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Medcezir / Tide - episode 8 summary

Medcezir / Tide - episode 8 summary
Mira is not ready to answer Orkun's proposal and Sude gets angry seeing that Mira is about to say no. Orkun's father - Mithat Civanoglu, and other businesmen hear that Faruk is Asim's partner and they are interested in investing in the same business as the old Asim. Still, Asim has a problem: his business will be developped on a ground that is protected by the state and he needs that this protection to finish so that he can fulfill his plans. Being an influent man, he manages to obtain, illegally, the raising of this protection. But continuing business on that ground also means to damage the environment. Reyhan Arsen, a very good lawyer, finds out about all these problems and asks Selim to represent the state against Asim Kaya, his father-in-law. At first, Selim doesn't accept the case, because he doesn't want to be against Asim, Ender's father, but finally he takes the case after a quarrel with Asim regarding Yaman. Reyhan Arsen was Asim's girlfriend 20 years ago and from this love Arsen has a daughter, but these details are to be found in the following episodes.

The case appears in the newspapers because Reyhan ordered some articles, but Selim doesn't like this kind of publicity. Mira comes back home and her friends think to throw a party and to offer her a DVD with their best recorded memories. Hale, one of the girls in Mira's group of friends, became Orkun's lover and is jealous with Mira, mostly because Orkun keeps their relationship secret and because she knows that Orkun would like to marry Mira. Hale wants to take revenge and calls Orkun at her place recording on her photocamera their intimate moments. Orkun can't see the camera and doesn't suspect anything. Mert burns a DVD with all the video-clips given by the others, but later Hale will replace it with her DVD.

Mert and Eylul start followig Beren because they know she is dating someone. Giray lies to Beren that he is rich, getting dressed with rented clothes and driving a Nissan left at the mechanic's for a while by his true owner. Yaman comes now and then at Selim's but doesn't move again in his room unless Sude and Asim apologize. He doesn't think that being accepted by the two, means that the real guilty person should be discovered. This proves to be difficult, because Orkun's parents insisted that the problem should be solved with discretion, so that Orkun does not have to suffer. Selim thinks to send an email to Sude and Asim, because he considers that it is not fair for Yaman to be taken as a theft while Orkun is protected by his parents. Asim hides the truth by saying that the money was stolen by one of Mithat's ex-employes, as a revenge. In this way, Orkun appears to be innocent and clean.

Hasan, who previously saw Giray with Ayshe, Kenan's wife, sees them again and warns him that Ayshe will have a permanent bodyguard with her and when Kenan is out of prison, he will kill him (Giray). Mira comes one day earlier in Istanbul because she knows that Yaman must pass an exam. She waits for him when he gets out of the university and they are very happy to see each other again. Though, Yaman tells Mira that she must get rid of Orkun if she wants his friendship.

During the evening, at Selim's come Sude, who apologizes from Yaman, and Asim who also tells Yaman that he was accepted at the university. Mira's friends start the party. Giray was invited too and he comes with Mehmet, his work mate, pretending that he is Giray's bodyguard. Yaman comes to the party and sees him and then he tells to everybody who Giray really is. Giray gets upset and promises revenge. Yaman goes inside the house where now comes the moment with the DVD, a gift from Mira's friends. But on the screen there are Orkun and Hale kissing ... All the guests are shocked, mainly Mira. Mehmet takes a pistol from the car and comes to revenge his friend Giray. He wants to shoot Yaman but unfortunately he shoots Orkun in the arm and he falls down on the floor...

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