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Yaman and Mira - episode 10 summary

Yaman and Mira - episode 10 summary
Mira, Yaman, Tugce, Eylul and Mert come back home from the leisure park and Mira says that she won't push up things; if she and Yaman are to be together, very well, if not, that's life. In the meantime, Tan steps back to not be seen by Mira's group. At the manor house Selim and Ender talk about a text message sent by Sedef, Ender's sister who is in the United States. Now they have called her but her mobile phone is off. Their neighbours, Sude and Faruk have an argument because of the money. Mira stops them saying that she doesn't want to hear anything more.

Orkun thinks that it is the moment to get Mira back from Yaman, and in order to be successful, he calls Hasan and asks him to think of a plan to set things in suh a manner that Yaman appear as guilty without any doubt, without involving Orkun in this matter. Hasan accepts the deal and claims that he has something interesting, but it might cost much more that usual. Later Hasan gives Orkun a letter written by Turan Kopper, Yaman's father, letter that never reached its addressee. Orkun takes the letter and pays Hasan as he promised.

Sedef comes home in the middle of the night (she texted Ender and got on the plane to return to Istanbul) and is amazed to see a man (Yaman) in her bed. Being a very open minded woman, Sedef gets dressed in pyjamas and goes to bed next to Yaman. In the morning Mira comes to say hello and both are astonished to see Sedef (whom Mira doesn't know or doesn't remember) in bed with Yaman. Sedef introduces herself and explains that this room was hers and this is why she slept in her old bed. Mira starts being a little jealous with Sedef, because even if she is older than Yaman she is very attractive. Therefore, Mira says quickly that Yaman is her lover, so that Sedef to know her place :) Actually Sedef is not really interested in Yaman, but she becomes seductive when she sees Faruk again. She was in love with Faruk long ago, before getting married with Sude, but Faruk loved Ender. Very soon Sedef will try to seduce Faruk and one day she manages to do it, while they are at the swimming pool.

The Serez family try to help Faruk Beylice by organizing a kind of charity event. Mert is very good looking during this night and Eylul really starts liking him. Tan, the piano teacher, is here too and follows Mira everywhere. Orkun sees him and wants to put the bodyguards to get him out but Tan has an invitation for this event so Orkun can't do what he wants. Mira and Yaman sing together at karaoke, Ender is jealous with Selim because he talks with Reyhan Arsen, the beautiful lawyer, and everybody has a good time. The next day on the TV news they say about a serial killer who commited one more crime. The maid is worried because Sedef is not at home, she missed all night. Eventually Sedef comes by taxi and says that she went into a club to have a little more fun. A postman comes and brings a letter for Yaman. He opens it and reads it.. it's the letter from Turan Koper and Yaman has now a single thought: to find his father.

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  1. Thank u dear .it would be tough for u to manage time in oder to watch and den summarize it but you manage to do so . Am I only one who want medcezir summary ?

    1. Kirtika, please forgive me for not uploading the summaries of Medcezir, I had some very busy days, for example yesterday I didn't post anything here. I can upload the summaries up to episode 50, and then I have to look for some materials on the internet. This show was broadcasted in my country, but it was cancelled due to low ratings.

      U're not the only one who wants this TV show summaries :) you are the only one who says it in commentaries.

      Anyway, be sure that I'll post all the episodes synopsis, I promise.

  2. It's absolutely okie I m not in hurry .u need not to say forgive me . you are helping us that is more than enough dear :-)


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