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Feriha and Emir - episodes 49-50 summary

Feriha and Emir episode 49 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 49-50 summary
Feriha enters her parents' home and Riza forgives her. Mehmet does not agree with it but keeps silent in front of his father. Later, he wants to force Feriha to accept a gynecological examination because he is sure that she is not virgin anymore. Though, Feriha doesn't accept it at all. Mehmet tells to Levent that even if their father believes Feriha an innocent girl, he is sure that she lost her innocence during those days spent with Emir. In the neighbourhood people start gossiping that Feriha is Emir's mistress and they are not wedded. Feriha knows about the gossip, but she still wants their marriage to remain a secret.

The newspapers write about the trial between Unal and the Yilmaz family and Emir calms Feriha down by telling her that the articles were ordered by Unal to scare Mehmet and Riza. When Cansu hears that Sanem has a relationship with Unal she becoms mad with fury. She starts shouting at her that only 4 months have passed since Haldun's death and she has a lover?? Cansu reminds Sanem that everything she has was bought with Haldun's money, and Cansu begins to tear up Sanem's clothes and then she throws out from the warderobes all her step-mother's things, all her jewells and cosmetics. She also warns her that she will do anything to eliminate her from the business partnership with Unal. Sanem leaves, frightened. Cansu, later asks Feriha to come and clean the house (thinking that she can come to terms with her old friend) but this time Feriha doesn't accept it. As she has already established with Emir, she tells Cansu (and everyboody else) that she is separated from Emir.

Now Cansu has hopes again regarding Emir, and one day she calls Aysun to her place, shows her the pictures taken from magazines, tells her how much she loves Emir and asks for her help to become his girlfriend. Aysun is astonished and says that all she needs is a doctor, because this is not love, it is a sick obsession for Emir. Aysun leaves and says that she is not willing to discuss this matter again. Sanem is confused and doesn't know what to do. She goes to the hotel and suggests Unal to help her with a house, but Unal advises her to live in a rented home. Sanem remains at the hotel for a while, although Cansu threatens the personnel that she is going to fire the ones who help her step mother. Tulin helps Sanem to get the key from the apartment so that she can take some of her things. Cansu catches her at home and again she has a tantrum attack. Nevbahar finds out what happened with Sanem and goes to her, in the hotel room, to warn her that she doesn't care if it was something between Levent and her, but she better stay away from Bulent.

Koray is called by the guardian from the farm to inform him that miss Hande came late in the afternoon of the previous day but she didn't get out and she is nowhere to be found. Koray comes on a heavy rain and finds Hande in the mud, uncounscious. He takes her to the hospital and stays there until she recovers, then says that if she had shown him this love in the past, he would have never married Gulsun. At home, he tells his wife that he married her only because he didn't want that her parents to change her future sending her in the countryside, but they will divorce after a while. Gulsun wants a real husband, not a formal one, and becomes friend with Seher who teaches her to try to be more atractive and to lie to Koray.

Mehmet comes home very angry because Veysel told him about the gossips regarding Feriha and Emir. He is by car and in front of the block there are Levent, Seher and Emir who help to bring the new furniture for Mehmet in the house. Mehmet presses the accelerator and hits Emir on purposely. Inside, Riza searches through a box with old things where Feriha hid her marriage certificate...

Feriha and Emir episode 50 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 49-50 summary
Emir is just easily hit, but everybody saw what Mehmet did. Feriha comes and stops her father searching in that box. Later, Riza goes in the countryside to visit Zehra and Omer. Cansu intiates a board meeting at the hotel to get Sanem out of the business. Unal doesn't want to come. Cansu, being angry and unstable, tells everybody that her step-mother has a relationship with Unal. The board doesn't care about her personal life so nobody reacts. Cansu is mad with fury seeing this lack of reaction and hurts all the men there by saying that perhaps they sleep with Sanem too. When Unal finds out what happened during this meeting, will make the decision to split off with Sanem. Confused, she will seek Bulent's company.

Cansu has panic and tantrum attacks more and more often. One night she wants to sleep with Feriha because she is afraid to be alone in her apartment. Gulsun begins to look much better, but the effect is reversed. Koray moves at Hande's and gives Gulsun a credit card. She calls Seher again to advise her what to do to bring her husband home again, and Seher organizes everything as if some thieves had burglered their house. She tells Gulsun to lie to the police that she forgot to activate the alarm during that night. While making a mess in the rooms, Seher takes several valuable things, so that the robbery look real. At about 3 a.m. Gulsun calls Koray and pretends to be extremely scared. Koray comes home right away, exactly as Seher told her. Gulsun, having tears at her eyes, begs Koray to not let her alone anymore. Koray believes her and Hande gets upset with him again.

During that night, Levent and Bulent talk in the park oposite the block. Levent confesses that he loves Feriha, but Mehmet is close to them and hears their conversation. Mehmet tells Riza what he heard, and they want to call Levent to talk and to ask him if he wants to marry Feriha. They do so and Levent comes to visit them, not knowing why. Feriha is not at home, but when she comes back, she hears through the door the fact that Riza wants to marry her with Levent and now he has to give his answer ...

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