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Feriha and Emir - episodes 47-48 summary

Feriha and Emir episode 47 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 47-48 summary
While Feriha and Emir are getting marries at the chalet, in Istanbul Hande finds out what happened with Gulsun during the New Year's night, how she made love to Koray and later she committed suicide. Koray doesn't want to come home as usual, he just gets drunk and sometimes falls asleep in his car. Gulsun, advised by her mother, tries to make him aware that he has a family now and he can't behave like that, but Koray warns her that their marriage won't work.

When Riza comes to Cansu to collect the garbage he finds the magazine with the article about Feriha and Emir who disappeared. The old man, who can't stand such a publicity and thinks that is a very bad thing to appear in a magazine article, abjures his daughter. Seher calls Aysun the next day after their wedding and tells her about this piece of news. Aysun has to pay Seher for her information, but only if Seher brings her important and fresh information about Emir, Feriha and the Yilmaz family. Therefore, Seher tries to become closer to Gulsun, as she is Feriha's cousin and they are good friends. In this way Seher hopes to hear new things from Gulsun about Feriha.

Sanem and Bulent become closer and closer, neither of them being upset about the age gap (Bulent is much younger than Sanem). The next day Sanem has to go to the hotel because there are important problems to discuss about it but Cansu insists she must come too, because, in fact, the hotel is hers. At the meeting the police comes too and nobody feels comfortable. Cansu is very irritated, and her moods change rapidly because she takes vitamins instead of her medication (Sanem gave her vitamins, so that she can demonstrate that Cansu is unstable and can't run a business). Unal wants to sue the whole Yilmaz family and tells Riza about it.

Riza, who has many other problems (his son, Mehmet, was fired by Nevbahar because he was violent with Feriha, then he found out that Veysel lied to him concerning the bank rates and now he has a huge debt to the bank) can't take it anymore and has a heart attack. Emir and Feriha come back in the city, go to Gulsun, but they established that for a while their marriage should remain secret. When they find out about Riza they go to the hospital to see him.

Feriha and Emir episode 48 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 47-48 summary
Mehmet is there and doesn't let Feriha see their father - anyway, he is not conscious - thinking that he had a heart attack because of her. Emir would like that everybody learns about their marriage because all the problems would be solved then. Feriha, on the contrary, tells him that their problems would be more and deeper. Feriha and Emir live at Koray's but nobody else knows. Seher will find out and then will inform Aysun, but instead of money, Seher wants her earrings as a payment. One day Mehmet comes to Koray's house but Feriha and Emir are hidden upstairs. Only when Mehmet is about to become aggressive, Feriha gets downstairs to talk to him. Mehmet has come just to tell his sister that she is not a member of their family anymore and she can't come at home in the future, mentioning also about the trial filed by Unal. After he goes away, Feriha asks Emir if he knew about this trial. Emir has just found out and wants to make Unal give it up. Unal accepts it, but on condition that Emir gives up apartment number 10.

Aysun comes twice to see Emir and Feriha, but both times they don't tell her that they are married. Anyway, Aysun seems to have a problem with Unal dating Sanem. One evening while they are at the restaurant, she comes at their table and makes a scene. Unal invites her to mind her won life and to be a good mother to Can. On another occasion, Aysun goes at Sanem't home and tells her that she won't let her become richer by using Unal. Cansu comes too and is amazed to hear that her step mother is Unal's mistress. On the other hand, Sanem and Nevbahar become again distant, because of Bulent. One day Sanem tells Bulent that he shouldn't fall inlove with her, but he replies that he likes real women.

Riza wakes up and tells Hatice that he dreamt of Feriha and he is ready to forgive her if she comes to kiss his hand. Feriha goes at her home but before getting in the house, she sees Levent leaving (he visited Riza on an important matter), but she doesn't talk to him to find out why he has come to Riza.

Hande goes through a difficult period of time. She thinks she loves Levent and kisses him (giving to Koray a reason to threaten Levent with sacking from the university because he has a relationship with one of his students), but almost all the time she is drunk. One day she goes to the farm where she has a horse (gift from Koray) and wants to ride but because she is drunk, she falls into the mud and remains there. Unfortunately, it was late and nobody else sees her.

The summaries are made after the original Turkish TV episodes of 2 hours each. 

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