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Emir's way episode 2 synopsis

Emir's way episode 2 synopsis
Emir tells Koray what he has planned to do, but Koray warns him that it is not right to mock of an innocent person. Yavuz gives Gunesh a car, so now she can meet Emir without taking Saliha too. The two are becoming increasingly close, they walk in the city, then meet to the gym, where Yavuz bought his sister a subscription, they spend their time together for several weeks. Zulal sees the two but she has to go back in the countryside because her father had an accident.

Gülsüm, which now lives at Riza's, sees Pinar leaving and coming up with Koray in town, then takes Khan to a ride and lies to her child that his nanny is a witch and because of her spells, she can't come home to stay with him. Thus, scaring him, whenever Pinar is there, Khan cries and she does not know how to comfort him, so that she will eventually call Gülsüm. Koray sees Hande on the street, but he is not sure, because now Hande ia a brunette woman. Towards the end of the episode, Hande comes to visit Lara at her old apartment, where now Koray lives, and rangs the doorbell. Koray and Pinar are amazed to see Hande at their door.

Can, the policewoman, is kicked out of her job due to Yavuz. Selim advises her to aks for help to Emir, but she saw him with Gunesh, so she does not want to ask him for help. Emir tells Gunesh that he wants more from her and Yavuz and Salih are staying in his way. Gunesh gets sad and incidentally, get acquainted with Sanem who starts visiting Yavuz. Sanem becomes close to Gunesh and tries to help her, but Yavuz wants her to stay away. She convinces him that it is good for his sister to have a friend like her

Emir's way episode 2 synopsis
Emir, who begins to love Gunesh, invites her to a romantic dinner, but also he tells Koray that the game he began some weeks ago will end very soon. Gunesh comes at the restaurant, they feel very well, but she drinks much wine and gets dizzy. Emir brings her to his home and began to undress her. Gunesh is confused, she wants him too, but she is afraid of the consequences. She says she has never done this before, but Emir continues his game ...

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Kosem sultan, episode 4 synopsis

Kosem sultan, episode 4 synopsis
Safiye tries to find other influential people to be loyal to her. Therefore, she poisons a man called Yakup and then she gives him the antidot after he swears to serve her. Then she thinks about marrying her daughter, Fahriye with Dervish, not knowing that both of them are already in love with someone else. Fahriye loves Mehmet Giray and Dervish secretly loves Handan, Ahmet's mother. Unfortunately, Dervish can't say no to this marriage.

Ahmet doesn't execute Iskender, they become friends and the sultan asks the janissery to be his fighting teacher, so they practice daily. Dervish tries to find a way to not have to marry Fahriye and fnds out about her relationship with Mehmet. Later, a second opportunity appears, when Ahmet appoints him admiral af the naval fleet. On this position is preferred a man without family, but Safiye doesn't care, she will keep going to want this marriage, even against her daughter's will.

Anastasia writes letters to her parents and asks Cennet Kalfa to find a way and send them to Greece. Cennet lies to her that she will do something, but actually she hides the letters under a carpet in her room. Anastasia finds them by mistake and then she has a big fight with Cennet. On the other hand, Mahfiruze, the other favourite, imagines a trap for Anastasia. She instigates another girl from the harem, Shayse, to come to their room and then to attack Anastasia with a pair of scissors and mutilate her, so that Ahmet didn't love her anymore. Mahfiruze's plan goes perfectly, and when Anastasia is pierced by Shayse, she gets out of the room, staying at the door, so that nobody could accuse her of complicity. Shayse realizes what Mahfiruze just did and stops her attack upon Anastasia. Late, Ahmet finds out what happened, and, because Mahfiruze claims she is innocent and that Shayse was the guilty one, the sultan lets Anastasia punish the girl. Knowing who was the guilty one, Anastasia forgives Shayse, who becomes very loyal to her. Because he was not informed about the attack upon Anastasia, Ahmet would have Dervish executed, but fortunately, Dervish says that Handan didn't want anybody to tell him (the sultan) that Anastasia had problems.

Kosem sultan, episode 4 synopsis
Under these circumstances, Golge, the mute woman, decides to help Anastasia escape from the palace and takes her though secret corridors to a door that gives outside. But the door is stuck and cannot be opened from inside, so they have to go back in the harem. In the meantime, Ahmet starts being lied by his men, and he finds out about these lies and begins to be suspicious with almost everybody around him and to verify every information.

One day, when Anastasia is in the interior garden where she and Ahmet first met, sees Iskender coming there to see the sultan, and she immediately thimks that the janissery could help her open that secret door from outside, and she can reach her dream to go home again...

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Yaman and Mira - episodes 13-14 synopsis

Yaman and Mira - episode 13 synopsis

Yaman and Mira - episodes 13-14 synopsis
Tan is now at the mental disorder hospital under sedatives and everybody is calm. On tv they say that the serial killer was captured and he admitted his crimes. Nevertheless, Eylul still thinks that Tan is not so innocent as he appears to be. Mira declares her love to Yaman, but because he is not used to things like that he says thank you. Later, Mert will laught at him and avdvises him to reply the same thing, to say "I love you too".

Sude becomes Asim's business partner with 80% and because she is decided to divorce, she takes Selim as her lawyer. Faruk goes to live in a hotel. Asim suggests to Sedef to work in his company and she is very glad about it, but Asim's very young girlfriend does not agree with the idea and will have an argument with him.

Sude wants that Mira to be again with Orkun and organizez a weekend trip in a mountain ski resort, where, without Mira knowing it, she invites Orkun and his mother too. Yaman starts working in a new place and though he would like to join Mira, he can't go. Eventually Mira makes Sude change the date of their departure because Yaman and Mert will be home alone during the weekend (Selim and Ender go together in a short vacation) and want to throw a party. Before getting on the ferry boat, Mira sees Orkun and his mother who were already there, and suddenly realizes what her mother's game was. She remains on the marina, and only Sude with Orkun and his mother go to the mountain resort.

Selim tells Ender that his father, Asim, must have falsified some documents. Ender thinks that her husband exaggerates but at the company she asks a secretary to bring her a copy of that document and Asim sees the envelope handed to Ender, but doesn't suspect anything wrong yet. Selim goes to the prison to speak with Kenan and he learns that Turan Koper may be alive, and that Hasan was in the gang of Turunc Nadir. After several days, Selim tells Asim to give up to the land that he bought or else he will tell the truth, and then he gives him the copy of the document that proves the illegalities Asim has done. The old business man is very amazed at Selim and remembers about the envelope given by a secretary man to Ender. Being very wounded by Selim's attitude, he intends to make some important changes in the company, and he will start a big game to teach his son-in-law a lesson, taking revenge fron his own daughter.

The ex-girlfriend of Yaman, Leyla, comes back in Tozludere from Germany where she studies. Leyla seeks information about him at their old friends and finds his facebook account where there are pictures with him and Mira. Leyla waits for Yaman when he finishes the classes at the university and Eylul is there to meet her too. Now Eylul calls Mira to tell her about Leyla. Mira, hearing this, goes to Yaman during the evening to make him a surprise.

Yaman and Mira - episode 14 synopsis

Now everybody spends their weekend. Mert studies with Tugce, Yaman is with Mira, Sude, Beren, Orkun and Yasemin are in a ski mountain resort and Ender with Selim are in Antalya. Yaman rememebers that Leyla told him about Ayshe, Kenan's woman, that she is pregnant in 4 months, so the child cannot be Kenan's.

Yaman and Mira - episodes 13-14 synopsis
Nevin sings in a club and then, when she goes to the cabin, she finds a basket with oranges and gets scared (turunc means bitter orange, so she believes that Turunc Nadir came and warned her or Hasan). When they arrive at home, they find another basket with oranges, so Hasan calls the police. Selim, even if he is in a mini-vacation, he goes on investigating upon Turan Koper and learns that indeed the man is not dead, he hides in Istanbul under a fake name.

Sedef goes to a club where she gets drunk and dances with unknown men trying to undress and drawing attention upon herself. Somebody records her on the mobile phone. Later the police comes to take her out of there, but because she doesn't have the ID on her, she has to call Mert and Yaman to come to the police station to recognize her. At home Yaman says that she must change her behaviour and she promisses that she will do so. Yaman goes to meet Ayshe and asks her about the baby and tells her that he knows it is not Kenan's child. Ayshe admitts that the child is Giray's but she needs money to make and abort. Another option would be that Giray marries her and she would like Yaman to try and convince him to do so. Yaman goes to Giray, at thye mechanic workshop where he works and convinces him to marry Ayshe (in fact Giray does something illegal - they steal cars and bring them to pieces until morning. Though Yaman has no idea what is Giray's real job. ) After some time, Yaman finds out that all this story with the child and money and so on was invented by Leyla, to make him come to Tozludere again.

Selim and Ender, in the hotel room watch the TV news and are surprised to see that Asim gave up that land and the business. As a consequence his shares grow so Selim thinks that Asim won't be upset on them, because there is a great financial advantage in the whole thing. Actually, Asim is no longer interested in mony only. He has been wounded and he wants revenge. So, the old business man, calls everybody at the company on Sunday morning. Sedef talks to Mira and explains to her that she kissed her father, but he is not guilty at all and didn't answer to her kiss. Sedef admitts that she was in love with Faruk as a young girl, and now she tried to see if she can seduce him, but Faruk does not have the same feelings towards her. Mira understands and believes Sedef and accepts to talk to Faruk and re-unites again with her father.

Now it's Saturday night and at the Serez mansion Mert and Yaman are throwing a party. Eylul brought more friends, Mira is cooking in the kitchen and the boys are preparing some grilled meat outside. When the party is over, Eylul remains with Mert in his bedroom to watch his drawings and then they fall asleep. Mira goes home and Yaman goes to sleep in his room. Selim and Ender come back home in the morning, but they hadn't announced anybody. They find the mess after the party, they see Mert sleeping with Eylul - and they are glad that he has, at last!, a girl friend - only Yaman has already left for his new job. Selim and Ender silently go to the company telling to their gateman to not tell the boys that they are back.

Kenan has a mysterious guest in prison ...

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Kosem sultan, episode 3 synopsis

Kosem sultan, episode 3 synopsis
Anastasia tries to access the secret door that was used by Halime to escape ftom the palace. But by chance she arrives into a kind of wardrobe from a room where Reyhan aga and the physician of the sultan are talking about a poison and about how the ex-sultan was poisoned. After revealing this secret Reyhan aga suddenly stabs the doctor who dies instantly. Anastasia is scared and makes some noise so that Reyhan aga catches her and of course, realizing that she heard everything, wants to get rid of her throwing her into the Bosphorus.

In the meantime the janisseries begin to revolt because they should have received a salary on the occasion of the coronation day, but Safyie stopped the payments in order to force Ahmet to keep her in the palace. Ahmet doesn't suspect anything and seeks for advice to his grandmother, because he knows that there aren't much money in the state's accounts. Safyie immediately offers to help with her personal money for the favour of living at TopKapi Palace. Ahmet doesn't accept the deal, gets out and tells the janisseries that their money will be paid after gathering the taxes from Egypt, within several days.

Anastasia, who was tied in a bag, tries and manages to get out of it but doesn't have the force to come at the surface of the sea. Golge, the mute woman, saw Reyhan throwing the bag and now saves Anastasia from drowning and gets ger back in the harem. Reyhan, amazed to see her alive, tries to sufocate Anastasia with a pillow but in that moment Ahmet comes in so Reyhan pretends he was arranging the pillow under Anastasia's neck. Ahmet ask what happened and he learns that Anastasia wanted to escape, but Golge tells him by signs that a man threw her into the sea. When she recovers, because Reyhan aga is by her side, Anastasia claims that she doesn't remember anything. Ahmet, following his intuition, tells Reyhan that if Anastasia is harmed, he will be executed. When she completely recovers, she can't keep the secret and tells everything to Golge, being aware that she now is the keeper of some very important secrets.

Safyie has a daughter, Fahryie sultana, who is in love with Mehmet Giray. They secretly meet in the markets of Istanbul, in the little house of a carpet seller. Shahin knows that and warns his twin brother that he can ruin his dream (to become sultan or at least khan of Crimea) because the love of a woman, advising Mehmet to give up to the sultana now, at the beginning of their relationship, because he could be executed if the sultan finds out he is dating Fahriye. Mehmet is very trustful and says that they should ask Ahmet, as a favour for bringing Halime and Mustafa back, the hand of Fahryie sultana for him (to ask a woman's hand = to ask her to marry). Shahin concludes that his brother must be mad.

Kosem sultan, episode 3 synopsis
Ahmet goes to the barracks of the janisseries to see what is their moods and to assure them that the money will come soon (actually Safiye prevented the treasurer to tell Ahmet that the money has already come). Iskender involves in a fight with Davut, his rival, and then the sultan challenge him to fight together into the arena. Iskender is a good fighter and for a moment he forgets he fights against the sultan and beats him. Ahmet gets angry, slaps him and send him in the cellar as a punishment. Later the janisseries revolt again because their money has not been given, and they say that the sultan lied to them. When things are going to get out of control, Safiye sends Zulfikar aga to tell to the soldiers that they will be paid during that day by sultana Safiye from her personal fortune. In the palace, Safiye and 2 million gold coins is into Ahmet's office waiting for him to sign the document that orders she can stay in the palace. Now Halime (Mustafa's mother) and Handan (Ahmet's mother) understand that their common enemy is Safiye and make a deal to fight against her.

The next day all the officials who were loyal to Safyie are transferred away from Istanbul. Ahmet calls for Iskender at the palace. He is brought there, eye-tied, believing that he will be excuted for his daring...

Yaman and Mira - episodes 11-12 synopsis

Yaman and Mira - episodes 11-12 synopsis
Yaman starts believing that his father is alive. During another event, Tan is again invited so that he can be close to Mira. Orkun sees him but he cannot do anything against him. Selim and Yaman go to Nevin and show her the letter. She cries reading it and remembers that Turan was deadly shot by Turunc Nadir, the boss of a gang. Hasan, her actual husband was in that gang too and that's how they met. She recognize the handwriting but doesn't say anything to Yaman. He goes back to the party and is surprised to see that Mira and Orkun receive a prize for the best couple. Orkun speaks on the microphone as if Mira were still his girlfriend and Yaman gets angry on him.

The next day Tan insists that Mira should pay him a visist at home. Mira accepts and Tan tells her about his sad life, about his girlfriend who would be in hospital now in a deep coma, for a long time. Mira accidentaly finds in that room, under a small carpet, a puzzle with her face and can't understand what it does mean. Tan is a little concerned when he sees that Mira discovered one of his secrets and tells her that it's a therapy approach against solitude. Mira gets home late that evening.

Yaman goes to visit Kenan in the prison and shows him the letter. To his surprise, Kenan tells him that he got a similar letter too, in that night when he stole the car from the oil pump station. Turan Koper wrote him that one day he would be back.

Sedef and Ender have an argument because Ender had always what she wanted and Sedef was the rebelious daughter. After that, Sedef begins to seduce Faruk and she is successful. Little by little she tries to push things forward and asks Faruk to date with her. On that night they meet in the garden and they kiss each other, without noticing that Mira sees them. Amazed and disgusted, Mira runs away. She doesn't find Yaman at home and then she goes to Tan's.

Yaman and Mira - episode 12 synopsis

Yaman and Mira - episodes 11-12 synopsis
When Tan sees Mira at the door he is very happy and thinks that she has come for him (because she missed him). Mira, being too concerned about what she saw in her garden doesn't imagine that Tan is going to seize her.

Yaman, who has just got on the phone a picture from Hale with Orkun speaking to Hasan, goes to his mother's house and wakes Hasan up to ask him what is his business with Orkun. Hasan starts lying and eventually Nevin tells her son that Turan Koper is dead. Yaman doesn't believe her and goes back at Selim's.

After all that happened, Sedef packs her things and goes to stay at her father's house. Sude is now decided to divorce. In all this mess, Selim finds a document, brought by Ender, that can incriminate Asim, related to that property business. The document shows the illegal methods used by Asim to obtain the raising of the state protection from the piece of land that he bought.

Mira sleeps at Tan's and the next day everybody is worried about her because they don't know where she can be (Tan willingly spilt coffee on Mira's mobile phone so that she cannot communicate for a while). They separate into two teams, Yaman, Mert, Eylul and Tugce on one side and Faruk, Sude and Ender on the other side. Everybody start looking for her believing that she must be with Tan. Their worries grow when Sedef tells them that Tan's girlfriend is dead (he told her so), not in the hospital. All Tan's lies make them believe that he may be the serial killer they spoke on the TV news about.

When in the morning Mira realizes that she is locked into Tan's house and that he doesn't intend to take/let her home, she understands that her piano teacher is insane. He takes her by his car somewhere out of Istanbul, to a house in the woods where he had planned to live with his girlfriend that now is dead. On the way Mira pretends she has a headache and goes to a farmacy to make a phone call, but Tan comes after her and she manages to change just a few words with Yaman. This clue will be enough for Mert and Yaman who will find the farmacy and soon they  will be tracking Tan. Selim finds details about Tan, that he lost his family and girlfriend in a car accident, he was the only survivor, and from that moment he considers himself guilty for their death, having also a mental disorder.

Tan and Mira arrive at the house and he promises Mira that he goes in the village to find a phone. Actually he goes in a workshop next to the house and lets Mira to wait for him. After some time, she gets out of the house and finds the entrance in the workshop. There she is astonished and scared to see paintings of nude women in different positions having her face, pictures of hers cropped from magazines, and so on. Now she fully understands that Tan is obssesed with her. He tries to explain to Mira how much he loves her and that she must give up Orkun and Yaman who represent nothing, compared to him.
In the meantime Yaman and his friends are getting closer and closer to this strange house and finally Yaman saves Mira from Tan who is caught by the police and taken to a hospice.

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Yaman and Mira - episode 10 summary

Yaman and Mira - episode 10 summary
Mira, Yaman, Tugce, Eylul and Mert come back home from the leisure park and Mira says that she won't push up things; if she and Yaman are to be together, very well, if not, that's life. In the meantime, Tan steps back to not be seen by Mira's group. At the manor house Selim and Ender talk about a text message sent by Sedef, Ender's sister who is in the United States. Now they have called her but her mobile phone is off. Their neighbours, Sude and Faruk have an argument because of the money. Mira stops them saying that she doesn't want to hear anything more.

Orkun thinks that it is the moment to get Mira back from Yaman, and in order to be successful, he calls Hasan and asks him to think of a plan to set things in suh a manner that Yaman appear as guilty without any doubt, without involving Orkun in this matter. Hasan accepts the deal and claims that he has something interesting, but it might cost much more that usual. Later Hasan gives Orkun a letter written by Turan Kopper, Yaman's father, letter that never reached its addressee. Orkun takes the letter and pays Hasan as he promised.

Sedef comes home in the middle of the night (she texted Ender and got on the plane to return to Istanbul) and is amazed to see a man (Yaman) in her bed. Being a very open minded woman, Sedef gets dressed in pyjamas and goes to bed next to Yaman. In the morning Mira comes to say hello and both are astonished to see Sedef (whom Mira doesn't know or doesn't remember) in bed with Yaman. Sedef introduces herself and explains that this room was hers and this is why she slept in her old bed. Mira starts being a little jealous with Sedef, because even if she is older than Yaman she is very attractive. Therefore, Mira says quickly that Yaman is her lover, so that Sedef to know her place :) Actually Sedef is not really interested in Yaman, but she becomes seductive when she sees Faruk again. She was in love with Faruk long ago, before getting married with Sude, but Faruk loved Ender. Very soon Sedef will try to seduce Faruk and one day she manages to do it, while they are at the swimming pool.

The Serez family try to help Faruk Beylice by organizing a kind of charity event. Mert is very good looking during this night and Eylul really starts liking him. Tan, the piano teacher, is here too and follows Mira everywhere. Orkun sees him and wants to put the bodyguards to get him out but Tan has an invitation for this event so Orkun can't do what he wants. Mira and Yaman sing together at karaoke, Ender is jealous with Selim because he talks with Reyhan Arsen, the beautiful lawyer, and everybody has a good time. The next day on the TV news they say about a serial killer who commited one more crime. The maid is worried because Sedef is not at home, she missed all night. Eventually Sedef comes by taxi and says that she went into a club to have a little more fun. A postman comes and brings a letter for Yaman. He opens it and reads it.. it's the letter from Turan Koper and Yaman has now a single thought: to find his father.

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Kosem sultan, episode 2 synopsis

Kosem sultan, episode 2 synopsis
Anastasia wakes up and becomes upset seeing the painting with her and a little lamb. She thinks that Ahmet gave the order to bring her at the palace and tells him directly that she will try to escape from this place, because she wants back to her family. Later, Ahmet is informed that Halime and Mustafa disappeared and Dervish must find them. In the palace there are more persons who investigate the case and try to find out who might have seen Halime and her children getting out. Anastasia saw her using a secret door in the walls but she doesn't tell anybody about it because she wants to use that door for herself too.

Anastasia is taken to the favourites' room and she has to share it with Mahfiruze another favourite of Ahmet. Giray brothers find out about Halime, and Shahin thinks to get the sultana and the prince back then to ask in exchange the throne of Crimeea. Mehmet doesn't agree with his brother but Shahin is day dreaming about the throne. Iskender (Andro), the young janissery who helped Anastasia in a wood, before getting to the palace, is chosen the chief of the newcomers in the army. But immediately one of his colleagues tells him that he knows Andro because he was a friend, and Iskender is not the real Andro. (Later, in another episode we'll find out that Iskender is sultan Ahmet's brother).

Dervish still can't find any clue about Halime and brings a fortuneteller who predits to Ahmet that the sultana and the prince will come back, but in the future Mustafa will be on the throne. Hearing this, Dervish orders to set her out of the pallace. Shahin Giray finds Halime and her children in a market and brings them at the TopKapi palace. When Ahmet asks him what favour he wants in exchange, Shahin is cautious and says that he will say it later, when time comes. Ahmet still wants to execute Mustafa but the Sheikh of Islam tells him that it's not wise to do that because he doesn't have any heir. In fact, Safiye sultana influenced the sheikh to advise the sultan like this, and Ahmet, finding out about it, wants to exile his grandmother to the Old Palace.

In the harem Anastasia and Mahfiruze have a fight and Anastasia says about the sultan that he is cruel and sadic. They are taken to Handan sultana, the Valide (queen-mother) and Mahfiruze tells her that Anastasia insulted Ahmet. Because of that, she is thrown in the prison. Ahmet doesn't know about it and will ask for her in the evening, but instead of Anastasia, Mahfiruze comes to him. He doesn't like her and sends her back. Anastasia tries to use her dress to maintain the light of the torch but because of the smoke she faints and she is almost to die sufocated. Ahmet comes in the cell and takes her out of there, bringing her on his arms in the interior garden where they first meet. While she recovers, the time for Mustafa's execution comes. The. The executioners go to Mustafa's room with the silk rope in their hands. In the last moments Ahmet changes his mind and saves Mustafa, then he warns Halime that she is guilty of everything and if she does a single mistake, she will be beheaded. Safiye doesn't want to go to the old palace and promises revenge.

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Emir'in Yolu episode 1 synopsis

Emir'in Yolu episode 1 synopsis
At the opening event of the new club Yavuz humiliates Unal again. Emir comes there with Can Serdar and everybody looks amazed at him, because he suddenly appears to be a normal man, who overcame the mourning. Unal commits suicide in front of all guests because he can't bear Yavuze's attitude. Emir swears to take revenge and will contact somebody who informs him that Yavuz has a sister, Gunesh.

When she comes from abroad to her brother, he tends to keep her indoors, but eventually Yavuz let her go shopping with Saliha, their aunt. During that day Emir follows Gunesh all over and, because she managed to get rid of Saliha in a supermarket (Saliha comes back home alone, generating a huge anger to Yavuz), he will try to help her, mainly in the evening, bringing her at home by his car. Gunesh likes Emir but for the moment she doesn't know who he is. Yavuz wants to send her back abroad the next day but she is revolted and says that she won't go back anywhere. After an argument between them, Yavuz accepts to let Gunesh live in Istanbul, but she can go out only with Saliha.

In several days she starts dating Emir, who introduces himself as Emre. Both of them like each other, but Emir follows his plan too. In the meantime, he and Koray (who lives now in Lara's apartment) think about opening a new club as business partners. Koray wants to know Pinar better and he tells her about his life and about Hande, one evening. Can Serdar realizes that she is in love with Emir and tells it to her brother.

One day, when Emir is out with Gunesh, Koray sees them and calls Emir, but he doesn't answer back. Koray is a little bit upset because of Emir's strange attitude and when they see each other at home, Emir tells him that everything that he does is a part of a bigger game against Yavuz.

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Feriha-Emir'in Yolu episode 72 synopsis

Feriha-Emir'in Yolu episode 72 synopsis
Emir returns to apartment no. 10. Zulal sees him and is glad about it. Riza comes to collect the garbage and Emir invites him inside, telling him that he would talk with Omer to no longer be enemies. Seher calls Aysun to tell her that Emir has returned and after that, astonished that her son is back to the old address, she goes to Etiler. Meanwhile Riza sends some food with Zulal for Emir and tells her to do some cleaning in the apartment. After a few minutes Emir comes home, he sees the food and finds Zulal searching in the wardrobe. Emir gets her out and tells her rudely not to enter there whenever she wants.

Yavuz mocks Unal since he became his employee and Sarrafoglu promise to make him pay for this humiliation. One day he goes to a public phone and makes an anonymous denouncement at the police about some fraud happening in Yavuz casino. Yavuz suspects that Unal called the police, but he does not recognize anything, saying that he couldn't have been such a jerk. On the other hand, Can the policewoman, detects the phonebooth where Unal spoke from and watches the street cameras recordings. In this way she recognizes that the man who made the denouncement is Emir's father.

Between Koray and Gülsüm discussions appear again because she does not want a nanny for Khan. Though Koray let Pinar stay with his boy because she needs this job and because Khan got used to her. Moreover, when he hears Pinar talking on the phone with the owner of her apartment (where she lives), owner who wants to bring someone else there, Koray suggests that Pinar may live several days in his house. Gülsüm is desperate because Pinar resembles Hande and complains to her mother that she never resembled the woman Koray loves.

Lara's half sister comes up to her and leaves her a copy of the DNA test proving that she is the daughter of Lara's father. Cansu is manipulated by Haldun in the right direction, as Sanem wants. Can and Selim incidentally find out where Emir lives now, and seeing him, Can says she has something important to discuss with him (about Unal's denouncement against Yavuz).

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Kosem sultan, episode 1 synopsis

Kosem sultan, episode 1 synopsis
Sultan Ahmet remembers the days when he was a child in Manisa, playing with his older brother Mahmud. One day, Mahmud promises that he will not do as their father did, who had buried all his 19 brothers in the coronation day, killed by him according to tradition, so that they didn't try to usurp the throne. After several years, when both brothers become teenagers, Mahmud says to Ahmet that he asked their father to go alone with an army to foil the plans of the Celali bandits. Ahmet fears that his brother would be killed for such a boldness. You can not expect anything else from a man who executed all his brothers without blinking. Then it was the last time when Ahmet saw his brother alive, because the night that followed, their father, Sultan Mehmet III, killed his eldest son with his own hands, with a silk string on the corridors of the Topkapı Palace.

Ahmet falls into depression for three months and can not recover from the pain felt after losing his beloved brother. One day, his grandmother, Safiye Sultana, makes him several gifts from worldwide. Among them there is a painting with the portrait of a girl, Anastasia. Ahmet falls in love with the painted girl and later Safiye will send some of her loyal men to seek for Anastasia in the Greek islands and bring her at the palace. At night Ahmet dreams that a plant rises from his heart and grows up like a towering tree. One morning, very early, Safiye Sultana put her grandson to be called into the boardroom. Ahmet is awakened by his faithful servant, Reyhan aga, who tells him that he must come in the big hall. Ahmet believes that he will be executed by his father, although he doesn't know whis his guilt would be.

When he arrives in the boardroom, Safiye is in the balcony and calles him telling him that his father, Mehmet Sultan, died that night and that he is now the new sultan. In the day of his coronation Ahmet is introduced to pashas and imperial guards as the new sultan, but he thinks about what his grandmother told him previously, that when he accedes to the throne he would have to kill his younger brother, Mustafa, who is a child a few years old. Safiye Sultana and two women (Halime, Mustafa's mother and Handan, Ahmet's mother) look at the ceremony on a window. Outside, officials and janissaries wait for the doors to open and the young sultan to get out of the palace and sit on the throne. Shahin and Mehmet Giray, leaders of Crimea, comment that the old Sultan had been warned that on the 56th day since the death of his eldest son he would pay dearly for this crime, and he died exactly on the 56th day.

Ahmet gets up from the throne, although not all the officials had been presented to him, and delivers a short speech. He says that on this day of his ascent to the throne, he spares his brother Mustafa's life, because it is not proper to smear blood on such an important ceremony ceremony. Everybody is astonished, but no one comment anything. In the markets it is announced that the old law was abolished by the new sultan and that from now on the sovereign will not commit fratricide on the day of his coronation. Halime hugs Mustafa and believes that her son was spared today, but some other day he will be killed. Safiye, who agrees with her grandson's decision, establishes that Ahmet shall be circumcised soon (Sultan Ahmet ascended the throne at the age of 13) and then he will try to have children as soon as possible, so that he could have heirs for the throne. In this way his younger half brother will no longer be a threat.

Kosem sultan, episode 1 synopsis
Anastasia, a blond Greek girl who lives in a village, crushes the grapes with her feet together with other girls, to make wine. Then she goes with the sheep on a hill and has a conversation with Enzo, her father. He got news and must go to Venice but he can't take Anastasia with him. During their conversation the alarm of the village is heard and they can see how people flee to hide in the markets. Two Ottoman ships landed in their village. Golge, a mute woman and a man from the palace go from house to house seeking Anastasia. When they arrive at Enzo's, although Anastasia is hidden in the cellar, the ottomans find her and take her away. Her father asks them where she will be taken, and the Ottoman soldier says "at the master of the world". On the way, Anastasia tries to escape several times but she can't manage to get rid of the two ottomans. Eventually she arrives at Istanbul and she is locked in a room by Cennet, a chief woman of the harem. In the palace Halime is not calm and thinks to make some plans to kill Ahmet so that her son to raise on the throne. Handan, on the other hand, advises Ahmet to kill his brother if he wants to have peace during his reign. Little by little there are roumours that Mehmet III didn't have a natural death, but he was poisoned. Ahmet receives a lion as a gift from the Giray's brothers. He starts feeding it daily but one day the lion, having its chain broken (by Shahin Giray who dreams to become sultan) roars at him and jumps to kill Ahmet. In the next second Reyhan aga kills the lion. Ahmet thinks now that Halime must have done this and wants to change his decision and execute little Mustafa. Halime hears about that and during the night she runs away with her children (Mustapha and a daughter) and two loyal servants, helped by a pasha.

Anastasia is not willing to become sultan's woman and for some time from now on she will try to escape from the harem and the palace. By chance she discovers a secret door in the walls that lead to a beautiful interior garden. Ahmet comes there hearing some noises and sees Anastasia who climbes some plants trying to find a way to jump over the garden's wall. This is how they meet and for both of them there is love at first sight. But Anastasia doesn't know who is the youn man in front of her. Ahmet calls her for the halvet that night. Anastasia thinks that the sultan is old, fat and ugly so she enters the royal bedroom crying and looking down ...

Iffet episode 25, summary
The families are having dinner together - Erhan and Betul are missing - but they can't keep a calm atmosphere. Ahmet scolds his daughter, Cemil, Nil and Ali Ihsan go into Ali's office, and all these because Dilek, who can't stand Iffet and her family, left the table without eating. Cemil finds a moment when he wants to get Iffet angry by kissing Nil and telling her that he loves her so much.

Dilek goes to a restaurant and introduces Yasemin to Arif. Feride, on a wheelchair, is brought at Ali Ihsan's house to live there. Erhan and Betul are together again and Erhan wants to assure Betul that he doesn't care about her past. Actually he proposes to her to be his wife, but they can't marry until the baby is born (this is the law in Turkey, a pregnant unmarried woman can't marry during her pregnancy). Dilek receives a huge native amethist from Arif, but at first she can't open the round stone and thinks that Arif mocked at her. She decides to give his present back and then Arif says that she, Dilek, is like this stone. He breakes it and the beautiful violet mine flower appears. Even if Dilek likes whar Arif has just said, she leaves the gift there and leaves.

Betul and Iffet are friends again and they have a chat together. Iffet is glad that her friend found someone and is happy with him (she doesn't know yet that it is about Erkan, moreover, Betul doesn't know who Erkan is, that he is Iffet's brother-in-law). At home, Iffet has very tensioned conversations with her husband because he agreed that Cemil can live there, with Nil. The friendship between Nimet and Orkun goes on. One day he comes at her house and soon after Ahmet comes home from the butchery. Orkun is polite and well-educated towards Ahmet, but the old man beats him and throws him down the stairs. Orkun leaves very confused but falls on the street and Nimet will find out about it at school. Dilek and Arif start a realtionship, but while Arif wants Dilek's love, she negotiates Cemil's being fired from the company. The episode finishes with Cemil insulting Iffet, by telling her that he married Betul and Nil because they were not easy-to-get women.

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Feriha-Emir'in Yolu episode 71 synopsis

Feriha-Emir'in Yolu episode 71 synopsis
Emir accepts to live with Koray and he even calls him brother, as he used to some time ago. Gulsum comes home after a long absence (she and Koray are divorced now) and finds a baby sitter, Pinar, taking care of her boy. Gulsum tries to make her leave this job, but Pinar is not very easy to intimidate. When Koray comes home, without knowing that Gulsum came back, the problem of a baby sitter generates tensions between him and his wife, because she doesn't want a stranger to take care of her son.

Omer is beaten by the group of teenagers led by Can, Emir's half-brother. Zulal notices that Omer has a wound at his arm but she doesn't say anything. When the police comes, Aysun finds out what her son does at school. Can Serdar, the policewoman, announces Emir that his brother is arrested. Gulsum wants to have a good relationship with Koray, but, as usual, she listens to Seher's advice. Omer thinks that because of Emir Halil killed his mother and perhaps Feriha too, and is angry with him. Riza tries to calm tings down (Omer shouts at Emir when he sees him) but remembering about his daughter's death throws old Riza into depression. One day Riza asks Emir to talk with Omer and to tell him more about Halil.

Gulsum is jealous with Pinar but Koray decides that as long as Khan is in his house, he will be cared by a baby sitter, and this will be Pinar. Lara is constantly called on the phone by a young woman who claims to be her half-sister, Zeynep. Cansu meets a man, Haldun (actually sent by Sanem) and falls in love with him. But Sanem wants her shares from the hotel back and sets a trap for Cansu.

One night Emir is drunk and Koray takes him at his house. Pinar comes back early in the morning and when Gulsum rings the doorbell Pinar opens, so Gulsum believes that Koray has a relationship with Pinar. Then she goes to her mother, Hatice, and tells her waht she has just seen, saying that she regrets that she accepted the divorce.

A more detailed synopsis of this episode you can read here: 

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Feriha-Emir'in Yolu episode 70 synopsis

Feriha-Emir'in Yolu episode 70 synopsis
Before fainting, Emir calls Feriha's name. Can calls an ambulance. Riza finds Zulal watching some pictures of Emir and scolds her because she neglects school. Aysun has problems with her younger son, Can, too (he was involved in afight at school, with Omer, Feriha's brother). When she (Aysun) has time, she stays at the hospital with Emir, even if he is still unconscious. Yavuz asks Unal to sign some papers and he becomes Yavuze's employee (Unal works for Yavuz). When Emir wakes up, he takes a doctor's uniform and under this disguise he gets out of the hospital, passing by his mother who was just talking to a doctor to remove Emir to a private clinic. Emir goes straight at the graveyard and lies next to Feriha's tomb. Aysun is desperate to find her son, but the policewoman Can is the one who goes to the graveyard and takes Emir from there to his home. Emir falls asleep immediately . Zulal comes to him and when she touches a bracellet on his hand (Emir has it from Feriha), he wakes up and gets Zulal out of his house.

Aysun is just coming to see her son and loses a key, taken by Zulal who doesn't say anything about it. The next day Zulal goes to Emir's apartment and opens the door with that key, and then she cooks for him and cleans the house. Again Emir has a rude attitude towards her. He gets her out and throws the food cooked by her. She is not intimidated by Emir, telling him that maybe Feriha would have liked him to live in their apartment. Zulal starts to asks Seher some things about Emir and she finds out that Feriha lied a lot to him in the beginning.

Can, Emir's halfbrother, and his mates prepare to give Omer a lesson and to badly beat him. Eventually the police is called and Can shots Omer. Emir moves in the apartment nr. 10 again. Zulal, not knowing about that, takes the key and goes to search photos in Emir's apartment. He comes there and he sees her ...

A more detailed summary please read here: afkemirin-yolu-episode-70-summary

Medcezir / Tide - episode 9 summary

Medcezir / Tide - episode 9 summary
A week passes. Mira doesn't want to see Orkun again but he claims that he loves her. Mira goes on with her life. She attends piano classes in particular and her lady teacher introduces her to anothe piano teacher, named Tan, because she must leave Istanbul for quite a while. The problem is that Tan is a psycho, obsessed by Mira, who dreams to be her only real love. One day Orkun waits for Mira to finish her piano class and when Tan sees that Mira wants to get rid of him, Tan comes down immediately and threatens Orkun with a knife, saying that he is Mira's bodyguard. On another occasion, Eylul wants to meet him, because he is really handsome, but Tan tells Mira to not bring Eylul again because he has a girlfriend. Later Tan will regret this lie, because he will have to step back from Mira for a while.

Asim learns from the newspapers that he is having a trial and that Selim is the lawyer of the state, against him. To take revenge from Selim, Asim goes at Ankara, on business, with Ender but he also takes Faruk (who was Ender's first love). Selim sees pictures on facebook with Asim, Ender and other business men, but Faruk is there too. Now Selim is jealous, thinking that Ender didn't want to tell him about Faruk. When she comes home, he invites Ender to a romantic dinner telling her that he loves her very much and this is why he is sometimes posessive.

Giray is fired from the mechanic's and his mate, Mehmet, will be trialed for that shot upon Orkun. Giray contacts Yaman to ask him to testify for Mehmet so that he won't be accused, but Yaman doesn't agree. Then Giray promise to revenge on both Koper brothers. Mira and Yaman start having an official relationship and Mira tries to prove him that she really loves him a lot and won't leave him for Orkun. Hale takes some pills pretending she commits suicide and she really manages to make everybody believe her. Mira asks Orkun to go to stay by her side during these delicate moments. Orkun goes to Hale only to please Mira. Mert, Tugce, Eylul, Mira and Yaman go one evening in a leaisure park. But from behing the fence, Tan who follows Mira everywhere, watches her and Yaman with tears in his eyes ...

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Medcezir / Tide - episode 8 summary

Medcezir / Tide - episode 8 summary
Mira is not ready to answer Orkun's proposal and Sude gets angry seeing that Mira is about to say no. Orkun's father - Mithat Civanoglu, and other businesmen hear that Faruk is Asim's partner and they are interested in investing in the same business as the old Asim. Still, Asim has a problem: his business will be developped on a ground that is protected by the state and he needs that this protection to finish so that he can fulfill his plans. Being an influent man, he manages to obtain, illegally, the raising of this protection. But continuing business on that ground also means to damage the environment. Reyhan Arsen, a very good lawyer, finds out about all these problems and asks Selim to represent the state against Asim Kaya, his father-in-law. At first, Selim doesn't accept the case, because he doesn't want to be against Asim, Ender's father, but finally he takes the case after a quarrel with Asim regarding Yaman. Reyhan Arsen was Asim's girlfriend 20 years ago and from this love Arsen has a daughter, but these details are to be found in the following episodes.

The case appears in the newspapers because Reyhan ordered some articles, but Selim doesn't like this kind of publicity. Mira comes back home and her friends think to throw a party and to offer her a DVD with their best recorded memories. Hale, one of the girls in Mira's group of friends, became Orkun's lover and is jealous with Mira, mostly because Orkun keeps their relationship secret and because she knows that Orkun would like to marry Mira. Hale wants to take revenge and calls Orkun at her place recording on her photocamera their intimate moments. Orkun can't see the camera and doesn't suspect anything. Mert burns a DVD with all the video-clips given by the others, but later Hale will replace it with her DVD.

Mert and Eylul start followig Beren because they know she is dating someone. Giray lies to Beren that he is rich, getting dressed with rented clothes and driving a Nissan left at the mechanic's for a while by his true owner. Yaman comes now and then at Selim's but doesn't move again in his room unless Sude and Asim apologize. He doesn't think that being accepted by the two, means that the real guilty person should be discovered. This proves to be difficult, because Orkun's parents insisted that the problem should be solved with discretion, so that Orkun does not have to suffer. Selim thinks to send an email to Sude and Asim, because he considers that it is not fair for Yaman to be taken as a theft while Orkun is protected by his parents. Asim hides the truth by saying that the money was stolen by one of Mithat's ex-employes, as a revenge. In this way, Orkun appears to be innocent and clean.

Hasan, who previously saw Giray with Ayshe, Kenan's wife, sees them again and warns him that Ayshe will have a permanent bodyguard with her and when Kenan is out of prison, he will kill him (Giray). Mira comes one day earlier in Istanbul because she knows that Yaman must pass an exam. She waits for him when he gets out of the university and they are very happy to see each other again. Though, Yaman tells Mira that she must get rid of Orkun if she wants his friendship.

During the evening, at Selim's come Sude, who apologizes from Yaman, and Asim who also tells Yaman that he was accepted at the university. Mira's friends start the party. Giray was invited too and he comes with Mehmet, his work mate, pretending that he is Giray's bodyguard. Yaman comes to the party and sees him and then he tells to everybody who Giray really is. Giray gets upset and promises revenge. Yaman goes inside the house where now comes the moment with the DVD, a gift from Mira's friends. But on the screen there are Orkun and Hale kissing ... All the guests are shocked, mainly Mira. Mehmet takes a pistol from the car and comes to revenge his friend Giray. He wants to shoot Yaman but unfortunately he shoots Orkun in the arm and he falls down on the floor...

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Feriha-Emir'in Yolu episode 69 synopsis

Feriha-Emir'in Yolu episode 69 synopsis
Emir gets involved in a fight again but this time he is attacked by some gangsters from the Kadir clan who threaten him that they will seek and find him again. Zulal wants to know Emir better and she goes in the graveyard daily. When she meets him again, she cuts herself at her leg with a piece of broken glass so that Emir take her home because she pretends she can't walk properly. On the road they have a chat and Emir remembers about her.

At the University, Zulal begins to unwillingly imitate Feriha, pretending she is rich. One day a classmate forgets her diamond ring at the bathroom and Zulal finds it then wears it until she sees its owner. When that girl notices her ring on Zulal's finger thinks that she stole it and both of them arrive at the police station brought there by Selim, Can's work partner. Emir is there, as usual, and Zulal asks him to help her and to testify that she is not a thief, but Emir doesn't want to do it.

One night Yavuz goes to his club and watches on the cameras. He sees Unal losing almost everything he has, so Yavuz tells one of his men to make a special card for Unal. Emir is beaten by those from the Kadir clan as they promised. Can finds him uncounscious on a street. She takes him at home and helps him get under the shower, where he recovers. Then Emir falls down again and refuses Can's help. At the police station, she asks the recordings of the street cameras.

Emir can't stop involving in dangereous situations. And one day he is accidentally shot in the belly by some arms traffickers.

a much detailed synopsis you can read here: afkemirin-yolu-69-episode

Feriha-Emir'in Yolu episode 68 synopsis

Feriha-Emir'in Yolu episode 68 synopsis
Three months after Feriha's death Emir is still depressed. He seems to be another person. He mourns at her tomb and constantly he involves himself in fights (without fighting, he is just a victim) and dangereous situations because he wants to die too. He deliberately isolates himself thinking that he has no expectations from life. Soon the policemen start to get used to him in the police station. One day he involves in a fire. He saves several people and then he remains inside the burning building but is saved by the firemen. This is how Emir and the young policewoman Can, meet. After some time, Can Serdar falls in love with Emir and wants to help him recover from his sadness.

Koray has personal problems with his wife and mother-in-law. Hatice and Gulsun want to take care of Khan while Koray would like a profesional baby sitter. But Hatice makes all the girls leave their house after several days. Zehra has been killed, as well as Feriha, by an unknown person, but Omer thinks that Halil did it. Seher lives now at Riza's and she behaves like a real mistress of the house. But very soon Riza brings back Omer and Zulal, a girl who was brestfed by Zehra when she was a baby. Riza sees in her another Feriha and wants her to go to the university and make a bright future. Nevertheless, Zulal is a simple countryside girl and will get used to the city life with difficulty. Mehmet works in Turkmenistan. Zulal meets Emir at Feriha's grave one day when she and Riza go there to mourn Feriha. Riza hugs Emir and is sorry for every mistake that he did as a father, but Emir doesn't react at all.

Aysun is sad that Emir doesn't speak with her. Can, Emir's stepbrother is a teenager now and wants to see Emir. Aysun helps him giving him another key from Emir's apartment. Unal is gambling in a club (belonging to Yavuz, but Unal doesn't know it yet). Sanem is Yavuz lover, but now he has received a letter from his father, who is dead, and asks him to take care of Can, the policewoman.

a much detailed synopsis you can read here: afkemirin-yolu-68-episode

Medcezir / Tide - episode 7 summary

Medcezir / Tide - episode 7 summary
Orkun calls the police to announce the theft of the money. Ender becomes attentive hearing this, because it is not Orkun who should have done this, but Sude. Therefore, Ender starts being suspicious that Orkun manipulated the things so that Yaman appear guilty. Selim, Asim and Mert search the images recorded on a street camera, because they also think Orkun did it, but they don't have proofs. Yaman gets upset because he was accused of taking the money and seeks for a job. Angrily, he goes to the hospital first, to take back the money that he gave to the medical assistant who promised he could help Kenan. He lies that he recorded their conversations and the medical assistant is scared not to lose his job, so he gives Yaman the money back.

Then, Yaman recovers his mobile phone and goes to the unfinished house to return the money that he borrowed from his working mates. In the meantime Hasan blackmails Orkun to give him money or else, he will speak. Mert finds a proof on the recorded images: when Yaman was cleaning the swimming pool, a shadow is seen at Faruk's. When Mira comes home, nobody from her family tells her the news but Orkun can't keep his mouth shut because he wants her to know that Yaman is a thief.

Yaman finds a job in a bar and when Orkun sees him by chance, he comes to make trouble, so Yaman is forced to leave that job. Selim and his family doesn't know anything about Yaman, they only believe that he will come to the university exams because he came at Selim's house one day to take his books. Mira is going to leave for the United States soon, so Mert, thinking that Yaman won't miss the opportunity to see her, makes a kite and attaches a video camera on it. During the departure day, Mert finds on the camera some images with Yaman hiding after some bushes. Selim goes to Orkun when he is at the tennis club and makes him confess, somehow, that he is guilty for the fire and for the stealing of the money. Actually Orkun doesn't say it, but his reactions and body language are enough for the experimented lawyer. At home, Orkun admits the truth towards his parents, claiming that all he wanted was to keep Yaman away from Mira. Selim, at his house, tells to the others that Orkun is a potentially very dangereous delinquent who must be stopped.

Beren takes advantage that she is at home alone and starts dating Giray, who doesn't realize that she is minor. Mert sees Yaman working in a bar and they are happy to reunite again. In the meantime, Orkun talks with Mira on the phone and asks her to marry him. Mira, who is with Sude, is astonished and can't say anything ....

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Emir'in yolu, or Feriha season 3 (general synopsis)

Emir'in yolu, or Feriha season 3 (general synopsis)
After Feriha dies shot at her wedding, Emir is very much depressed and tries to involve into dangereous situations hoping he can die too. Instead of dying, he becomes a common figure for the policemen. Can, a policewoman who deals with many of the cases where Emir is involved, after knowing his story, falls in love with him. But Emir can't see anybody else than his beloved Feriha and he stays like a faithful dog at her grave daily. Moreover, he doesn't communicate at all with anybody. Since the beginning in the show is introduced another beautiful girl, Zulal, who is a kind of sister with Feriha - she was breastfed by Zehra when she was a baby. Zulal will also fall in love with Emir, mainly because she came in Istanbul, in Riza's house, to replace Feriha.

Later, little by little Emir will recover and will fall in love with Gunesh, Yavuz Sancacktar's sister. And Yavuz, at his turn, loves Can, the policewoman (intricate plot, isn't it? :) ) Actually, Feriha was shot by Ece, who was jealous. Ece goes abroad to not be judged and sentenced for murder. Emir doesn't know at first who was the killer of Feriha, but tries to find out. The TV viewers are shown earlier that Ece killed Feriha. Levent will go back to his life on the yacht but even if in this third season his name is mentioned a lot, the character doesn't appear anymore. When Emir finds out that Ece shot his wife he goes in the United States to find her and to take revenge. During his seek, Gunesh will be by his side. Emir's life will change and will be different from now on, but he will never forget Feriha. In the end of the third season Ece is caught and judged.

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Feriha and Emir - last episode, 67, summary

Feriha and Emir last episode (67) synopsis

Feriha and Emir talk about their past. She figures out that Emir chose her, but she misunderstood him and left immediately with Levent to America. Little by little they start to become closer again and Emir behaves distantly to Ece, even if they are engaged.

Feriha and Emir - last episode, 67, summary
Sanem recovers from the accident, where she was not severely injured, and remembers that Yavuz arrived there and took her at his manorhouse. Yavuz keeps Sanem there until her total recovery. Then, Yavuz suggests her to sell all her shares to him. Ece goes to speak to Feriha and tells her that Yavuz is a psycho-maniac and that she never loved him, but scared them two. Unfortunately, Yavuz is in the same room and hears their conversation. Aysun decides to never forgive Unal again, because he can't change.

Yavuz meets Sanem and Cansu at the hotel, but he changes his mind concerning Sanem's shares and doesn't buy them anymore. Seher comes home and tells to Mehmet that she was attacked and remained without money. Riza doesn't want Seher in their house, but Mehmet feels pitty for her and forgives her for one day. Then he tells her that she can stay at the hotel until she finds a job.

Koray and Gulsun divorce, but now Hande doesn't want Koray as her lover because of his marriage with a woman he never loved. Feriha manages to make her father accept her with all her dark sides. Levent asks Feriha to marry him but she refuses, and together with Emir decide to get married once again. The wedding begins. Riza asks Mehmet where is Zehra who should have come by now, but he has no idea why Zehra is not there. Levent comes and watches the ceremony from behind the fence, then he goes away disappointed. The bride and the groom are dancing. Feriha is so beautiful and Emir seems so happy. They look into eachother's eyes. But suddenly, a gun shot is heard and Feriha dies into Emir's arms.

The summaries are made after the original Turkish TV episodes of 2 hours each. 

E N D   O F   T H E   S E R I E S 

Feriha and Emir - episodes 65-66 summary

Feriha and Emir episode 65 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 65-66 summary
Three years passed. Feriha comes back from the United States where she was with Levent. Cansu gives her one third of the hotel's shares and Feriha becomes business partner with Cansu. Unal is again with Aysun and wants to marry her for the second time, although he is still dating Sanem, who is recorded in his mobile phone agenda as Selim, so that Aysun can't find out about their relationship. Emir is Cansu's business partner but he doesn't know yet that Feriha is back. Yavuz gets out of the prison. Within several days Emir and Ece will be engaged. Koray thinks that Yavuz could be dangereous because he sent threatens from prison.

Gulsun and Koray have a boy, Khan, because in that last night together Gulsun became pregnant and they didn't divorce anymore. Sanem is still fighting for her rights with Cansu, who can't forgive her. Hande finds out about Khan and seems to be sad but calm, because Koray and Gulsun are a happy family. But this is only at the surface. Actually Hande can't change her nature. Aysun tells Ece that Yavuz might kill Emir because of her, but Ece doesn't listen to her future mother-in-law. Feriha arrives at home. Riza is praying and he doesn't interrupt his ritual to open the door, so Feriha gets upstairs, where Gulfidan does the housework. The woman tells her that Emir doesn't come there anymore, but she is paid to clean the apartment every week. Zehra should come home soon, but first, Seher comes home wanting to be forgiven by Mehmet. He doesn't want to take her in the house so she writes the address of a club on a match box. Mehmet goes there and sees Seher dressed like a prostitute, with a guy, at a table. When that guy seems to become aggressive with Seher, Mehmet comes to beat him, but the bodyguards take him out of there. Seher is satisfied that Mehmet is the old man that she can manipulate as she wants. She gets out after him and again she plays the victim, trying to make him forgive her.

One by one, everybody except Emir and Ece finds out that Feriha is back. The engagement ceremony begins in the club that now is called Night. Mehmet is at the door, as usual. Hande goes to Ece to congratulate her, but she wispers in her ear that she won't be the attraction of the night, as she has never been. When all the guests have arrived, Mehmet wants to shut the doors but Levent and Feriha come too.

Feriha and Emir episode 66 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 65-66 summary
Everybody, mainly Ece and Emir are astonished at the arrival of Feriha and Levent. But the ceremony continues. They exchange the rings and Feriha congratulates Ece. The party begins. Sanem comes there drunk, but eventually Cansu gets her out. After some time Yavuz and a bodyguard come too. Now many of the guests are waiting for something violent to happen. Yavuz takes a black rose from his buttonhole and offers it to Ece. Ece refuses it. Emir asks him if this is all that he can do? Yavuz doesn't answer to him, he just walks to Feriha and tells her that unfortunately he was right (that Emir would go to Ece if he found out the truth about their first separation).

The next day Emir learns that Feriha is a shareholder at the hotel and he gets upset with Cansu for not having been informed about it. Aysun meets Selim, Unal's friend, and this is how she finds out that he hasn't seen or spoken to Unal for ages. Understanding that Unal cheats on her again, during that evening she calls the number recorded as "Selim" from Unal's mobile phone agenda. Of course that Sanem answers....

The next day Sanem's lawyer leaves her because he lost money representing her. He advises to sell her last shares, but Sanem can't believe that she has no right to claim some money from past business, when she was just replacing Cansu. Seher tries once more to manipulate Mehmet and to play the victim role. She pretends that she has no money and the landowner gets her away form his house for rent. Mehmet gives her some money, but tells her that he is not her fool. Seher swears to take revenge. At the hotel there is a meeting with the shareholders. Feriha informs everybody that she and Levent, as owning 60% of the shares, will close the hotel. Cansu realizes her mistake but it's too late. Emir and Ece leave the meeting. In the evening, Hande beggs Koray to not cross her way again. Sanem, drunk, gets in her car and after several minutes she crushes the car by a tree...

The summaries are made after the original Turkish TV episodes of 2 hours each. 

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Feriha and Emir - episodes 63-64 summary

Feriha and Emir episode 63 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 63-64 summary
Everybody sits at the table and Seher starts speaking about the imminent divorce between Gulsun and Koray. Akif, Gulsun's brother, is upset hearing it and Koray with Gulsun stand up and leave the dinner. Then the others find out about the fake robbery imagined by Seher and she defends herself saying that she heard on tv about such things and she did it because Gulsun was desperate that her husband constantly went to Hande. Mehmet interrupts her and warns her to stop speaking about things that are not her business, or else he is going to beat her.

Sanem and Bulent spend the night together and before going to work in the morning, he leaves the bed as it is and a bottle of alcohol with two glasses to be seen by Levent, who immediately understands that Sanem was there. He wants to debate this subject with Sanem, but unfortunately they talk on the stairs and all their conversation is heard by Hande who is at the elevator. Sanem suggests a deal to Levent: she refuses Bulent's love if Hande stops threatening her. But Hande doesn't want to stop her games, she is just thinking of another intrigue.

Unal and Yavuz talk about their deal. Yavuz promises that he will discreditate the club and Unal reminds him that everything must be done without hurting Emir. Yavuz is not sure that he can arrange things so that Emir wouldn't be involved in a way or another. Emir is the manager of the club for several days and he has 2 days off now. The police comes to search the club and they find drugs. Ece and the owner are astonished, because their club was clean in the past. The first conclusion is that Emir could be involved in this matter because he took 2 days off so that the can have a good alibi. Actually Emir and Feriha go in a short vacation. They are stopped by the police on the highway and they must come back to Istanbul.

Unal finds out that his son can be imprisoned because he should have been in the club. He calls Yavuz and asks what happened. The gangster motivates that his men brought too many drug bags and now there is nothing to be done. Unal warns Yavuz that he recorded this conversation. When Emir is out of the police prison Yavuz wants to see him, but before, he called Unal too. Yavuz demonstrates to Emir that everything was set up by his father, against his own son.

Akif, who didn't agree with his sister's divorce, learns from Seher that Koray is the son of a politician and by divorce she could get half of his fortune. Now Akif changed his mind and is on the same side with Seher. During that evening he goes to Koray's and blackmails him by asking money if he wants to divorce. Hande shows to Sanem a picture of her and Levent kissing eachother at the marina. Now Sanem understands who sent the pictures to Haldun. Hande threatens her that if she doesn't call Emir back in the business, she shows the picture to Cansu (and that could mean the end of Sanem's wealth and happines). Ece tells Yavuz that she doesn't love him, but not for Emir, who is married and madly inlove with his wife. Yavuz takes profit from this information and looks for Feriha, to have a chat ...

Feriha and Emir episode 64 synopsis

Yavuz tells Feriha that Emir should stay by her side, not by Ece's. Feriha understands what the gangster wants and goes home. But while she doesn't tell Emir anything regarding her conversation with Yavuz, Emir tells her that Unal set up the things at the club.

Feriha and Emir - episodes 63-64 summary
Sanem wants to persuade Unal to get Emir back in business, but Emir turns Unal's offer down. Sanem publishes an advertisment to sell the apartment, without telling to Cansu. Later she finds out and doesn't want to sell, but Sanem can't change her mind. Cansu thinks that Emir and Feriha persuaded Sanem to do this, being afraid of her because she tried to poison them. Seher and Akif are closer and closer and one day Riza sees them kissing. Remembering about Seher and Feyyaz, Riza tells to his son that Seher is not an honest woman. Mehmet doesn't believe his father but starts behaving more strictly with his wife. Seher and Akif become lovers and they date into Feriha's apartment. Bulent tells Sanem that he would follow her anywhere she goes and later Levent shares Nevbahar's money with his brother. Before the divorce, Koray gives money to Akif. At the block, Seher packs her things and leaves Mehmet.

The trial against Cansu starts. Lara testifies for Cansu and against Sanem. Then, Levent is called as a witness and he testifies that he was Sanem's lover and that Haldun died because he saw them kissing. Later, Sanem goes home, takes her money and passport and gets out with Bulent. Gulsun asks Koray to let her say good bye. He is impressed by her deep love and asks her one last night before she goes. Yavuz tells Feriha that in the past, when Ece left Emir, it was because she was ill and was waiting for a kidney because she needed a transplant. She didn't want Emir to know it and he thought that Ece left him for another man. Yavuz suggests that if Emir learned the truth, he would leave her for Ece. When Feriha comes home, asks Emir to choose between her and his job...

The summaries are made after the original Turkish TV episodes of 2 hours each.