Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Efsun and Bahar episode 2 synopsis (O hayat benim)

Efsun and Bahar episode 2 synopsis (O hayat benim)
Mehmet Emir wants to take Efsun immediately and bring her to live in his villa, especially now after being away from him for so many years. To his surprise Efsun says she does not consider him as her father, but a stranger and refuses his proposal. Nuran is greatly annoyed when she sees the girl refuses his offer. Efsun thinks that she could live a life of luxury if it will be proved that her family is actually very rich.

People in the neighborhood start gossip that Efsun's father is a very wealthy businessman, Efsun seeking to take advantage out of it. Alp leaves Bahar and try to build a relationship with Efsun at any cost. It seems that suddenly Efsun will pass, like a modern Cinderella, from a life of privation to a rich and carefree life, but just ehrn she thinks her dreams are to become true, Hulya asks her to do a DNA test to determine if Efsun is really Mehmet Emir's child. Bahar does not realize that her life is taken from her hands. She starts to have feelings for Atesh and in his turn, he cannot hide that he likes Bahar too.

The summaries are made after the original version of the Turkish series, of about 2 hours an episode, without ads.

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