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Yaman and Mira - episodes 11-12 synopsis

Yaman and Mira - episodes 11-12 synopsis
Yaman starts believing that his father is alive. During another event, Tan is again invited so that he can be close to Mira. Orkun sees him but he cannot do anything against him. Selim and Yaman go to Nevin and show her the letter. She cries reading it and remembers that Turan was deadly shot by Turunc Nadir, the boss of a gang. Hasan, her actual husband was in that gang too and that's how they met. She recognize the handwriting but doesn't say anything to Yaman. He goes back to the party and is surprised to see that Mira and Orkun receive a prize for the best couple. Orkun speaks on the microphone as if Mira were still his girlfriend and Yaman gets angry on him.

The next day Tan insists that Mira should pay him a visist at home. Mira accepts and Tan tells her about his sad life, about his girlfriend who would be in hospital now in a deep coma, for a long time. Mira accidentaly finds in that room, under a small carpet, a puzzle with her face and can't understand what it does mean. Tan is a little concerned when he sees that Mira discovered one of his secrets and tells her that it's a therapy approach against solitude. Mira gets home late that evening.

Yaman goes to visit Kenan in the prison and shows him the letter. To his surprise, Kenan tells him that he got a similar letter too, in that night when he stole the car from the oil pump station. Turan Koper wrote him that one day he would be back.

Sedef and Ender have an argument because Ender had always what she wanted and Sedef was the rebelious daughter. After that, Sedef begins to seduce Faruk and she is successful. Little by little she tries to push things forward and asks Faruk to date with her. On that night they meet in the garden and they kiss each other, without noticing that Mira sees them. Amazed and disgusted, Mira runs away. She doesn't find Yaman at home and then she goes to Tan's.

Yaman and Mira - episode 12 synopsis

Yaman and Mira - episodes 11-12 synopsis
When Tan sees Mira at the door he is very happy and thinks that she has come for him (because she missed him). Mira, being too concerned about what she saw in her garden doesn't imagine that Tan is going to seize her.

Yaman, who has just got on the phone a picture from Hale with Orkun speaking to Hasan, goes to his mother's house and wakes Hasan up to ask him what is his business with Orkun. Hasan starts lying and eventually Nevin tells her son that Turan Koper is dead. Yaman doesn't believe her and goes back at Selim's.

After all that happened, Sedef packs her things and goes to stay at her father's house. Sude is now decided to divorce. In all this mess, Selim finds a document, brought by Ender, that can incriminate Asim, related to that property business. The document shows the illegal methods used by Asim to obtain the raising of the state protection from the piece of land that he bought.

Mira sleeps at Tan's and the next day everybody is worried about her because they don't know where she can be (Tan willingly spilt coffee on Mira's mobile phone so that she cannot communicate for a while). They separate into two teams, Yaman, Mert, Eylul and Tugce on one side and Faruk, Sude and Ender on the other side. Everybody start looking for her believing that she must be with Tan. Their worries grow when Sedef tells them that Tan's girlfriend is dead (he told her so), not in the hospital. All Tan's lies make them believe that he may be the serial killer they spoke on the TV news about.

When in the morning Mira realizes that she is locked into Tan's house and that he doesn't intend to take/let her home, she understands that her piano teacher is insane. He takes her by his car somewhere out of Istanbul, to a house in the woods where he had planned to live with his girlfriend that now is dead. On the way Mira pretends she has a headache and goes to a farmacy to make a phone call, but Tan comes after her and she manages to change just a few words with Yaman. This clue will be enough for Mert and Yaman who will find the farmacy and soon they  will be tracking Tan. Selim finds details about Tan, that he lost his family and girlfriend in a car accident, he was the only survivor, and from that moment he considers himself guilty for their death, having also a mental disorder.

Tan and Mira arrive at the house and he promises Mira that he goes in the village to find a phone. Actually he goes in a workshop next to the house and lets Mira to wait for him. After some time, she gets out of the house and finds the entrance in the workshop. There she is astonished and scared to see paintings of nude women in different positions having her face, pictures of hers cropped from magazines, and so on. Now she fully understands that Tan is obssesed with her. He tries to explain to Mira how much he loves her and that she must give up Orkun and Yaman who represent nothing, compared to him.
In the meantime Yaman and his friends are getting closer and closer to this strange house and finally Yaman saves Mira from Tan who is caught by the police and taken to a hospice.

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