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Efsun and Bahar, introducing the series and cast (O hayat benim)

The Turkish name for this series is "O Hayat Benim", literally translated as "That life is mine". It is one of the most watched tv show and now the shooting of its episodes is still going on. 

Efsun and Bahar, introducing the series and cast (O hayat benim English translated summaries)
Mehmet Emir, a young entrepreneur, and Hasret, the daughter of a rich man, are in love. When Yusuf, Hasret's father, hears that she is pregnant, he does not agree with her being married, and does everything he can to separate the two lovers, telling to Mehmet Emir that Hasret died. When the time comes for Hasret to give birth to her baby girl, Yusuf takes the baby and gives it to Ilyas, one of his servants, forcing him and his wife Nuran to raise it, along with their own daughter, Efsun, and to leave his house. He gives them money, promising that he constantly will send money for his grand-daughter and asks them to keep the secret. Before their leaving Yusuf tells Ilyas that Hasret wanted her baby to be named Bahar. Then he lies to Hasret that her daughter died at birth.

For the next 20 years Bahar, who is now young and beautiful and has pure soul, lives in Istanbul and leads a modest life. Due to financial problems, she left school and worked in a pastry shop to help her family. While Bahar is optimistic and hardworking her sister Efsun is exactly the opposite. Although Bahar strives to make her sister happy, Efsun on purposely hurts her out of jealousy.

As the time passes by, the secret about Bahar becomes harder and harder for her real grandfather, Yusuf, and at one point he decides to tell everything to Mehmet Emir. So he goes to his working place and tells him that he has a girl with Hasret who was raised by some servants. But before the old man to be able to reveal all the secret that puts pressure on him, he accidentally dies in the house of Ilyas and Nuran, who secretly bury him in their garden.

Now Bahar should inherit a fortune that she hasn't ever dreamed of, she should live in a big mansion and live more than plentiful life. Though, Nuran and Ilyas have a plan. Bahar will not know the truth about who she is, because they will say that Efsun, their daughter, is Mehmet Emir's daughter. Therefore, Bahar continues her modest life, that actually does not belong to her.

Will Bahar and Mehmet Emir ever learn the truth? Will she take back the stolen life from Efsun?


Ezgi Asaroglu = Bahar, daughter of Mehmet Emir Atahan, raised by Ilyas.
Keremcem = Atesh, lawyer. Bahar will learn the truth about her birth from him. Atesh and Bahar will become lovers.
Sinan Albayrak = Mehmet Emir Atahan, Bahar's real father, businessman.
Yesim Ceren Bozoglu = Nuran, Ilyase's wife.
Ceren Moray = Efsun, daughter of Ilyas and Nuran, half-sister of Bahar.
Suleyman Atanisev = Ilyas, Bahar's adoptive father.
Ahu Sungur = Hulya.
Didem Inselel = Fulya.
Aydin Turgay = Asim.
San Bingöl = Alp.
Gulsen Tuncer = Semra.
Nurse Demir = Edibe.
Neslihan Acar = Sureyya

The summaries are made after the original version of the Turkish series, of about 2 hours an episode, without ads. 

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