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Emir's way/Emir'in Yolu episode 4 synopsis

Emir's way/Emir'in Yolu episode 4 synopsis
Günesh and Emir are introduced one to another by Hande. Later, when they left alone, Emir asks Günesh what game she plays and Can, the policewoman, sees what happenes. Günesh starts drinking and Aysun notices that Emir stares intensely to her. Little by little everybody realizes that there must be something between Emir and Günesh. Kamil, the man who watches her, calls Yavuz on the phone and informs him that his sister is in the club too. Yavuz comes right away with his men into the club and they go straight to Emir wanting to instigate to a fight. Luckily Günesh comes next to Yavuz and he takes her at home. Emir, Koray and Hande don't understand what was that. As a consequence, Emir will hire Can to be a bodyguard in his club.

At home, Saliha sees Yavuz reading about the new club in the newspaper and she recognizes Emir (there's a picture of him in the article) as being the man that Günesh used to date. She immediately goes into Güneshe's room and tells her that she realizes who is her lover, but she doesn't want to speak anything about it. Yavuz will persuade Sanem to talk to his sister and find out if her presence in the club was a coincidence. Hande visits Emir and finds out that Günesh is Yavuz Sancaktar's sister. Emir asks Hande not to fire Günesh from her job and the next day Hande talks to Günesh and manages to make her tell what happened between her and Emir. In the meantime Gülsüm visits Koray but only Pinar is at home. They talk for a while and Gülsüm starts insulting Pinar.

Kamil is again watching the block where Emir lives and Seher sees him and tries to seduce him once again, hiding her wedding ring. Meanwhile Riza comes outside and sees her talking to Kamil. He scolds her, mentioning it is not proper for a married woman to do such things. Kamil, hearing that she is married, hushes her away. Riza tells to Mehmet what happened and he suggests that they both come to Turkmenistan, where he works, without Seher. Riza and Omer accept this idea and they will soon leave Istanbul. Hatice, Gulsum and Seher remain in the apartment. Sanem talks to Gunesh and eventually she admits that she was Emir's lover. Sanem calls Yavuz but she is very cautious and doesn't tell him that his sister knows Emir, she only tells Yavuz that Gunesh needs a lover. Therefore, at dinner, Yavuz introduces her sister to Engin, an old friend who came back from abroad and is a business partner with him. Günesh doesn't like him and realizes what her brother wants. But Engin insists and waits for her the next day to show her the marina and the ships. While walking together Gunesh says that she would like to sail for more months ceaselessly, and Engin concludes that she must be running away from something or somebody.

Emir's way/Emir'in Yolu episode 4 synopsis
Gülsüm tells Hatice, her mother, that another family must come to live in the doorman's apartment and that she asked Koray to find them another place to live in. Sanem organizes a marriage for Cansu, without her being aware of it. Cansu prepares to go with Haldun on a trip and Haldun is going to propose to her. Pinar confesses to a friend of hers that she is in love with Koray, but Gülsüm and Hande are already part of his life and she came into it too late. But she doesn't have the power to quit her job and leave him. On the other hand, Hande feels that there is something between Pinar and Koray and asks Lara if she knows about them. Lara can't say anything about Koray and Pinar, but she realizes that Hande still has feelings for Koray.

The next day Emir drops by Günesh at her office and he notices the bunch of flowers brought by Engin. Emir reads the note on the flowers and becomes jealous. Engin is there too and hears their conversation from behind a wall but he shows up when Emir and Gunesh come closer because he wants to kiss her.


  1. thanks johnna for posting synopsys of episode are doing a such wonderful job. i am great fan for u. gjohanna plz post episode 5 and six synopsys. i have a question for u in this series emir take his revenge or not who killed feriha.i am .waitng for ur responceand episode 5 synopsys. once again thanks for episode 4 synposys

    1. Hi, Daud! Emir would have taken revenge if the series was completed, but it was interrupted at episode 8, unfortunately, when Gunesh is going to marry Engin and she thinks she is pregnant.

      Episode 5 is already uploaded. :)

      Episode 6 will be up during this weekend.


    3. You're welcome, have a nice weekend u too!

    4. Hola johanna que le dice Emir a Riza antes de dejar el edificio con Omer


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