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Feriha and Emir - episodes 61-62 summary

Feriha and Emir episode 61 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 61-62 summary
Both Mehmet and Emir are shot and taken to the hospital. Everybody, friends and relatives, are there, waiting for the doctors diagnosis and result. Mehmet is not seriously wounded but Emir was touched by two bullets, at his leg and in the stomach. Unal and Sanem find out what happened from the TV news bulletin. Emir is interrogated by the police and he declares that Yavuz Sancaklar shot him. The police verifies and finds that Yavuz has a very solid alibi. Aysun, seeing Feriha at the hospital, rushes to shout at her, believing that she is the source of her son's problems. Later, after learning that Feriha is not guilty of anything, she lets her see Emir first (to be the first person who sees him). Feriha holds his hand and when Emir wakes up, he says that he doesn't want her to hold his hand, because he has a strange feeling. Feriha is disappointed and gets out.

Cansu finds out about Emir from the TV too, and goes to the hospital with Lara, but there they meet Sanem who stops them from going to Emir's room. Tulin wants to forbid Lara to see Cansu again, but Lara continues to be friend with Cansu without her mother's consent and knowing. In the day when he can go home, Feriha comes to help him get dressed and then Yavuz appears there and pretends to be sorry about what happened. Later, Unal advises his son to stay away from Yavuz, because he is very powerful and influent and even the police let him do what he wants. But Emir wouldn't listen to his father. Then, Unal goes to Yavuz to talk and to come to a deal: Yavuz wants Ece back, and Unal wants his son back.

Emir goes to the club after he got out from the hospital and the owner tells him that he fired Ece (the problems were because of her, even if she is innocent). Emir, hearing this, says that he doesn't come back in this club if Ece is not hired back. Then he goes home, together with Feriha, Koray and Hande. They meet Cansu on the stairs, but they don't talk to her.

The next day it is Koray's birthday and Hande, as usual, thinks to a surprise for him. She organizes a party at her countryside cottage and calls there Gulsun too, without telling about it to the other guests. She also invites Levent. But when all the invited ones have come, another guest appears by motorbike: Ece.

Feriha and Emir episode 62 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 61-62 summary
Ece comes inside, even if it is obvious that nobody wants her there. Hande says that she didn't invite her but Ece claimes that she was invited too. In the house, Emir and Feriha come to terms again. Gulsun gets drunk and starts to retell the story with the fake robbery, imagined by Seher. Everybody is amazed to hear that the robbery was a strategy and a game of Seher's to make Koray come back home. Koray decides to divorce as soon as possible. In the meantime, one of Yavuze's men, who followed Ece, informs his boss that Emir was at the party too, so Yavuz gets angry and prepares his personal helicopter then flies to the cottage. Hande and the others see the helicopter, but don't get whose is it and why it survolates the cottage area. Soon, the helicopter lands in the yard and several armed men take Ece from there.

Koray and Emir make a complaint against Yavuz at the police, but somebody stops the investigation. Yavuz declares that he just wanted to take Ece home, and she tells the same thing to Emir and Koray when they meet again. Sanem becomes closer with Bulent and he tells her that he is available for her "use". Sanem replies that he is too young and she wouldn't like to profit of his offer, but on purposely she leaves her bracelet on the sofa. Bulent doesn't notice it, but the next day Levent sees it and, angry, goes to Sanem to return it, and of course that he believes that his brother and Sanem became lovers.

At the end of the episode, Gulsun's brother comes to Istanbul and Riza with Hatice offers a dinner for the whole family. Emir and Feriha are invited too and in this way Feriha is forgiven by Riza.

The summaries are made after the original Turkish TV episodes of 2 hours each. 


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    1. Hi, Sukla, all the episodes are on this blog, now I mwrite summaries for the sequel at Feriha, Emir'in Yolu. I must have forgotten to insert the link, I'll fix it right away :)

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  7. I am a huge fan of this programme really love it ..just started watching it about few months now im all the way in south africa durban

  8. Please tell me why doesnt episod 55 until last episode he no subtitle


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