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Kosem sultan, episode 3 synopsis

Kosem sultan, episode 3 synopsis
Anastasia tries to access the secret door that was used by Halime to escape ftom the palace. But by chance she arrives into a kind of wardrobe from a room where Reyhan aga and the physician of the sultan are talking about a poison and about how the ex-sultan was poisoned. After revealing this secret Reyhan aga suddenly stabs the doctor who dies instantly. Anastasia is scared and makes some noise so that Reyhan aga catches her and of course, realizing that she heard everything, wants to get rid of her throwing her into the Bosphorus.

In the meantime the janisseries begin to revolt because they should have received a salary on the occasion of the coronation day, but Safyie stopped the payments in order to force Ahmet to keep her in the palace. Ahmet doesn't suspect anything and seeks for advice to his grandmother, because he knows that there aren't much money in the state's accounts. Safyie immediately offers to help with her personal money for the favour of living at TopKapi Palace. Ahmet doesn't accept the deal, gets out and tells the janisseries that their money will be paid after gathering the taxes from Egypt, within several days.

Anastasia, who was tied in a bag, tries and manages to get out of it but doesn't have the force to come at the surface of the sea. Golge, the mute woman, saw Reyhan throwing the bag and now saves Anastasia from drowning and gets ger back in the harem. Reyhan, amazed to see her alive, tries to sufocate Anastasia with a pillow but in that moment Ahmet comes in so Reyhan pretends he was arranging the pillow under Anastasia's neck. Ahmet ask what happened and he learns that Anastasia wanted to escape, but Golge tells him by signs that a man threw her into the sea. When she recovers, because Reyhan aga is by her side, Anastasia claims that she doesn't remember anything. Ahmet, following his intuition, tells Reyhan that if Anastasia is harmed, he will be executed. When she completely recovers, she can't keep the secret and tells everything to Golge, being aware that she now is the keeper of some very important secrets.

Safyie has a daughter, Fahryie sultana, who is in love with Mehmet Giray. They secretly meet in the markets of Istanbul, in the little house of a carpet seller. Shahin knows that and warns his twin brother that he can ruin his dream (to become sultan or at least khan of Crimea) because the love of a woman, advising Mehmet to give up to the sultana now, at the beginning of their relationship, because he could be executed if the sultan finds out he is dating Fahriye. Mehmet is very trustful and says that they should ask Ahmet, as a favour for bringing Halime and Mustafa back, the hand of Fahryie sultana for him (to ask a woman's hand = to ask her to marry). Shahin concludes that his brother must be mad.

Kosem sultan, episode 3 synopsis
Ahmet goes to the barracks of the janisseries to see what is their moods and to assure them that the money will come soon (actually Safiye prevented the treasurer to tell Ahmet that the money has already come). Iskender involves in a fight with Davut, his rival, and then the sultan challenge him to fight together into the arena. Iskender is a good fighter and for a moment he forgets he fights against the sultan and beats him. Ahmet gets angry, slaps him and send him in the cellar as a punishment. Later the janisseries revolt again because their money has not been given, and they say that the sultan lied to them. When things are going to get out of control, Safiye sends Zulfikar aga to tell to the soldiers that they will be paid during that day by sultana Safiye from her personal fortune. In the palace, Safiye and 2 million gold coins is into Ahmet's office waiting for him to sign the document that orders she can stay in the palace. Now Halime (Mustafa's mother) and Handan (Ahmet's mother) understand that their common enemy is Safiye and make a deal to fight against her.

The next day all the officials who were loyal to Safyie are transferred away from Istanbul. Ahmet calls for Iskender at the palace. He is brought there, eye-tied, believing that he will be excuted for his daring...

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