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Medcezir / Tide - episode 7 summary

Medcezir / Tide - episode 7 summary
Orkun calls the police to announce the theft of the money. Ender becomes attentive hearing this, because it is not Orkun who should have done this, but Sude. Therefore, Ender starts being suspicious that Orkun manipulated the things so that Yaman appear guilty. Selim, Asim and Mert search the images recorded on a street camera, because they also think Orkun did it, but they don't have proofs. Yaman gets upset because he was accused of taking the money and seeks for a job. Angrily, he goes to the hospital first, to take back the money that he gave to the medical assistant who promised he could help Kenan. He lies that he recorded their conversations and the medical assistant is scared not to lose his job, so he gives Yaman the money back.

Then, Yaman recovers his mobile phone and goes to the unfinished house to return the money that he borrowed from his working mates. In the meantime Hasan blackmails Orkun to give him money or else, he will speak. Mert finds a proof on the recorded images: when Yaman was cleaning the swimming pool, a shadow is seen at Faruk's. When Mira comes home, nobody from her family tells her the news but Orkun can't keep his mouth shut because he wants her to know that Yaman is a thief.

Yaman finds a job in a bar and when Orkun sees him by chance, he comes to make trouble, so Yaman is forced to leave that job. Selim and his family doesn't know anything about Yaman, they only believe that he will come to the university exams because he came at Selim's house one day to take his books. Mira is going to leave for the United States soon, so Mert, thinking that Yaman won't miss the opportunity to see her, makes a kite and attaches a video camera on it. During the departure day, Mert finds on the camera some images with Yaman hiding after some bushes. Selim goes to Orkun when he is at the tennis club and makes him confess, somehow, that he is guilty for the fire and for the stealing of the money. Actually Orkun doesn't say it, but his reactions and body language are enough for the experimented lawyer. At home, Orkun admits the truth towards his parents, claiming that all he wanted was to keep Yaman away from Mira. Selim, at his house, tells to the others that Orkun is a potentially very dangereous delinquent who must be stopped.

Beren takes advantage that she is at home alone and starts dating Giray, who doesn't realize that she is minor. Mert sees Yaman working in a bar and they are happy to reunite again. In the meantime, Orkun talks with Mira on the phone and asks her to marry him. Mira, who is with Sude, is astonished and can't say anything ....

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  1. Thanks everyone I miss you sooooooo much emri ... Emri

  2. Thanks everyone I miss you sooooooo much emri ... Emri


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