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Feriha and Emir - episodes 59-60 summary

Feriha and Emir episode 59 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 59-60 summary
Ruya is taken to the hospital and her baby is born, earlier than it should be. It needs a blood transfusion and Emir donates his blood. Feriha doesn't feel comfortable about it. The baby receives the surname Sarrafoglu, for the moment. Feriha leaves the hospital being angry with Emir. She looks for Levent because she feels like talking to somebody she trusts. Emir asks for the paternity test to be done. Anyway they must wait about a week for the result. In the meantime Feriha and Emir avoid each other. Emir notices that Feriha prefers Levent's company, but he can't say anything because Ece is with him all day, and he doesn't say a word about her to his wife.

Mehmet and Seher have an argument because Emir offered Mehmet a job as a guard at the club. Mehmet and Riza, being too proud of themselves, do not accept the job. Seher scolds her husband telling that it is a mistake to turn down this offer when you don't have a job at all. Finally Mehmet accepts the job because he needs money.
Sanem brings Cansu back home and they make a deal: Sanem takes care of Cansu, and in exchange Cansu won't speak about those vitamins. Lara notices that Cansu has changed her attitude towards Sanem, and moreover, that Cansu is not so obsessed with Emir as she was in the past.

When the result of the paternity test is ready, everybody is at the hospital. Of course that the baby is not Emir's so his friends are very glad, while Hulia is mad at her daughter. Hande calls the fitness trainer and tells him that he has just become a father. Aysun looks despitefully at Ruya and Hulia and later will tell Unal that those two women were after their money.

Now, the problem with the baby is solved, but Feriha's attraction to Levent is not. At the club they organize a maskerade to celebrate the event (that Emir is not the father of Ruya's baby). The guests must come only if they are given a password. Cansu sees it in Lara's phone and memorizes it. In that night, all guests wear masks, but they have to reveal their identity at midnight. Feriha comes too, wearing a spectacular mask with black feathers. It is also Mehmet's first night as a guard but even if Feriha told him the password, he didn't recognize his sister. Feriha sees Emir and Ece (they have formal masks because they must be easily to recognize as they are the hosts) being all the time very close one another, laughing and feeling excellent together, and she wants to draw Emir's attention ...

Feriha and Emir episode 60 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 59-60 summary
Feriha breaks a glass near Emir. He looks at her but can't recognize her. Feriha goes with Ece at the bathroom and there she sees her tattoo. Ece tells her that she was Emir's girlfriend in the past. Hande comes together with Levent and she pretends to be very inlove with him. Koray has some drinks in front of him, but he watches Hande all the time. At midnight the dj says the password, "show your true face" and almost everybody get unmasked. Feriha stands up and waits until Emir looks at her, and only then she takes her mask off. Koray gets very angry when he sees that Hande's partner is Levent and, being drunk, starts yelling at him to get out of there. Everything develops quickly to a fight. Emir tries to calm things down. Next to him there are Feriha, who is drunk, Ece, Mehmet, and another woman that still wears a mask. Emir gets Koray outside and he is taken up by the masked woman. Paparazzi have already come and they take pictures. Koray, Feriha, Emir and the masked woman get in a car. Feriha asks her who is she. The woman takes her mask off - she is Gulsun. Feriha starts laughing.

The next day the papers write that Emir Sarrafoglu was at a masked ball with his wife who was drunk. Feriha and Emir have a discussion about Ece and her tattoo. Unal tells to the reporters that the guard of the club where the ball took place is Feriha's twin brother. When this information appears in the newspapers, Riza curses his son because he works there. Koray wants Hande back in his life, but she refuses, punishing him because he got married with Gulsun. Mehmet manages to pay the debt to Levent. Emir's apartment is for sale but Seher drives the buyers away by telling them that a murderer lives one floor below (meaning Cansu). Ece seeks Feriha's phone number and wants to see her privately, but Feriha doesn't want to speat with Ece.

During the next days Yavuz, the former lover of Ece, appears in the club. Emir wants him out and tells Mehmet to not let him inside again, but Ece warns Emir to be cautious with Yavuz because he is a gangster and it's not advisable to have problems with him. One day Emir is out of the club with Mehmet and from a car some guys shoot him...

The summaries are made after the original Turkish TV episodes of 2 hours each. 


  1. What were the songs played in the party apart from zumba? Please list down

    1. I am sorry I can't help you with the soundtrack, I'm not that good at searching for the songs because I really don't speak Turkish and I don't know how to search the titles of the songs. I think you may search the melodies on youtube with the words "Feriha soundtrack" or something like this. Try it. Good luck!

  2. Whats ruya's gym trauiner's name?

  3. where can iget feriha dubbed in english from episode 60


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