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Kosem sultan, episode 4 synopsis

Kosem sultan, episode 4 synopsis
Safiye tries to find other influential people to be loyal to her. Therefore, she poisons a man called Yakup and then she gives him the antidot after he swears to serve her. Then she thinks about marrying her daughter, Fahriye with Dervish, not knowing that both of them are already in love with someone else. Fahriye loves Mehmet Giray and Dervish secretly loves Handan, Ahmet's mother. Unfortunately, Dervish can't say no to this marriage.

Ahmet doesn't execute Iskender, they become friends and the sultan asks the janissery to be his fighting teacher, so they practice daily. Dervish tries to find a way to not have to marry Fahriye and fnds out about her relationship with Mehmet. Later, a second opportunity appears, when Ahmet appoints him admiral af the naval fleet. On this position is preferred a man without family, but Safiye doesn't care, she will keep going to want this marriage, even against her daughter's will.

Anastasia writes letters to her parents and asks Cennet Kalfa to find a way and send them to Greece. Cennet lies to her that she will do something, but actually she hides the letters under a carpet in her room. Anastasia finds them by mistake and then she has a big fight with Cennet. On the other hand, Mahfiruze, the other favourite, imagines a trap for Anastasia. She instigates another girl from the harem, Shayse, to come to their room and then to attack Anastasia with a pair of scissors and mutilate her, so that Ahmet didn't love her anymore. Mahfiruze's plan goes perfectly, and when Anastasia is pierced by Shayse, she gets out of the room, staying at the door, so that nobody could accuse her of complicity. Shayse realizes what Mahfiruze just did and stops her attack upon Anastasia. Late, Ahmet finds out what happened, and, because Mahfiruze claims she is innocent and that Shayse was the guilty one, the sultan lets Anastasia punish the girl. Knowing who was the guilty one, Anastasia forgives Shayse, who becomes very loyal to her. Because he was not informed about the attack upon Anastasia, Ahmet would have Dervish executed, but fortunately, Dervish says that Handan didn't want anybody to tell him (the sultan) that Anastasia had problems.

Kosem sultan, episode 4 synopsis
Under these circumstances, Golge, the mute woman, decides to help Anastasia escape from the palace and takes her though secret corridors to a door that gives outside. But the door is stuck and cannot be opened from inside, so they have to go back in the harem. In the meantime, Ahmet starts being lied by his men, and he finds out about these lies and begins to be suspicious with almost everybody around him and to verify every information.

One day, when Anastasia is in the interior garden where she and Ahmet first met, sees Iskender coming there to see the sultan, and she immediately thimks that the janissery could help her open that secret door from outside, and she can reach her dream to go home again...

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