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Feriha and Emir - episodes 55-56 summary

Feriha and Emir episode 55 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 55-56 summary
Riza is arrested in spite of the fact that, practically, he is not guilty. Emir tries to get some money from his father, but Unal doesn't want to help his son. Then, he considers selling his car, to help Riza get out of prison. Eventually Levent is the one who pays the debt. Mehmet will be hired again for his family and will return Levente's money by working.

One day Feriha finds Ruya at Emir's place, saying that she came after the earring that she must have forgotten here. Feriha searches the earring, finds it, and puts it into Ruya's hand. Then Feriha leaves, being again upset with Emir. Ruya says that she has some pain in her belly. Emir takes her to the hospital and leaves her there. Hulia scolds her daughter considering that she exaggerated, but Ruya tells her that the pains were real.

When Emir learns that Levent paid Riza's debt, he and Feriha ahve an argument again. Moreover, the students living in the hostel, being jealous with Feriha, lie to Emir that she dates Levent every evening. He angrily goes to the coffee shop where she works and there he is violent to a man seeming to compliment her. Because of Emir's attitude, Feriha is sacked.

Sanem doesn't want to go to visit Cansu at the hospice, but she must do it, because otherwise she won't be her tutor anymore. When she arrives there and talks to Cansu's physycian, he tells Sanem that the analyses revealed a huge quatity of vitamin B in her blood, and that she was not taking her usual medication. Sanem is a bit scared, because she realizes that sooner or later they will discover who bought vitamins for Cansu. Later, Lara visits Cansu and understands that Sanem was not like a mother to her.

Nevbahar has cancer and accepts to be operated, even if the chances of survival are low. Unfortunately, she bears the surgery but soon after she dies. Riza advises Emir to go and take his wife home. He arrives in the hostel (previously he found out that the datings with Levent were lies) and takes Feriha in his arms, carrying her at his car and then at home. There, he locks the door and says that he won't unlock it until the problems between them are solved.

Feriha and Emir episode 56 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 55-56 summary
This episode shows the night between Feriha and Emir. They are locked in the apartment and Emir is willing to talk and to understand what is going on and why they didn't get well after they got married. Feriha is angry at first and she turns upside-down everything in the living room. Then Emir tries to calm the atmosphere and switches the lamps off then he lights more candles. The living room is romantic but Feriha tries to make him unlock the door and fires the curtains. Emir extinguishes the flames right away. A little later, by mistake, Feriha cuts Emir's wrist with a knife. He still doesn't unlock the door, asking Feriha to sew his cut with a needle and white cotton thread. During all these little happenings, they talk about themselves, about memories from their childhood. Emir even mentions about an ex-girlfriend, Ece, whom he loved very much. A night and a day pass. They seem to be again like in their old days. Feriha says that he did a mistake with Ruya and when he slapped her. Emir admits he is guilty but says that she is guilty too, by her attitude. Finally Emir opens the door waiting for Feriha to get out as she wanted. But, actually, Feriha had another expectation, and now she bursts into tears ...

The summaries are made after the original Turkish TV episodes of 2 hours each. 

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