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Feriha and Emir - episodes 45-46 summary

Feriha and Emir episode 45 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 45-46 summary
Hande is taken out of the hall where the marriage between Koray and Gulsun takes place. Hande accuses Feriha that she is the cause of her problems, because Gulsun, being a poor girl followed Feriha's example and grabbed a rich man making him her husband. Feriha doesn't say anything, but Riza and Mehmet are astonished at what Hande says. Mehmet wants to make his sister admit her relationship with Emir but she does not agree to speak about it. Riza advises his son to look only at the good side of the things, because God knows what's best for Feriha.

Riza asks Emir to not compromise Feriha in the public. Koray brings Gulsun at his house but he won't pass the doorway with her in his arms. Gulsun enters and is surprised seeing the wealth of Koray's family. Koray shows her to the bedroom and then goes to the Hills where he drinks till morning comes. When he comes back, drunk, he falls asleep in the kitchen, on a chair. Hande does exactly the same: she goes in the Hills and gets drunk. Emir, asked by Koray, takes care of her and brings her at his place.

Gulsun tries since the first day to be a good housewife and prepares some breakfast, but Koray replies that he has only coffee in the morning. When she wants to know what to cook for lunch, he answers that he eats at the restaurant usually. Gulsun tries to convince Koray that she must cook something because after the tradition they must invite their relatives and friends to dinner or lunch. Koray doesn't care about it, and tells her that anyway his mother will leave for Ankara within several hours, therefore, she may do what she wants.

In the evening, Gulsun's guests arrive, but Koray is not at home, he is at the Hills. After a while, Unal, Aysun and Koray's mother come too. The last ones to come are Emir and Koray (drunk). It is only now that Aysun realizes that Gulsun is Feriha's cousin and she believes much stronger than before that Feriha is after her son's money. Hande starts to investigate why this marriage was done so fast. She is convinced that there are facts she doesn't know about, that led to Koray's marriage. Cansu is willing to help Hande by introducing Seher to her.

Mehmet becomes Nevbahar's driver and one day he sees Feriha and Emir kissing in his car. When he arrives home, he badly beats Feriha, but in his turn, Emir beats Mehmet until Riza comes and stops the fight just with his crying eyes. After that Riza decides that Feriha must go in the countryside at her mother.

Other subplots of the episode:
- Bulent makes Sanem understand that he is interested in her.
- Cansu goes to the therapist and asks Sanem to give her medicines again. But Sanem, who doesn't have the interest in Cansu to be healthy, buys vitamins that have an identical aspect with her usual pills and gives them to Cansu, who is not aware of the replacement. After a while, Cansu feels that those pills have no effects, but she thinks she has to wait longer.
- Aysun learns that Unal is dating Sanem and goes to ask for advice from Tulin. Tulin, judging things correctly, doesn't understand why Aysun is irritated by Unal's personal life since he is a free man and Sanem is a free woman.

Feriha and Emir episode 46 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 45-46 summary
Feriha prepares her leaving in the countryside and doesn't have a mobile phone anymore because Riza threw it at the bin. Before getting in the bus, Emir gets there and takes Feriha in his car. They go away in a great hurry. Mehmet, being angry at himself, will say at home that Emir kidnapped Feriha. In the glossy magazines will soon appear an article saying that Feriha might have been kidnapped by Emir Sarrafoglu and nobody knows where they could be.

The two lovers go to the north somewhere in the mountains where it snows heavily. They arrive at an isolated pension where there are only its owners, two very nice old people. In Istanbul, Riza believes Mehmet and makes a complaint against Emir at the police station. Later, Mehmet admits that Feriha went willingly with Emir and Riza withdraws his complaint. Seher informs Aysun about Feriha's missing and that she left with Emir to an unknown destination. Being very angry, Aysun goes to Unal to talk and when Sanem visits him, Aysun gets her out of Unal's house.

Feriha and Emir - episodes 45-46 summary
Feriha and Emir spend two very happy days, far away of enemies and problems. There, on a fairytale like snowy weather, with a wedding veil borrowed from the old ladyowner of the pension, Feriha and Emir get married.

The summaries are made after the original Turkish TV episodes of 2 hours each. 


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