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Kosem sultan, episode 2 synopsis

Kosem sultan, episode 2 synopsis
Anastasia wakes up and becomes upset seeing the painting with her and a little lamb. She thinks that Ahmet gave the order to bring her at the palace and tells him directly that she will try to escape from this place, because she wants back to her family. Later, Ahmet is informed that Halime and Mustafa disappeared and Dervish must find them. In the palace there are more persons who investigate the case and try to find out who might have seen Halime and her children getting out. Anastasia saw her using a secret door in the walls but she doesn't tell anybody about it because she wants to use that door for herself too.

Anastasia is taken to the favourites' room and she has to share it with Mahfiruze another favourite of Ahmet. Giray brothers find out about Halime, and Shahin thinks to get the sultana and the prince back then to ask in exchange the throne of Crimeea. Mehmet doesn't agree with his brother but Shahin is day dreaming about the throne. Iskender (Andro), the young janissery who helped Anastasia in a wood, before getting to the palace, is chosen the chief of the newcomers in the army. But immediately one of his colleagues tells him that he knows Andro because he was a friend, and Iskender is not the real Andro. (Later, in another episode we'll find out that Iskender is sultan Ahmet's brother).

Dervish still can't find any clue about Halime and brings a fortuneteller who predits to Ahmet that the sultana and the prince will come back, but in the future Mustafa will be on the throne. Hearing this, Dervish orders to set her out of the pallace. Shahin Giray finds Halime and her children in a market and brings them at the TopKapi palace. When Ahmet asks him what favour he wants in exchange, Shahin is cautious and says that he will say it later, when time comes. Ahmet still wants to execute Mustafa but the Sheikh of Islam tells him that it's not wise to do that because he doesn't have any heir. In fact, Safiye sultana influenced the sheikh to advise the sultan like this, and Ahmet, finding out about it, wants to exile his grandmother to the Old Palace.

In the harem Anastasia and Mahfiruze have a fight and Anastasia says about the sultan that he is cruel and sadic. They are taken to Handan sultana, the Valide (queen-mother) and Mahfiruze tells her that Anastasia insulted Ahmet. Because of that, she is thrown in the prison. Ahmet doesn't know about it and will ask for her in the evening, but instead of Anastasia, Mahfiruze comes to him. He doesn't like her and sends her back. Anastasia tries to use her dress to maintain the light of the torch but because of the smoke she faints and she is almost to die sufocated. Ahmet comes in the cell and takes her out of there, bringing her on his arms in the interior garden where they first meet. While she recovers, the time for Mustafa's execution comes. The. The executioners go to Mustafa's room with the silk rope in their hands. In the last moments Ahmet changes his mind and saves Mustafa, then he warns Halime that she is guilty of everything and if she does a single mistake, she will be beheaded. Safiye doesn't want to go to the old palace and promises revenge.

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