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Medcezir / Tide - episode 9 summary

Medcezir / Tide - episode 9 summary
A week passes. Mira doesn't want to see Orkun again but he claims that he loves her. Mira goes on with her life. She attends piano classes in particular and her lady teacher introduces her to anothe piano teacher, named Tan, because she must leave Istanbul for quite a while. The problem is that Tan is a psycho, obsessed by Mira, who dreams to be her only real love. One day Orkun waits for Mira to finish her piano class and when Tan sees that Mira wants to get rid of him, Tan comes down immediately and threatens Orkun with a knife, saying that he is Mira's bodyguard. On another occasion, Eylul wants to meet him, because he is really handsome, but Tan tells Mira to not bring Eylul again because he has a girlfriend. Later Tan will regret this lie, because he will have to step back from Mira for a while.

Asim learns from the newspapers that he is having a trial and that Selim is the lawyer of the state, against him. To take revenge from Selim, Asim goes at Ankara, on business, with Ender but he also takes Faruk (who was Ender's first love). Selim sees pictures on facebook with Asim, Ender and other business men, but Faruk is there too. Now Selim is jealous, thinking that Ender didn't want to tell him about Faruk. When she comes home, he invites Ender to a romantic dinner telling her that he loves her very much and this is why he is sometimes posessive.

Giray is fired from the mechanic's and his mate, Mehmet, will be trialed for that shot upon Orkun. Giray contacts Yaman to ask him to testify for Mehmet so that he won't be accused, but Yaman doesn't agree. Then Giray promise to revenge on both Koper brothers. Mira and Yaman start having an official relationship and Mira tries to prove him that she really loves him a lot and won't leave him for Orkun. Hale takes some pills pretending she commits suicide and she really manages to make everybody believe her. Mira asks Orkun to go to stay by her side during these delicate moments. Orkun goes to Hale only to please Mira. Mert, Tugce, Eylul, Mira and Yaman go one evening in a leaisure park. But from behing the fence, Tan who follows Mira everywhere, watches her and Yaman with tears in his eyes ...

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