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Emir's Way/Emir'in Yolu episode 5 synopsis

Emir's Way/Emir'in Yolu episode 5 synopsis
Emir and Gunesh are about to kiss, but then Engin appears (he herad all their conversation) and she asks him what is he doing there. He tells her that he has ties to his brother's enemy, then he discreetly threaten her to give him a chance, otherwise he will say what he heard to Yavuz. In the evening, Gunesh comes home and goes into her brother's reading room who is with Engin (he hasn't said anything yet). She speaks to him in private and accepts his deal. Emir is in the club and thinks only of Gunesh. Koray notices that something happened with his buddy, but Emir does not want to tell the truth.

The next morning, Engin comes to Sancaktar residence and takes Gunesh to hew working place, then later they are seen talking in the surrounding area by Hande who thinks there would be something between her friend and Engin. Hande and GuneČ™ go to Lara's boutique where they think about organizing a party where Pinar would be invited too. In the evening, all the girls meet at Lara's place, Zeynep is also there, and Hande starts asking everybody about her personal life. Then, it's Guneshe's turn to speak about herself and Emir and she learns that Emir lives at the apartment on the upper floor. When Gunesh prepares to leave, because she was sent a message from Engin, Hande and Pinar start a little catfight. Gunesh leaves the party and meets Emir at the elevator door where he tells her that he knows about her new lover.

Yavuz tells to Kamil to find out more about Hande and he finds out that she is an old friend of Emir. Then Yavuz asks his sister to give up her work but she doesn't agree. Zeynep falls in love with Can, Emir's step-brother, and they skip classes at school to walk and spend time together. Gulsum and Hatice accommodate in thei new house and Gulsum hopes that she can be with Koray again, but her mother advises her to leave the past behind her and to look forward to the future. Cansu tells Lara that she went with Haldun in Canada to her aunt and there she discovered that he was an impostor. Sanem scolds him because he couldn't play his role and tells him to disappear.

Yavuz goes to Sanem and informs her that his sister already met Emir and that now he regrets he had called his sister to live with him in Istanbul, but it is too late. Then Sanem finds out that Gunesh works with Hande and can't understand how can Gunesh have a friend like her. She warns her that Hande is a very mean person, and it is better for her to stay away from Hande, not to be her friend. In the evening, Yavuz, Sanem, Engin and Gunesh go to Emir's club, and Gunesh follows Sanem's advice to make Emir jealous. He welcomes his guests and tells a waiter to serve them with the most expensive champagne. In short time Gunesh goes to the lady's room and tells Sanem that she can't stand this situation anymore and wants them to leave home. Then she speaks to Emir and he shows her the earrings that she forgot on the yachy on their first night of love. Engin comes from around the corner and sees them talking. Engin and Emir are introduced one to another.

In the morning Pinar walks with Kaan, Koray's son, and a friend in the park, confessing to her that because of Gulsum and Hande, she and Koray can't have a normal relationship. Gulsum is there too and hears their conversation, then she takes Kaan at her home for that day. In the meantime Koray and Emir talk about Hande and Gunesh, Emir thinking that the presence of Engin next to Gunesh is just one of her games. Engin comes to Guneshe's office and Hande hears them talking, so she realizes that Engin blackmails her partner. Later Hande goes to Emir to inform him about what happens between Gunesh and Engin, but Emir doesn't care too much, considering that Gunesh is a very stubborn person and she deserves what she lives. Unfortunately, Engin speaks with Yavuz and has his consent to be a couple with his sister.

Emir's Way/Emir'in Yolu episode 5 synopsis
Gulsum goes to a doctor who gives her some pills for sleeping, but in fact she needs them to make Pinar fall asleep. Pinar comes in the evening to take Kaan back home at Koray's and Gulsum is very hospitable. She brings some juice but previously she has mixed 3 sleeping pills into Pinar's glass. Hande wants to go home from her office when Yavuz pays her a visist and threatens her that he is going to spoil all her business and she will starve if she doesn't listen to him. Hande is very calm and answers that she would rather starve then listen to him. Moments later, Yavuz tells Kamil that Hande is the type of woman he was looking for. In the meantime, Emir manages to enter into Yavuz residence and finds Gunesh in her room. There he gives her earrings back and she looks amazed at the whole scene, because it is exactly what she had dreamt several nights before.


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