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Kosem sultan, episode 1 synopsis

Kosem sultan, episode 1 synopsis
Sultan Ahmet remembers the days when he was a child in Manisa, playing with his older brother Mahmud. One day, Mahmud promises that he will not do as their father did, who had buried all his 19 brothers in the coronation day, killed by him according to tradition, so that they didn't try to usurp the throne. After several years, when both brothers become teenagers, Mahmud says to Ahmet that he asked their father to go alone with an army to foil the plans of the Celali bandits. Ahmet fears that his brother would be killed for such a boldness. You can not expect anything else from a man who executed all his brothers without blinking. Then it was the last time when Ahmet saw his brother alive, because the night that followed, their father, Sultan Mehmet III, killed his eldest son with his own hands, with a silk string on the corridors of the Topkapı Palace.

Ahmet falls into depression for three months and can not recover from the pain felt after losing his beloved brother. One day, his grandmother, Safiye Sultana, makes him several gifts from worldwide. Among them there is a painting with the portrait of a girl, Anastasia. Ahmet falls in love with the painted girl and later Safiye will send some of her loyal men to seek for Anastasia in the Greek islands and bring her at the palace. At night Ahmet dreams that a plant rises from his heart and grows up like a towering tree. One morning, very early, Safiye Sultana put her grandson to be called into the boardroom. Ahmet is awakened by his faithful servant, Reyhan aga, who tells him that he must come in the big hall. Ahmet believes that he will be executed by his father, although he doesn't know whis his guilt would be.

When he arrives in the boardroom, Safiye is in the balcony and calles him telling him that his father, Mehmet Sultan, died that night and that he is now the new sultan. In the day of his coronation Ahmet is introduced to pashas and imperial guards as the new sultan, but he thinks about what his grandmother told him previously, that when he accedes to the throne he would have to kill his younger brother, Mustafa, who is a child a few years old. Safiye Sultana and two women (Halime, Mustafa's mother and Handan, Ahmet's mother) look at the ceremony on a window. Outside, officials and janissaries wait for the doors to open and the young sultan to get out of the palace and sit on the throne. Shahin and Mehmet Giray, leaders of Crimea, comment that the old Sultan had been warned that on the 56th day since the death of his eldest son he would pay dearly for this crime, and he died exactly on the 56th day.

Ahmet gets up from the throne, although not all the officials had been presented to him, and delivers a short speech. He says that on this day of his ascent to the throne, he spares his brother Mustafa's life, because it is not proper to smear blood on such an important ceremony ceremony. Everybody is astonished, but no one comment anything. In the markets it is announced that the old law was abolished by the new sultan and that from now on the sovereign will not commit fratricide on the day of his coronation. Halime hugs Mustafa and believes that her son was spared today, but some other day he will be killed. Safiye, who agrees with her grandson's decision, establishes that Ahmet shall be circumcised soon (Sultan Ahmet ascended the throne at the age of 13) and then he will try to have children as soon as possible, so that he could have heirs for the throne. In this way his younger half brother will no longer be a threat.

Kosem sultan, episode 1 synopsis
Anastasia, a blond Greek girl who lives in a village, crushes the grapes with her feet together with other girls, to make wine. Then she goes with the sheep on a hill and has a conversation with Enzo, her father. He got news and must go to Venice but he can't take Anastasia with him. During their conversation the alarm of the village is heard and they can see how people flee to hide in the markets. Two Ottoman ships landed in their village. Golge, a mute woman and a man from the palace go from house to house seeking Anastasia. When they arrive at Enzo's, although Anastasia is hidden in the cellar, the ottomans find her and take her away. Her father asks them where she will be taken, and the Ottoman soldier says "at the master of the world". On the way, Anastasia tries to escape several times but she can't manage to get rid of the two ottomans. Eventually she arrives at Istanbul and she is locked in a room by Cennet, a chief woman of the harem. In the palace Halime is not calm and thinks to make some plans to kill Ahmet so that her son to raise on the throne. Handan, on the other hand, advises Ahmet to kill his brother if he wants to have peace during his reign. Little by little there are roumours that Mehmet III didn't have a natural death, but he was poisoned. Ahmet receives a lion as a gift from the Giray's brothers. He starts feeding it daily but one day the lion, having its chain broken (by Shahin Giray who dreams to become sultan) roars at him and jumps to kill Ahmet. In the next second Reyhan aga kills the lion. Ahmet thinks now that Halime must have done this and wants to change his decision and execute little Mustafa. Halime hears about that and during the night she runs away with her children (Mustapha and a daughter) and two loyal servants, helped by a pasha.

Anastasia is not willing to become sultan's woman and for some time from now on she will try to escape from the harem and the palace. By chance she discovers a secret door in the walls that lead to a beautiful interior garden. Ahmet comes there hearing some noises and sees Anastasia who climbes some plants trying to find a way to jump over the garden's wall. This is how they meet and for both of them there is love at first sight. But Anastasia doesn't know who is the youn man in front of her. Ahmet calls her for the halvet that night. Anastasia thinks that the sultan is old, fat and ugly so she enters the royal bedroom crying and looking down ...

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