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Feriha and Emir - episodes 53-54 summary

Feriha and Emir episode 53 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 53-54 summary
Ruya pretends she did not know that Emir is married. Feriha remembers when his cell phone rang and on the mobile's display was just the initial R. After Ruya's leaving, Feriha and Emir start arguing on this matter. Nevertheless, they do not want Riza to know about their problems, but actually everybody found out about Ruya's pregnancy with Emir from the newspaper and because the video was uploaded on the Internet.

At the hospice Cansu talks with Halil and he tells her that he did not make Feriha any harm. Cansu, imprudently, reveals that she wanted to kill Feriha and then Halil begins to shout that Cansu is a witch. Immediately a few assistants come to take him out of there. Meanwhile, Sanem enjoys her victory because the hotel and the shares are hers, since her stepdaughter's condition is so bad.

Emir meets Ruya and Hulya once again asking them to say how much they want and to leave him alone, but they do not want his money. Hulya contacts Aysun and lies to her about the relationship between her daughter and Emir, and then, pretending she does not want a scandal, says that they decided to go to the United States to wait for the baby to be born. Emir decides to buy a house of their own but learns that Unal has blocked his accounts.

Hatice comes at Koray's to do the housework and tells him that she realised he wanted to save her daughter's honor, but still, he should have a different attitude towards Gulsun. In the meantime, Gulsun is at Lara's shop to change some clothes and Hande, being there, accuses Gulsun that she spends Koray's money.

Emir hasn't paid Seher anymore because he has no money, so Seher tells Feriha the truth - that she was paid to keep Mehmet away from them, and that Emir must give her one thousand lira. Feriha is amazed and can't believe what she hears. Emir comes there too and because Seher insists, he gives her all the money that he has in his pockets. This incident generates an argument, because Feriha doesn't like to buy people, and she means also buying Ruya to shut up about her pregnancy. During their argument, she says that how he (Emir) would feel if she told him that she spent one night with Levent? Emir gets really angry and slaps Feriha. She gets out of the apartment, scared that the man she loves can become like Riza or Mehmet...

Feriha and Emir episode 54 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 53-54 summary
Feriha gets out on the street. Emir calls Koray to ask for help. Feriha Gülsüm sees in front of them and take them. Feriha goes to Koray and Gulsun and feels so depressed, as if her whole world crashed. She chooses to stay away from her husband and family. After a few days, Feriha goes in the hostel at the university without telling anyone what she did. Emir can't find her and she doesn't want to speak with anyone. Eventually she calls Riza, and although he does not speak, she informs him that she is well and she moved in the hostel.

Now everyone learns that Feriha and Emir are separated and there are gossips about their imminent divorce. Aysun and Hulya have new expectations now (unfortunately, Aysun supports Hulya and believes her). Ruya, taught by her mother, goes to Emir to show him how their baby hits her belly. While he is in the kitchen after a glass of water, Ruya removes one earring and leaves it under the sofa cushion.

Riza and the Yilmaz family go to the trial started by Unal. Emir testifies that he took Feriha by force, but she stands up and tells the truth, that it was her will to go with Emir. Outside, Unal humiliates the Yilmaz family and Mehmet hits him. Because of this aggression, he is arrested and put into prison. Feriha comes home just to take some clothes and Emir uses this opportunity to try to speak with her again. Feriha seems more sociable and tells him that she needs some time to evaluate their relationship from the distance, objectively, and to understand what she wants, in fact, because she feels confused.

Other subplots in this episode:
- Sanem is happy that the hotel is in her hands and wants to make some changes, but both the hotel personnel and Unal advise her not to hurry because it is not the time for that. She stubbornly believes that she knows what is good for the hotel and does what she wants. At home she transform Cansu's room in a gym hall for her, but her friends and neighbours gossip that she was not a good mother to Cansu.
- Riza is taken by the police because he now learns that the debt for the bank is very big and Veysel didn't pay anything.
- Feriha and Emir, separately, strats looking for a job.

The summaries are made after the original Turkish TV episodes of 2 hours each. 


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