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Yaman and Mira - episodes 13-14 synopsis

Yaman and Mira - episode 13 synopsis

Yaman and Mira - episodes 13-14 synopsis
Tan is now at the mental disorder hospital under sedatives and everybody is calm. On tv they say that the serial killer was captured and he admitted his crimes. Nevertheless, Eylul still thinks that Tan is not so innocent as he appears to be. Mira declares her love to Yaman, but because he is not used to things like that he says thank you. Later, Mert will laught at him and avdvises him to reply the same thing, to say "I love you too".

Sude becomes Asim's business partner with 80% and because she is decided to divorce, she takes Selim as her lawyer. Faruk goes to live in a hotel. Asim suggests to Sedef to work in his company and she is very glad about it, but Asim's very young girlfriend does not agree with the idea and will have an argument with him.

Sude wants that Mira to be again with Orkun and organizez a weekend trip in a mountain ski resort, where, without Mira knowing it, she invites Orkun and his mother too. Yaman starts working in a new place and though he would like to join Mira, he can't go. Eventually Mira makes Sude change the date of their departure because Yaman and Mert will be home alone during the weekend (Selim and Ender go together in a short vacation) and want to throw a party. Before getting on the ferry boat, Mira sees Orkun and his mother who were already there, and suddenly realizes what her mother's game was. She remains on the marina, and only Sude with Orkun and his mother go to the mountain resort.

Selim tells Ender that his father, Asim, must have falsified some documents. Ender thinks that her husband exaggerates but at the company she asks a secretary to bring her a copy of that document and Asim sees the envelope handed to Ender, but doesn't suspect anything wrong yet. Selim goes to the prison to speak with Kenan and he learns that Turan Koper may be alive, and that Hasan was in the gang of Turunc Nadir. After several days, Selim tells Asim to give up to the land that he bought or else he will tell the truth, and then he gives him the copy of the document that proves the illegalities Asim has done. The old business man is very amazed at Selim and remembers about the envelope given by a secretary man to Ender. Being very wounded by Selim's attitude, he intends to make some important changes in the company, and he will start a big game to teach his son-in-law a lesson, taking revenge fron his own daughter.

The ex-girlfriend of Yaman, Leyla, comes back in Tozludere from Germany where she studies. Leyla seeks information about him at their old friends and finds his facebook account where there are pictures with him and Mira. Leyla waits for Yaman when he finishes the classes at the university and Eylul is there to meet her too. Now Eylul calls Mira to tell her about Leyla. Mira, hearing this, goes to Yaman during the evening to make him a surprise.

Yaman and Mira - episode 14 synopsis

Now everybody spends their weekend. Mert studies with Tugce, Yaman is with Mira, Sude, Beren, Orkun and Yasemin are in a ski mountain resort and Ender with Selim are in Antalya. Yaman rememebers that Leyla told him about Ayshe, Kenan's woman, that she is pregnant in 4 months, so the child cannot be Kenan's.

Yaman and Mira - episodes 13-14 synopsis
Nevin sings in a club and then, when she goes to the cabin, she finds a basket with oranges and gets scared (turunc means bitter orange, so she believes that Turunc Nadir came and warned her or Hasan). When they arrive at home, they find another basket with oranges, so Hasan calls the police. Selim, even if he is in a mini-vacation, he goes on investigating upon Turan Koper and learns that indeed the man is not dead, he hides in Istanbul under a fake name.

Sedef goes to a club where she gets drunk and dances with unknown men trying to undress and drawing attention upon herself. Somebody records her on the mobile phone. Later the police comes to take her out of there, but because she doesn't have the ID on her, she has to call Mert and Yaman to come to the police station to recognize her. At home Yaman says that she must change her behaviour and she promisses that she will do so. Yaman goes to meet Ayshe and asks her about the baby and tells her that he knows it is not Kenan's child. Ayshe admitts that the child is Giray's but she needs money to make and abort. Another option would be that Giray marries her and she would like Yaman to try and convince him to do so. Yaman goes to Giray, at thye mechanic workshop where he works and convinces him to marry Ayshe (in fact Giray does something illegal - they steal cars and bring them to pieces until morning. Though Yaman has no idea what is Giray's real job. ) After some time, Yaman finds out that all this story with the child and money and so on was invented by Leyla, to make him come to Tozludere again.

Selim and Ender, in the hotel room watch the TV news and are surprised to see that Asim gave up that land and the business. As a consequence his shares grow so Selim thinks that Asim won't be upset on them, because there is a great financial advantage in the whole thing. Actually, Asim is no longer interested in mony only. He has been wounded and he wants revenge. So, the old business man, calls everybody at the company on Sunday morning. Sedef talks to Mira and explains to her that she kissed her father, but he is not guilty at all and didn't answer to her kiss. Sedef admitts that she was in love with Faruk as a young girl, and now she tried to see if she can seduce him, but Faruk does not have the same feelings towards her. Mira understands and believes Sedef and accepts to talk to Faruk and re-unites again with her father.

Now it's Saturday night and at the Serez mansion Mert and Yaman are throwing a party. Eylul brought more friends, Mira is cooking in the kitchen and the boys are preparing some grilled meat outside. When the party is over, Eylul remains with Mert in his bedroom to watch his drawings and then they fall asleep. Mira goes home and Yaman goes to sleep in his room. Selim and Ender come back home in the morning, but they hadn't announced anybody. They find the mess after the party, they see Mert sleeping with Eylul - and they are glad that he has, at last!, a girl friend - only Yaman has already left for his new job. Selim and Ender silently go to the company telling to their gateman to not tell the boys that they are back.

Kenan has a mysterious guest in prison ...

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