Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Iffet episode 25, summary

The families are having dinner together - Erhan and Betul are missing - but they can't keep a calm atmosphere. Ahmet scolds his daughter, Cemil, Nil and Ali Ihsan go into Ali's office, and all these because Dilek, who can't stand Iffet and her family, left the table without eating. Cemil finds a moment when he wants to get Iffet angry by kissing Nil and telling her that he loves her so much.

Dilek goes to a restaurant and introduces Yasemin to Arif. Feride, on a wheelchair, is brought at Ali Ihsan's house to live there. Erhan and Betul are together again and Erhan wants to assure Betul that he doesn't care about her past. Actually he proposes to her to be his wife, but they can't marry until the baby is born (this is the law in Turkey, a pregnant unmarried woman can't marry during her pregnancy). Dilek receives a huge native amethist from Arif, but at first she can't open the round stone and thinks that Arif mocked at her. She decides to give his present back and then Arif says that she, Dilek, is like this stone. He breakes it and the beautiful violet mine flower appears. Even if Dilek likes whar Arif has just said, she leaves the gift there and leaves.

Betul and Iffet are friends again and they have a chat together. Iffet is glad that her friend found someone and is happy with him (she doesn't know yet that it is about Erkan, moreover, Betul doesn't know who Erkan is, that he is Iffet's brother-in-law). At home, Iffet has very tensioned conversations with her husband because he agreed that Cemil can live there, with Nil. The friendship between Nimet and Orkun goes on. One day he comes at her house and soon after Ahmet comes home from the butchery. Orkun is polite and well-educated towards Ahmet, but the old man beats him and throws him down the stairs. Orkun leaves very confused but falls on the street and Nimet will find out about it at school. Dilek and Arif start a realtionship, but while Arif wants Dilek's love, she negotiates Cemil's being fired from the company. The episode finishes with Cemil insulting Iffet, by telling her that he married Betul and Nil because they were not easy-to-get women.

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