sude, but Sude, learning that "Middle East" project is now lead by Sedef and that Faruk is involved too, she tells to the journalist that she is not interested in that recording, he can do whatever he wants with it. Therefore, the clip is seen by the foreign investors who cancel their contract in the project, and now Sedef has to find other businessmen to cooperate with. Sedef is angry with her sister because she believes Ender sent the recording to the investors.

The mysterious guest who comes to see Kenan is his father, Turan Koper, who is alive, and who tells him that he opened a bank account on Yaman's name where he deposited 100,000 TL for him, for Kenan (Kenan being in jail, Turan couldn't open an account on his name). Selim finds out about the money accidentally, when he wants to transfer a sum for Yaman, to buy a gift to Mira on the New Year's eve. Selim figures out that Turan must have had that much money and hopes he can track Turan Koper and find him.

Yaman and Mira - episodes 15-16 synopsis
Soon there is the New Year party. Selim organizes the party at his place and invites Sude, Sedef and many other guests. Leyla waits for Yaman at his working place and together they go to have lunch. Mira finds out about it but Yaman doesn't say anything. One evening Ayshe calls him and asks him to come in Tozludere, where she and Giray are having the engagement ceremony. There, Yaman meets Leyla again. Mira calls him and hears Leyla's voice. Even sooner, Eylul's father, Barish, who was a widower, has his second marriage. At this party Sedef gets drunk and is taken out by Selim. The youngsters congratulate the new couple and then they go in a club. There, Mira sings a sad song when Yaman enters. When she finishes her song, she tells him that he is a liar and she doesn't want to see him again. Orkun involves in their conversation and Yaman hits him with his head. Mira gets angry and hurts Yaman telling that the club is not Tozludere (a bad neighborhood).

Yaman and Mira - episode 16

It's the New Year's eve. Yaman is on the beach with Giray, Ayshe, Kenan (he has some free days from the prison) and Leyla, who receives text messages every minute. Yaman is a little bit annoyed by those messages and suddenly he takes Leyla's mobile phone from her hand and sees that actually she had a lover in Germany and they were exchanging text messages on the New Year's night. Upset, Yaman leaves the beach party and feels like being alone.

Yaman and Mira - episodes 15-16 synopsis
At Selim's place the party has started. Mira is with her old friends and Orkun, but she thinks only about Yaman, who now is playing his guitar, alone on a bench. Mert takes a plate with cookies and finds Yaman on the sea shore. While the two friends are talking, Mira enters in Yaman's room with a gift, but being very curious, she accesses his laptop finding his conversations with Leyla on skype. Inside, Sedef comes with a group of entertainers dressed as Americans and the party becomes more vivid. Yaman comes back home and sees Mira having fun and dancing with Orkun. Then he goes in a bar till morning. Mira sees him coming and prepares many pancakes and then she goes to give him too.

Faruk comes to tell Sude that he wants to be out of their lives and he will be also out of Asim's business, because he wants a calm life, without problems. Sude does not feel comfortable, because she thought that by announcing Faruk that she contacted the lawyers for the divorce he would come back to her. Asim eants to marry Sedef with Faruk after he is divorced, but he does not agree with Faruk's being out of the business. Mira asks Eylul to do something and to chat with Leyla using Yaman's laptop and account, and to tell her that he doesn't want to see her again. Mert sees Eylul and she has to tell him what she was doing there. Leyla suspects that it is not Yaman who talks to her on Skype and calls him to see where he is. Suposing that Mira must be in Yaman's room, Leyla starts being very sweet and says that they felt very well last night. Yaman comes home unexpectedly and catches Mira at his laptop. In his turn he replies that he didn't expect such an educated girl like her to to things like that, because his room is not Tozludere. Then he tells Leyla he is going to change his username on skype and he really doesn't want to see her again.

Selim asks to the bank where Turan deposited 100,000 T Lira to see the recordings of that day, so he now is sure that Turan Koper is alive. Ayshe calls Yaman to give her soime money for the abortion and Yaman goes to Giray's working place, a mechanic workshop. It is night and Yaman doesn't know that Giray is in a group of car thieves. The police comes to catch them in the act of dismantling a car, but Yaman, instinctually, runs away. The police cathes him too thinking that he ran because he was an accomplice.

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  1. Thank you Johanna for Medcezir summaries in English ! waiting eagerly for epi 17 and more ��

    1. Hi, Chitra! I have some problems with connecting at the internet, my laptop is old and I think I should re-install it's programs. It connects during one or two hours and then suddenly the connections is off again :(

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    2. Thanks a ton Johanna ! You are a darling :)

    3. Johanna, if am not wrong...there are two new year eve parties in 2012 where yaman leyla kenan ayse party on the waterfront, mira dancing with orkun and friends, party at selim home where selim is sad and heartbroken. The second party shown is of 2013 where mert is with eylul, mira sad and waiting to see yaman, yaman alone with a drink and playing the guitar near the waterfront where mert goes with cake...

    4. Hi, Chitra! The two parties are in the same episodes? If yes, there was a mistake about the year :)

    5. Yes Johanna...the two parties are in the same episode...dresses worn by Ender and others are completely different makes me think that they were of successive years ! The subtitles in English say 31st dec 2012 and 31st dec 2013 !

    6. Oh! :o there must be a mistake in the subs, there aren't 2 different years, it's the same New Year's eve :) but there are two parties, one of it is Eylul's father's wedding, eralier than the New Year. Usually they don't leap so much in one single episode. The action in the Turkish series moves slowly, there are only several days per episode. Rarely they show what happened much later. I'll try to find the episode in Romanian (though I doubt that I'll find it) to see what is all about, because I must say I don't remember details. This show was brodcasted last year in my country, but they cancelled it due to low ratings in the spring of 2015. We saw only about 35 episodes.


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