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Efsun and Bahar episode 5 synopsis (O hayat benim)

Efsun and Bahar episode 5 synopsis (O hayat benim)
After Bahar sees Atesh and Efsun kissing she begins to behave more and more distant with him. He is ashamed to tell Bahar that Efsun wanted to get close to him and he isn't guilty. Meanwhile Osman concludes that his uncle Yusuf was killed and the body was hidden somewhere in a secret place. Ilyas has qualms towards both Osman and Bahar and he believes that Bahar deserves to know that she is the true daughter of Mehmet Emir and not Efsun. He decides that Bahar deserves to lead the life she was meant to by birth and wants to confess the truth about what happened more than 20 years ago. Efsun gets angry reading in the newspaper a story about Bahar, who could be the lost daughter of Mehmet Emir. Nuran shouts at Ilyas, she tells him that he will ruin them if he tells the truth but he says that his decision is already made.

Nuran does not agree with her husband's intention of confessing the fact that they buried the old man in their garden and that they lied about Efsun being the daughter of Mehmet Emir and she tries to prevent him to tell everything. Bahar begins her work at the company owned by Mehmet Emir, occasion for Atesh to become close to Bahar again. Efsun becomes jealous and decides to separate them using another person who has to involve in their relationship. Efsun introduces Alp to Mehmet Emir, then he meets Bahar. Ilyas tells Osman that he knows who killed Yusuf, then he comes home and lies to Nuran that he didn't tell the truth to Osman. Mehmet Emir calls some reporters at the company to meet Efsun, his retrieved daughter; Bahar and Atesh watch them too. When the whole family was at table, police comes to Mehmet Emir's mansion and say that Emir have to accompany them to the station. Atesh remains alone in the company and enters an office to copy on a memory stick some files from a computer, then he is overwhelmed by his memories of himself as a child when his mother was killed. Atesh takes the stick with the files but is seen by Bahar who has come back because she forgot something.

The summaries are made after the original version of the Turkish series, of about 2 hours an episode, without ads. The photos are screenshots taken from the youtube episode uploaded by the official Fox TV channel.

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