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Efsun and Bahar episode 8 synopsis (O hayat benim)

Efsun and Bahar episode 8 synopsis (O hayat benim)
This unexpected marriage proposal is a surprise for Ilyas and Nuran, but while Alp's parents are glad about such a move, Ilyas thinks that Bahar is not prepared yet. Bahar, anyway, is amazed and goes to the kitchen to ask Nuran why she was not consulted over this very important matter? Nuran would like to marry Bahar with Alp, though B ahar refuses and Alp goes home with his parents, very upset. In the meantime in the Atahan house Hulya warns Mehmet Emir that something might not go well since Efsun doesn't want to make the DNA test. Mehmet Emir talks with Efsun trying to persuade her to make the test.

The next day there are two major topics to discuss in the little neighborhood: that Mehmet Emir will find out that Efsun is not his real daughter and that Bahar didn't want to marry Alp because she is in love with Atehs. Nuran collects some hair from Bahar's comb and gives it to Efsun for the test. When she goes with the hair sample to the hospital, the doctors announce her that they need blood for the test, not hair. But now Hulya has an interest that Efsun to not make the test and tries to offer money to Nuran to convince Efsun to give up. Nuran refuses Hulya's money.

In the neighborhood, Beyza goes to Nuran and tells her that she knows that Bahar is the daughter of Mehmet Emir and wants money to keep silence over this matter so Nuran is forced to accept Hulya's offer. Later Ilyas sees the money and takes it, thinking that it is for their usual expenses. Finally the money arrives into Beyza's hands. Atesh tells Efsun that she must make the DNA test as a legal procedure to be admitted as Mehmet Emir's daughter.

The summaries are made after the original version of the Turkish series, of about 2.5 hours an episode, without ads. The photos are screenshots taken from the youtube episode uploaded by the official Fox TV channel.

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Efsun and Bahar episode 7 synopsis (O hayat benim)

Efsun and Bahar episode 7 synopsis (O hayat benim)
Osman shot Atesh instead of Mehmet Emir and Bahar, who came there by now, tries to see if he is still alive. Later he is taken to the hospital.
Ilyas is forced by the police to admit his deeds and he is interrogated separately from Nuran. Of course, due to it, their stories are different, because Nuran lies. During the investigation a policeman comes to announce that Yusuf's body was found. After Ilyas and Nuran are released, they find out about Atesh being shot and go to the hospital where everybody waits for the doctors' verdict.

After several days Atesh is recovered and Ilyas learns that Mehmet Emir didn't make any complaint to the police regarding his father's death.
Efsun starts being jealous with Bahar because she confessed her love for Atesh. So, she meets Alp and they settle a plan together, to separate Bahar from Atesh, to keep her at a distance from him. Soon Alp will come to ask Bahar to marry him.
Osman is taken by the police and arrested so, because he believes that Ilyas and Nuran are behind this, he swears revenge. Atesh and Mehmet Emir make the documents to recognize Efsun as Mehmet Emir's daughter and Fulya says that Efsun should also make a DNA test. Efsun, hearing this she claims that she can't stand to see blood and that she doesn't want to make the DNA test. Alp and his parents come to Bahar's place to propose marriage to her.

The summaries are made after the original version of the Turkish series, of about 2,5 hours an episode, without ads. The photos are screenshots taken from the youtube episode uploaded by the official Fox TV channel.

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Efsun and Bahar episode 6 synopsis (O hayat benim)

Efsun and Bahar episode 6 synopsis (O hayat benim)
Mehmet Emir tells the policemen that he will come to the police station during the next morning. Nuran worries that everything will be discovered and they will be sent to jail. Efsun is sorry that Mehmet Emir has problems with the police because of her, but he tries to calm her down. Bahar and Atesh spend some time together and then Atesh brings her to the servants' house. Ilyas and Nuran see them so Nuran gets angry and wants to force Bahar to not date Atesh anymore. She gets really inflamed and tries to beat her, but Ilyas stops her from hitting Bahar. At her working place, on the contrary, a relationship evolves between Bahar and Atesh. Alp would like to be Bahar's lover too and sends her a bunch of roses but Atesh sees it and tells him that he is a very romantic man, just to make Alp understand that Bahar is not for him. Alp is not intimidated by the lawyer and insists in gaining Bahar's attention. While Ilyas goes to find a job, Nuran scolds Bahar again for her friendship with Atesh.

Efsun and Bahar episode 6 synopsis (O hayat benim)
The police comes once more to investigate the case and Nuran is very worried that Ilyas might say something wrong about Yusuf's sudden vanishing, because he is extremely sorry for Bahar while Nuran's only care is to not get imprisoned. Eventually, Nuran and Ilyas are taken to the police and Bahar starts crying because she doesn't know what to do. On the other hand, Efsun is scared and begins to pack her things. Atesh comes to calm the girls down and to encourage them that everything will be all right. At the police, Ilyas is about to recognize the whole truth because he can't bear the whole pressure. At the Atahan mansion, Osman waits for Mehmet Emir in the garden and threats him with a gun to tell him what happened to his uncle Yusuf. The gunshot is heard by those in the house ...

The summaries are made after the original version of the Turkish series, of about 2 hours an episode, without ads. The photos are screenshots taken from the youtube episode uploaded by the official Fox TV channel.

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Yaman and Mira episodes 21-22 synopsis

Yaman and Mira episode 21

Yaman and Mira episodes 21-22 synopsis
Yaman is in the Tozludere house with his mother who is getting separated from Hasan. He wants her not to sing in clubs anymore, therefore she finds a job as a cook in a kindergarten (nursery school). Yaman's group of friends want to go for a few days to ski in a mountain resort and strive to help Yaman with money, so that he can join them too, even if he does not agree with this help. Hale is missing from this group, because now, after the incident with Mira, everyone runs away from her. But she insists to talk with Mira, who rightly fears her, and tries to apologize. She tells Mira that now she regularly goes to the psychologist and she realized that the anger comes from inside her and that she needs to change. However, her ex-friends avoid her at least temporarily.

Selim is very depressed because he had to make something illegal so he could help his wife out of the mess created by Asim. Ender does not know it, she doesn't realize that her own father plotted against her and thinks that Selim has something to hide from her. Selim wants to take revenge so he looks for Arsen Reyhan to suggest her that he would like them to continue what they have already started, but Arsen disagrees. She only warns him that Asim will hurt him. (Arsen was Asim's lover when she was young and she has a daughter from him. This part of the series will be shown during the next episodes.) Ender knows that her husband is it at home, apparently ill, and learns that he went out as soon as she left for the office. As a consequence she suspects that Selim has a love affair and starts to follow her husband. Therefore, she learns about his meeting with Arsen, without knowing its purpose and then she finds out that Selim sent a bouquet of flowers and a note with apologizes to Arsen. Being an experienced lawyer, Selim notices that Ender tracks him and he comes accross her way on the street to talk to her. She admits that she was following him because he behaved coldly, so she thought he had a relationship with someone else. Selim assures her that it's nothing like this and tells her that he only hates the person who determined him to help her doing illegal things. Ender does not suspect that it is her father Selim hints to.

Mert, Mira, Yaman and Eylul are in Tozludere where they celebrate Nevin's new job. In the middle of dinner the power goes off, then the electricians come and tell them that they were reported to have stolen power, with a piece of plastic inserted in the counter (to make the counter stop counting). They are requested to pay the fine. Nevin and Yaman realize that the whole thing was actually planned by Hasan, to get revenge. Yaman's friends decide to give up the trip to help him with money for the fine. Orkun and his group of friends hear that Mira cancelled their leaving and decide to go to the mountains in the same resort and same hotel where Mira should have stayed, hoping they will have fun with Tugce and Hale.

Yaman and Nevin, on their turn, report Hasan at the police because he carries a gun without gun license. The cops boost him on the street the next day. Following the incident, Orkun fires Hasan.

Yaman has some problems at the fitness club where he works. One day an old lady flirts with Yaman, who behaves very properly and respectfully tells her to ask for the trainer's advice, not his own, because he is just a cleaner. The woman insists, but because she was refused, she gub's manager and complains that Yaman flirted with her. The manager realizes that this is a lie, but because the woman is one of the founding members of the club, he is obliged to fire Yaman. Fortunately, in the same day, without knowing that he is unemployed, Ender proposes him to come at the company as her assistant architect, thinking that in this way he will learn architecture and she will have an eye on him. Yaman gladly accepts. Eventually Selim gives some cash to Nevin and she gives it to Yaman to pay the fine. Thus, all the problems having been sold, the teens will still want to go on the trip in the mountains, and they start preparations.

Yaman and Mira episode 22

Yaman and Mira episodes 21-22 synopsis
The initial reservation having been cancelled, the 5 friends - Mira, Beren, Mert, Eylul, and Yaman - arrive at the hotel and learn that there is just a twin room left free that fortunately has a lobby as a second chamber. At the same time, Orkun and his group arrive there too. Nobody likes the new situation, but they can't give up now. Eventually the things settle like this: Beren will stay in the same room with Hale and her friends, and Mert, Yaman, Mira and Eylul in the twin room they have available. There won't be many incidents between them. Only that Yaman accidentally hits Orkun with a snowbal, and Orkun in his turn cuts off all the car tires so that Yaman and his group of friends can't go back at the end of the weekend.

Selim goes on with his investigations and asks to be searched all the trials where Asim was involved. The designated lawyer finds nothing personal, just business trials. Though there is one single interesting trial of Arsen's former husband, which ended 18 years ago. Arsenfinds out what Selim does and warns him to stay away from her family life, although now she and Levent are no longer together. Unwillingly, she mentions about her daughter, and Selim notices that Arsen said "her" daughter and not "theirs". Selim, accustomed to being very carefull to such linguistic details, asks her why she mentions about her daughter, because she must have nothing to do with his problems. Indirectly, Arsen admits that she is not her former husband's child, but Asim's, and that they had a relationship before her marriage.

Most of the 22nd episode focuses around the weekend in the mountain resort. Hale, feeling that everyone avoids her, makes a new friend in the person of a middle-aged man, divorced and returned home from America, named Tolga. Orkun, and the others see them together, but for now nobody asks her who is he.

Hasan, now left without job and knowing that Nevin reported him at the police, goes home to try a reconciliation with her, but she rejects him. Sude divorces Faruk and then tells him a secret about Sedef: that she had been married in America and because of a problem she was forced to come back to Turkey. Sude advises Faruk to ask Sedef about it and learn the truth by himself (she told him this secret because she wants him not to marry Sedef). Faruk follows her advice, but Sedef seems troubled by this detail and doesn't want to speak about her life in America. The next day, Sude goes at Selim's home with a bottle of wine to celebrate her new status of a divorced woman. Giray gets out of prison and goes to Nevin's to talk to her. As a consequence she will leave home. The details are shown in the next episode. Episode 22 ends when Yaman and his friends arrive at his home, where on the table there is a letter showing that Nevin left her son again.

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The summaries are made after the original Turkish TV episodes 
of 2 hours each, without ads.

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Emir's Way/Emir'in Yolu episode 8 synopsis (last episode)

Emir's Way/Emir'in Yolu episode 8 synopsis (last episode)
Emir stands in the doorway not knowing how to tell Yavuz that his sister may have drowned herself. In the next moment Gunesh appears too, from behind Yavuz and Emir is amazes but confused. He leaves and Engin, who earlier saw Gunesh going in her room to change her clothes, tells Yavuz that Emir had an accident on the yacht and perhaps he thinks that they are guilty for it. In the next morning Emir tells everything to Koray asking for his opinion, then he remains at home because he got cold. Gunesh thanks Engin for help, because he really saved the situation and goes to see Emir and talk to him, but detective Can, who takes care of him now, tells her that Emir is sleeping and Gunesh leaves. Emir doesn't find out about her visit, but detective Can starts saying that Gunesh is a danger for him.

Gulsum prepares a tea for Pinar and puts sleeping pills in it, but a little later Kaan drinks it. Gulsum sees Kaan and spils the tea in the kitchen sink, but the child has already drunk some tea. Gulsum starts hiting Pinar while Kaan's organism reacts very strangely, foaming on his mouth. Gulksum and Hatice go with Kaan to the doctor's but Hatice supposes that her daughter must have done something. Gulsum lies to Koray when he comes at the hospital to see what happened with the boy. When they arrive home, Koray sees a scratch on Pinar's face and Gulsum claims that she acted as an insane person all day long and that she scratched herself. Hatice decides to find out the truth that her daughter hides from her.

Sanem visits Hande at her office and warns her that she can influence Yavuz as she wants and whenever she likes she can turn him against her. Yavuz is there and listens to their conversation, but Sanem leaves without seeing him. Now Hande is very satisfied because he heard Sanem talking like that and tells Yavuz that his lover is a very dangereous woman when she has an interest. As a consequence, he goes at Sanem's house exactly when the new furniture ordered by her came. He cancels the order and sends the transporters away, then he warns Sanem that the house is not hers and she can't do there anything she wants. During that day Gunesh goes to Engin and tells him that she accepts to marry him, news that makes Yavuz very happy.

The next day, nary at Yavuz, Sanem goes to Emir with tons of documents about his activity and proofs that he is a gangster. Emir is very satisfied with it, but he doesn't want to pay Sanem for her sudden help. So, Sanem who needs money, takes the file with documents and goes to Engin who gives her a check in exchange. Hande sees Guneshe's engagement ring and is amazed to learn that she is going to marry Engin. When Gunseh leaves the office she doesn't see that Engin follows her car. She goes at the club where Emir congratulates her. Engin, seeing where his future wife entered, plans to damage the club and later to kill Yavuz. Therefore, when the club is closed, Engin's men devastate and destroy everything that find inside. The next day Sanem thinks that Yavuz set up everything while Gunesh and Emir are sure that it has nothing to do with her brother and that Engin is the guilty one.

Emir's Way/Emir'in Yolu episode 8 synopsis (last episode)
Gunesh go to Yavuze's office and they leave home together, so Engin's plan to kill him fails, because Yavuz is not alone, as usual, and therefore he is not an easy target now. Unfortunately Engin can't announce on time his men to not kill Yavuz anymore, but during the gun shots they are not injured. Now Yavuz figures out that Emir is not involved but doesn't know who could have wanted to kill him or Gunesh. Pinar remembers that Gulsum attacked her and scratched her but still she is confused from the pills. Hatice advises her to not interfere between Koray and Gulsum, and later she notices her daughter putting pills in Pinar's glass with juice. Sanem and Aysun meet at the jeweller's where Aysun would like to sell an expensive necklace. Sanem says she can buy it, because she wants to humiliate Aysun. She continues to speak arrogantly while Aysun tries to not utter a word and ignore her, but finally she speaks with Sanem and because the latter is very rude, Aysun slaps her. Sanem falls down to the floor and faints. The episode and the series ends with Gunesh who buys a pregnancy test, then Emir comes to Yavuz to talk to him ....

The 9th episode was never broadcasted on the Turkish TVs, but you can find the trailer the episodes from 1 to 8 on youtube; this series was cancelled due to low ratings.

end of the "Feriha" series

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Emir's Way/Emir'in Yolu episode 7 synopsis

Emir's Way/Emir'in Yolu episode 7 synopsis
Gunesh gets down from the taxi and Emir drives away. She tells her brother that she was preparing to leave, because he worked with Hande. Engin sees the taxi droven by Emir, then Sancaktar's family car but he doesn't realize exactly what happens. Yavuz tells sis sister to stop working with Hande, but she is not willing to obey.

Gulsum tells Koray that she doesn't want to let Kaan with Pinar again because the nanny can't take properly care of her child. Koray is confused and doesn't know what to do. The next day Emir tells his friend that he found his apartment in a mess (Engin was there and looked for something) and Koray advises him to be very careful concerning Engin, because everything is due to his relationship with Gunesh. Later, Emir gets a phone call and is told to go to the docks in the harbour area.

Hande browses the invoices and is not satisfied because Yavuz too care to limit her profits. Then Yavuz comes again in her office and threatens her. Koray calls Emir who doesn't answer his phone and them he visits Gunesh to tell her that he doesn't know where Emir could be, and that he is worried because his house was searched by Engin and now somebody unknown called him in the harbour. Gunesh tells him to calm down because she can handle the situation and she will find a solution. In the meantime Emir meets Engin in the port and they start fighting for Gunesh. When she arrives there, she asks Emir to leave. Then Engin talks to some of his men and ask them to come there and threaten Emir with their guns. In short time Emir is surrounded by Engin's men. Gunesh begs Engin to leave Emir alone and informs him that she knows about his visiting Emir's apartment. Engin asks her to persuade Emir that they have a relationship, hoping that in this way he will give her up. Gunesh is disgusted but accepts to do it then she goes at her office. There, Hande is angry and panicked because another customer has just cancelled the order.

The next day early in the morning Gunesh goes to Emir's door to asks him to leave her alone because she is with Engin. Emir doesn't believe her and asks her why is she there. She insists that tyhis is the only reason she came to him, to defend her relationship. Then, outsde the block, Gunesh meets Aysun who tells that she would like her to stop harassing her son. Koray and Pinar have a conversation about her problems and Pinar is surprised that she is so sleepy because she doesn't drink or eat anything special, but Koray doesn't believe her.

Emir's Way/Emir'in Yolu episode 7 synopsis
Engin makes another step and asks Yavuz if he can marry his sister. Yavuz accepts, though he mumbles something about it being a rather hasty decision. In the morning a bank agent comes to Emir because Unal had some debts. Nehir, the young girl who was at the karaoke club, sees the papers where there is an article (ordered by Yavuz) about Hande's fiance. Hande gets very angry and is hardly calmed down by Nehir and Gunesh. Gulsum and Pinar read the article, and Pinar, being again given pills by Gulsum, starts laughing without a certain reason. This is the way Koray finds her. Later he speaks with Emir about Hande's fiance, but he still believes this is a lie and a game set up by Hande.

Hande calls Yavuz and promises to get revenge. Yavuz is just amused. Emir and Engin meet again at Hande's office and they argue in the parking area, both of them telling to the other to leave Gunesh alone. In the evening Engin invites her in a restaurant reserved just for themselves. Though, Gunesh is not impressed by this courtesy. Engin asks her to marry him but she turns his offer down and leaves.

Koray wants to help Hande and, advised by Emir, he goes to her farm and finds her depressed and crying. He promises to help her, because throughout the years there have been a lot of problems that they overcome together. The second day Hande informs Gunesh that they are going to work with Emir too. Gunesh wants to resign hearing this but Hande doesn't agree. In the afternoon, Gunesh goes at the marina on Emir's yacht. He is there too and they talk while Emir starts the engine and the have a ride on the sea. By the evening, without a certain reason they start arguing and she suddenly throws herself into the water. Emir jumps to save her but he can't find her at all.

While Yavuz and Engin are talking about the marriage with Gunesh, Emir rings and desperately knoks on the door, scared and soaked...

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Emir'in Yolu/Emir's Way episode 6 synopsis

Emir'in Yolu/Emir's Way episode 6 synopsis
Gunesh is very surprised to see Emir in her room. He puts her earrings on the table and then she asks him to leave. He does not accept until he speaks to her, saying that he regrets about all his wrongdoings, but she doesn't believe him. Yavuz arrives at home and comes to his sister's door which is now locked. Gunesh asks Emir to go out over the window quickly but in the meantime Saliha brings another key and Yavuz enters. Gunesh hurries to bed and puts the headphones on, then she pretends that she fell asleep and couldn't hear him because of the music. The mobster sees the earrings on the floor and is upset that his sister left them there, being a gift from him. The next morning Emir meets Koray and tells him what he did during the previous night. Yavuz has breakfast and apparently is still angry because of Gunesh. She and Engin are going out together for dinner tonight.

Gulsum reproaches to Koray that Pinar didn't take care of her son (Kaan was crying but Pinar was profoundly sleeping because of the pills put by Gulsum in the juice) and decides to stay there for Kaan. When Pinar wakes up, she is surprised to find out that she hadn't heard the child's cries. Hande arrives at the office and is informed that a customer has cancelled the order (because of Yavuz). Later Lara visits her and tells her about Cansu's decision to remain in Canada at her aunt. Hande asks Lara how she could trust a person whom she barely knew, actually hinting at Gunesh and herself.

Engin goes to Emir's club and warns him to stay away from Gunesh, but he doesn't get scared at all. In that moment Aysun enters the club hearing the end of the conversation, but she came there to tell Emir that his brother has a girlfriend and that she would like him to talk about this with Can, who is still very young. Sanem visits Hande at her office and tells her that she plays dangerously, since she doesn't want to give up Gunesh as a partner and friend. After a short chat, Gunesh comes there too and is amazed to see that the two young women know each other.

Emir'in Yolu/Emir's Way episode 6 synopsis
Gulsum prepares coffee for herself and for Pinar (again she puts sleeping pills in Pinar's coffee). After a while, she tells Pinar to go out and take some dresses from Lara's boutique. Pinar goes there, chooses a lot of dresses and acts like a drugged person. She takes the dresses but leaves her credit card there, because she can't remember its code number. Gulsum tells Koray that Pinar is not able to take care of her son. When Pinar arrives home she goes directly to bed and sleeps. Lara knocks on Koray's door and gives him the card telling him that Pinar is not feeling well.

Engin calls Gunesh and insists to take her to have dinner in the city and eventually she has to accept. Emir and Hande speak on the phone, and she tells him to come at the restaurant to see that Engin and Gunesh are together. Emir accepts the challenge and goes to that restaurant with Hande. When they are seen by Engin, he takes Gunesh by the hand (in Turkey this is a sign that the two are lovers) while Hande and Emir sit down at the next table greeting each others. During the dinner Gunesh appears to be very happy with Engin, though Emir gets sad seeing them.

The next day Gunesh finds out that she will be alone at home because Yavuz leaves on business for Trabzon and Saliha must go to visit her relatives. During that day Aysun goes by Hande at the office and in this way Gunesh meets Emir's mother. In short time Sanem appears there too and mentions about the fact that Gunesh is Yavuze's sister, detail that is not so pleasant for Aysun who angrily leaves the office. Yavuz visits Hande again and threatens her to forbid Emir to come to her office to see Gunesh, otherwise he will tell to the media that she is not really engaged and that her fiancé is actually a gigolo of her mother.

Emir'in Yolu/Emir's Way episode 6 synopsis
In the evening, Gunesh, Hande, Nehir (an old friend), Lara meet in a karaoke club and spend some time there. By the end of the party Emir, who spoke with a taxi-driver to borrow him the taxi for a while, comes there too. When Gunesh gets out of the club to go home she gets into the taxi driven by Emir. He drives for some time and when she notices that something's not right and the car runs into a wrong direction, he gives off his cap and Gunesh is surprised to see who actually the driver is. They stop and get down in an unknown and deserted area. Emir informs her that he knows of Engin's blackmail but she insists to affirm that she is together with Engin willingly. Emir says that he is ready to do everything for her to forgive him. Yavuz and Engin return home and finding out that Gunesh has not come yet, they go to the club where Koray and Can, the policewoman, tell them that she is not there. Yavuz gets angry and starts to look for his sister anywhere that he could possibly find her. Hande calls Emir and tells him to bring Gunesh back because Yavuz arrived and is furious. Engin goes hastily to Emir's apartment which is now empty. Koray starts scolding Engin for what he did and in the meantime Emir comes at Hande's by taxi and has an argument with Gunesh in the car. When she wants to get out she notices that Yavuz is there too. Now they both remain inside the taxi and they don't know what to do...

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Emir's Way/Emir'in Yolu episode 5 synopsis

Emir's Way/Emir'in Yolu episode 5 synopsis
Emir and Gunesh are about to kiss, but then Engin appears (he herad all their conversation) and she asks him what is he doing there. He tells her that he has ties to his brother's enemy, then he discreetly threaten her to give him a chance, otherwise he will say what he heard to Yavuz. In the evening, Gunesh comes home and goes into her brother's reading room who is with Engin (he hasn't said anything yet). She speaks to him in private and accepts his deal. Emir is in the club and thinks only of Gunesh. Koray notices that something happened with his buddy, but Emir does not want to tell the truth.

The next morning, Engin comes to Sancaktar residence and takes Gunesh to hew working place, then later they are seen talking in the surrounding area by Hande who thinks there would be something between her friend and Engin. Hande and Guneș go to Lara's boutique where they think about organizing a party where Pinar would be invited too. In the evening, all the girls meet at Lara's place, Zeynep is also there, and Hande starts asking everybody about her personal life. Then, it's Guneshe's turn to speak about herself and Emir and she learns that Emir lives at the apartment on the upper floor. When Gunesh prepares to leave, because she was sent a message from Engin, Hande and Pinar start a little catfight. Gunesh leaves the party and meets Emir at the elevator door where he tells her that he knows about her new lover.

Yavuz tells to Kamil to find out more about Hande and he finds out that she is an old friend of Emir. Then Yavuz asks his sister to give up her work but she doesn't agree. Zeynep falls in love with Can, Emir's step-brother, and they skip classes at school to walk and spend time together. Gulsum and Hatice accommodate in thei new house and Gulsum hopes that she can be with Koray again, but her mother advises her to leave the past behind her and to look forward to the future. Cansu tells Lara that she went with Haldun in Canada to her aunt and there she discovered that he was an impostor. Sanem scolds him because he couldn't play his role and tells him to disappear.

Yavuz goes to Sanem and informs her that his sister already met Emir and that now he regrets he had called his sister to live with him in Istanbul, but it is too late. Then Sanem finds out that Gunesh works with Hande and can't understand how can Gunesh have a friend like her. She warns her that Hande is a very mean person, and it is better for her to stay away from Hande, not to be her friend. In the evening, Yavuz, Sanem, Engin and Gunesh go to Emir's club, and Gunesh follows Sanem's advice to make Emir jealous. He welcomes his guests and tells a waiter to serve them with the most expensive champagne. In short time Gunesh goes to the lady's room and tells Sanem that she can't stand this situation anymore and wants them to leave home. Then she speaks to Emir and he shows her the earrings that she forgot on the yachy on their first night of love. Engin comes from around the corner and sees them talking. Engin and Emir are introduced one to another.

In the morning Pinar walks with Kaan, Koray's son, and a friend in the park, confessing to her that because of Gulsum and Hande, she and Koray can't have a normal relationship. Gulsum is there too and hears their conversation, then she takes Kaan at her home for that day. In the meantime Koray and Emir talk about Hande and Gunesh, Emir thinking that the presence of Engin next to Gunesh is just one of her games. Engin comes to Guneshe's office and Hande hears them talking, so she realizes that Engin blackmails her partner. Later Hande goes to Emir to inform him about what happens between Gunesh and Engin, but Emir doesn't care too much, considering that Gunesh is a very stubborn person and she deserves what she lives. Unfortunately, Engin speaks with Yavuz and has his consent to be a couple with his sister.

Emir's Way/Emir'in Yolu episode 5 synopsis
Gulsum goes to a doctor who gives her some pills for sleeping, but in fact she needs them to make Pinar fall asleep. Pinar comes in the evening to take Kaan back home at Koray's and Gulsum is very hospitable. She brings some juice but previously she has mixed 3 sleeping pills into Pinar's glass. Hande wants to go home from her office when Yavuz pays her a visist and threatens her that he is going to spoil all her business and she will starve if she doesn't listen to him. Hande is very calm and answers that she would rather starve then listen to him. Moments later, Yavuz tells Kamil that Hande is the type of woman he was looking for. In the meantime, Emir manages to enter into Yavuz residence and finds Gunesh in her room. There he gives her earrings back and she looks amazed at the whole scene, because it is exactly what she had dreamt several nights before.

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Efsun and Bahar episode 5 synopsis (O hayat benim)

Efsun and Bahar episode 5 synopsis (O hayat benim)
After Bahar sees Atesh and Efsun kissing she begins to behave more and more distant with him. He is ashamed to tell Bahar that Efsun wanted to get close to him and he isn't guilty. Meanwhile Osman concludes that his uncle Yusuf was killed and the body was hidden somewhere in a secret place. Ilyas has qualms towards both Osman and Bahar and he believes that Bahar deserves to know that she is the true daughter of Mehmet Emir and not Efsun. He decides that Bahar deserves to lead the life she was meant to by birth and wants to confess the truth about what happened more than 20 years ago. Efsun gets angry reading in the newspaper a story about Bahar, who could be the lost daughter of Mehmet Emir. Nuran shouts at Ilyas, she tells him that he will ruin them if he tells the truth but he says that his decision is already made.

Nuran does not agree with her husband's intention of confessing the fact that they buried the old man in their garden and that they lied about Efsun being the daughter of Mehmet Emir and she tries to prevent him to tell everything. Bahar begins her work at the company owned by Mehmet Emir, occasion for Atesh to become close to Bahar again. Efsun becomes jealous and decides to separate them using another person who has to involve in their relationship. Efsun introduces Alp to Mehmet Emir, then he meets Bahar. Ilyas tells Osman that he knows who killed Yusuf, then he comes home and lies to Nuran that he didn't tell the truth to Osman. Mehmet Emir calls some reporters at the company to meet Efsun, his retrieved daughter; Bahar and Atesh watch them too. When the whole family was at table, police comes to Mehmet Emir's mansion and say that Emir have to accompany them to the station. Atesh remains alone in the company and enters an office to copy on a memory stick some files from a computer, then he is overwhelmed by his memories of himself as a child when his mother was killed. Atesh takes the stick with the files but is seen by Bahar who has come back because she forgot something.

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Yaman and Mira - episodes 19-20 synopsis

Yaman and Mira episode 19 summary

Yaman and Mira - episodes 19-20 synopsis
Orkun and Yaman meet each other in the graveyard. Orkun calls Yaman a murderer, trying to blame him for his father's sudden death. Later, Yaman tells Selim what happened and that he would like to move back to Tozludere, not because Orkun scared him, but because he doesn't want to make troubles to Serez family who helped him that much. He promises that he will attend his courses and learn that at the university, no matter if he lives here, or in his mother's house. Selim accepts it, though he is not glad about it. Within several days of living at his mother's, Nevin tells him that she decided to divorce Hasan. Yaman is then hired at the swimming pool where Mira and her friends used to go.

At the company, Ender announces during a board meeting that she managed to convince the ex-business partners involved in the Middle East project to come again and to resume the negociations. Asim is very glad that they can continue the project and there is no need to look for other partners, which would have meant more money to spend. Sude plays another game: she previously put an employee to spy Asim, and now she whispers to Ender that her office mate was found to have installed microphones into Asim's office and he was fired. Then, Sude asks Asim about the marriage between Faruk and Sedef, and the old man says that he thought that they were having a relationship, but since he understood he was wrong, he is not going to not interfere anymore in their lives.

Faruk continues to be close to Sedef and one day, while walking on the beach, they get to the conclusion that they are very much alike, but they both need a patient life, not staying next to people who like intrigues and manipulations. Faruk notices a for sale building that they are just passing by, and he stops to look at it. Sedef and he decide to buy the building and open a restaurant there.

Orkun and his mother search through Mithat's things and find an expensive watch with a love note signed just A. Both of them are amazed because they considered Mithat as being an honest man, and this objects suggests that he had a mistress. Orkun will try to fin dout who that woman is and to his great surprise he learns that she is Aylin, Hale's mother. Then, he remembers that during the New-Year's eve Mithat's was next to Aylin most of the time, neglecting his family. We are shown a moment in the past during a romantic date between the two lovers when Mithat offers a beautiful ring to Aylin. Now, that Mithat is dead, Aylin wears the ring and lies to her husband, Umit, that it's an old family jewel. Orkun goes to Hale and tells her to stay away from him and his family, but he doesn't tell her why. Hale thinks that Orkun is again with Mira, and supposes that Mira is the reason for this sudden breaking up between them, so being very jealous, Hale attacts Mira in a trap and takes her by car drivind madly fast. Hale tries to provoke an accident where Mira to die, but she calls Yaman who comes after her, and in the meantime Orkun, learning what is just happening, speaks to Hale on the phone and tries to explain to her that not Mira is the cause of their separation. Finally he is forced to tell her the truth, that her mother was his father's mistress. Hale slows down and stops the car when Yaman gets there at the same time with an ambulance and a police car.

Yaman and Mira episode 20 summary

Yaman and Mira - episodes 19-20 synopsis
Mira and Hale are taken to the hospital and while Hale remains there for investigations, Mira is set free. Aylin comes to visit her daughter and Hale gets angry, knowing what her mother did. Yaman is visited at his working place by Umit and Selim who want to find out details about Mithat and Aylin relationship, but Yaman doesn't know about it. In the meantime, Aylin begs Sude not to tell her husband about this love affair and in exchange she will persuade Umit to do business again with Sude. For the moment, everybody knows that Hale just had a tantrum seisure.

The surprise of the day is that Asim is taken at the police station by the investigators of financial frauds. Sedef announces Ender and Selim to come there too, but they can just wait outside. When Asim is set free, he seems to be glad. Then he tells everybody that he was called concerning a file about an illegal contract who was Ender's, about 8 years ago, so he is not guilty at all. (Everything was set up by Asim, because he wants to take revenge from Selim and show him that in some cases you have to accept illegal ways to solve your problem).

Hasan is informed by Nevin that during that morning she went to the lawyers to discuss about their divorce. He takes his gun and warns her that he is going to shoot her if she leaves him. Then, Nevin starts throwing things and gets very angry, reproaching him that during all these years he hasn't done anything but frightening her. In the evening Yaman wants to make a romantic surprise to Mira and he climbs the pole covered in ivy from her balcony, as a modern Romeo. But he forgets that the alarm is on and it rings when he gets on the terrace next to her bedroom. Beren and Sude come immediately, Mert takes his binoculars to see what's going on, and they laught at him and his idea.

The next day on everybody's agenda is Ender's contract. Asim watches Selim and Ender, but the two husbands are not aware about the trap they are caught into. The probem is that within several days the case would have been prescribed but even in the last day things can change to worse for Ender. Yaman goes to the bar where Nevin sings and speaks with the owner to fire his mother, then he tell her too, because he doesn't want her to have this job anymore. In short time she finds a job as a cook in a nursery school but she misses singing a lot. Hasan comes home to take his things and goes away.

Selim tries to solve Ender's problem by illeagal means, because he has no choice, and this makes him vulnerable towards Asim. Ender can't wait anymore and is depressed. Selim calls her at 5 o'clock and tells her that the file is prescribed. Later Ender asks Sedef if she made the denouncement at the police. Of course, Sedef has no idea about that. Selim goes home with Asim in the car and the old man tells his son-in-law that he made the denouncement because he was sure that he (Selim) would save his wife at any cost because he loves her. Then Selim wants to hurt him but he only tells Asim that he is not a loving man because he could do such a thing, meaning to denounce his own daughter. Asim remembers him that on the first place the daughter denounced her own father, but he says that not Ender was his target, but him, Selim, who was always very proud about being a clean and extremely honest man. He adds that they are even now, with dirty hands, but he will have to get used to it.

Yaman decides to go and live with his family and announces Mira and the Serez family about it, and that they will keep in touch by phone.

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Emir's way/Emir'in Yolu episode 4 synopsis

Emir's way/Emir'in Yolu episode 4 synopsis
Günesh and Emir are introduced one to another by Hande. Later, when they left alone, Emir asks Günesh what game she plays and Can, the policewoman, sees what happenes. Günesh starts drinking and Aysun notices that Emir stares intensely to her. Little by little everybody realizes that there must be something between Emir and Günesh. Kamil, the man who watches her, calls Yavuz on the phone and informs him that his sister is in the club too. Yavuz comes right away with his men into the club and they go straight to Emir wanting to instigate to a fight. Luckily Günesh comes next to Yavuz and he takes her at home. Emir, Koray and Hande don't understand what was that. As a consequence, Emir will hire Can to be a bodyguard in his club.

At home, Saliha sees Yavuz reading about the new club in the newspaper and she recognizes Emir (there's a picture of him in the article) as being the man that Günesh used to date. She immediately goes into Güneshe's room and tells her that she realizes who is her lover, but she doesn't want to speak anything about it. Yavuz will persuade Sanem to talk to his sister and find out if her presence in the club was a coincidence. Hande visits Emir and finds out that Günesh is Yavuz Sancaktar's sister. Emir asks Hande not to fire Günesh from her job and the next day Hande talks to Günesh and manages to make her tell what happened between her and Emir. In the meantime Gülsüm visits Koray but only Pinar is at home. They talk for a while and Gülsüm starts insulting Pinar.

Kamil is again watching the block where Emir lives and Seher sees him and tries to seduce him once again, hiding her wedding ring. Meanwhile Riza comes outside and sees her talking to Kamil. He scolds her, mentioning it is not proper for a married woman to do such things. Kamil, hearing that she is married, hushes her away. Riza tells to Mehmet what happened and he suggests that they both come to Turkmenistan, where he works, without Seher. Riza and Omer accept this idea and they will soon leave Istanbul. Hatice, Gulsum and Seher remain in the apartment. Sanem talks to Gunesh and eventually she admits that she was Emir's lover. Sanem calls Yavuz but she is very cautious and doesn't tell him that his sister knows Emir, she only tells Yavuz that Gunesh needs a lover. Therefore, at dinner, Yavuz introduces her sister to Engin, an old friend who came back from abroad and is a business partner with him. Günesh doesn't like him and realizes what her brother wants. But Engin insists and waits for her the next day to show her the marina and the ships. While walking together Gunesh says that she would like to sail for more months ceaselessly, and Engin concludes that she must be running away from something or somebody.

Emir's way/Emir'in Yolu episode 4 synopsis
Gülsüm tells Hatice, her mother, that another family must come to live in the doorman's apartment and that she asked Koray to find them another place to live in. Sanem organizes a marriage for Cansu, without her being aware of it. Cansu prepares to go with Haldun on a trip and Haldun is going to propose to her. Pinar confesses to a friend of hers that she is in love with Koray, but Gülsüm and Hande are already part of his life and she came into it too late. But she doesn't have the power to quit her job and leave him. On the other hand, Hande feels that there is something between Pinar and Koray and asks Lara if she knows about them. Lara can't say anything about Koray and Pinar, but she realizes that Hande still has feelings for Koray.

The next day Emir drops by Günesh at her office and he notices the bunch of flowers brought by Engin. Emir reads the note on the flowers and becomes jealous. Engin is there too and hears their conversation from behind a wall but he shows up when Emir and Gunesh come closer because he wants to kiss her.

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Yaman and Mira - episodes 17-18 synopsis

Yaman and Mira - episode 17

Yaman and Mira - episodes 17-18 summary
Mira, Eylul and Mert are at the police station waiting for Yaman. Giray is arrested and will be sent in the court. Selim helps Yaman to get out of there but he is angry with him and speaks very clearly saying that he has to cut off with his past if he wants to have a brilliant future and that all these pendulations between his past relations and present is not good because they draw him backwards. Selim is willing to help Yaman get rid of poverty but he is the one who has to make the big decision: or with those from Altinkoy, or in Tozludere for ever. Yaman cries because it's a very difficult decision to make.

Eylul finds out what happened last night and that everything was set up by Ayshe and Giray. Sude, very clever and hidden, advices Mira to be careful how she speaks with Yaman who may be vulnerable now. Mira is amazed about this sudden changing of attitude from her mother, but actually Sude wants that Mira to separate from Yaman again by hurting him unwillingly. Orkun goes to the dean of the faculty with pictures proving that he was hit by Yaman, hoping that Yaman would be expelled or at least he would have his scholarship cancelled. But the dean notices that the fight didn't take place in the university, so he can't punish Yaman for personal actions. Orkun is upset because he couldn't do anything against his rival.

Gioray is found guilty and is sent to prison in the same room with Kenan, who tells him that he knows about his betrayal, with Ayshe. Giray informs Kenan that he is engaged to Ayshe and she is already pregnant. Hearing this, Kenan becomes violent. In the meantime Ayshe tells her father that she is pregnant and he banishes her away, sending her directly in the street. Nevin helps her and offers her shelter. Leyla advises her to abort the child but Ayshe wouldn't like to do it, moreover, she does not have the neccessary money for this operation. Leyla insists that Yaman should give her the money for the abortion. Nevin doesn't agreee with this idea and asks Hasan to help Ayshe. Hasan gets angry because he is not willing to help her, and then he goes in the garden where, at the roots of a tree, he secretly keeps a box with money. When he digs to check if all the money is there, he is very surprised to find just an orange in his box. We are shown that one night in the past few days when Hasan added some money in the box, Turan Koper, Yaman and Kenan's father, saw Hasan and later he took the money from that box. Hasan suspects that Turan must have taken his money, but he doesn't have any proof.

Mira, in spite of her mother's advice, tells something to Yaman that makes him upset and they quarrel again in the University. After the classes, Mira goes to the swimming pool at home and being sad she lets herself down under the water untill she reaches the pool's floor. The seconds pass and she seems to not be aware that she can die, or perhaps she wants to die? :) Orkun is there and saves her bringing her at the surface again. Yaman goes at Selim's office and the lawyer shows him the recordings on the cameras in the bank where he has an account. Yaman recognizes his father, who came there to make a deposit (Hasan's money) in Yaman's account. Selim doesn't know from where could Turan Koper have that much money and advises Yaman to stay away from troubles and from people who live a fishy life.

Asim's secretary is paid by Sude to give her all the information that she can. So, Sude finds out that the old business man wants to marry Sedef with Faruk. The secretary records a conversation on the phone between Faruk and Asim and the CD-ROM reaches Ender's business partner. This man gives it to Sude, as a thank for ruining the "Middle East" partnership. Later, Sude informs Faruk and her lawyer that she is not decided yet concerning the divorce. Faruk is uncomfortable with Sude's decision but all he can do is to wait.

Mira asks Ender to help her get cope again with Yaman. Ender asks all 4 of them (Mert, Eylul, Yaman and Mira) to sort some clothes for charity. The door suddenly gets blocked (actually Mert has the key) but they stay there until Mira and Yaman manage to get closer again and to make a step to reconciliation. After a few days, Hasan waits for Selim in a parking area and asks the lawyer if Yaman has a big sum of money in his account, adding that it is his money and Turan Koper stole it from him. Selim avoids a direct answer and tells him to prove that the money was his. When Yaman goes to talk to Kenan at the prison, he understands that Hasan was right and told them the truth. Then, thinking overt this matter, he remembers about the picture sent by Hale on his phone and realizes that the money was paid by Orkun to Hasan for some services, such as the setting up of the theft from Beylice's house. Yaman tells Kenan that he is going to give the money back to the owner but Kenan becomes furious and warns him that he won't consider him as his brother if he really does this.

Yaman goes home and then to Orkun's house who was celebrating his birthday. Yaman wants to go seeing the guests but Orkun insists that he tells what he wants and then he may go. Yaman shows the bag with money (the one found in the flowerpot) and tells to everybody how Orkun arranged with Hasan to make things appear as he is the thief. Orkun denies but Yaman shows him the picture on his mobile phone sent by Hale. Mithat Civanoglu, Orkun's father, realizes that his son lied all the time and that everything Yaman said is true. Yaman goes home and Mira follows him ...

Yaman and Mira - episode 18

Yaman and Mira - episodes 17-18 summary
Everybody is astonished about what he said. Selim is very glad that Yaman started to use his mind and solves things in an intelligent way. Orkun, mad with fury fights his father who doesn't care anymore about the guests. Mithat is angry because he always had to clean his son's bad facts and to cover him. Eventually Orkun leaves with 2 of his friends, but Mithat continues to quarrel with his wife, who still defends her son. In the house there are only Eylul and Bugra, her ex-boyfriend, and they watch to the argue of the two husbands. Mithat goes upstairs and his wife follows him. He wants to slap her for blindly defending Orkun, but he steps aside and falls down with a serious injury at his head. He dies instantly. Orkun meets Sedef in a bar and they drink till morning comes. When he arrives at home he finds out about his father's unexpected death.

One evening Ayshe wants to see Yaman but the bodyguard doesn't let her in the area. She goes back walking, but it is night and the street is not well lighted. Faruk comes home by car and he is not very attentive at the road. He hits Ayshe and they both arrive at the hospital. Faruk has just a minor injury at his arm but Ayshe loses her baby. When the police comes to interrogate her, she doesn't say anything bad about Faruk and takes all the guilt upon herself. Faruk, being impressed by her attitude, takes her as his maid after she gets out of the hospital. Asim finds out about Mithat's death and his only concern now is who undertakes his shares and business. Orkun informs him that he is Mithat's heir but Asim doesn't feel comfortable about that. Yaman and Mira are getting closer and closer again. At Mithat's funerals Mert tells Eylul that keeping their relationship secret (Eylul is ashamed to admit that she loves the one who previously she had laughed at) means an insult to him.

Hasan is ready for a confrontation and takes his revolver with him in the car when he goes as Orkun's driver at the graveyard. Yaman is there to and the two rivals meet again ...

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Efsun and Bahar episode 4 synopsis (O hayat benim)

Efsun and Bahar episode 4 synopsis (O hayat benim)
The sudden and unexplained disappearance of Bahar's grandfather, Yusuf, starts increasingly affecting her family. Osman begins to look for his uncle, who apparently disappeared without any trace and eventually finds Ilyas and Nuran in the house for servants, next to Mehmet Emir's mansion, where they have just moved. Nuran seems very affected by Osman's arrival and does her best that he doesn't find out what happened to Yusuf.

Efsun is more and more excited about her new life and is concerned that no one actually learns that Bahar is the real daughter of Mehmet Emir. Though, she is afraid that her mother will eventually babble. Soon she discovers that it is not at all easy to suddenly adapt to the lifestyle of a wealthy family, at least not as easy as she thought in the beginning. Meanwhile Ates spends more time with Bahar and realizes that she is a selfless and good-hearted person, very different from her sister. While knowing her better, he does not know what to believe. He has to chose now between running away from this love that rises in his heart for the first time and the taste of revenge that he has been planning for ages.

Ilyas talks to Osman, telling him to be patient, then he says that the man left Mehmet Emir's daughter and that he killed her uncle and he is a killer. Mehmet Emir tells Bahar about her grandfather and how he used to caress her and Efsun. Meanwhile Efsun tries to seduce Atesh when he brought her at home by his car. Atesh, just being curios, answers to Efsun's attitude and before she gets inside, they kiss. But in that moment Bahar wants to go out and sees them kissing.

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Emir'in Yolu/Emir's Way - episode 3 synopsis

Emir'in Yolu/Emir's Way - episode 3 synopsis
Gunesh doesn't realize that Emir is just playing with her and she is trapped. They spend the night together on the yacht. In the morning Emir tells her the truth, that he is Emir Sarrafoglu, not Emre, and wants her to tell Yavuz that Emir has done his job with him. Gunesh understands that she was a victim and takes her clothes running at home where Saliha was looking for her. Gunesh locks herself in her room. She is angrey in the beginning and she looks up for information about Emir on the internet, learning that there must be some connection between Unal, who committed suicide in the new club, and Yavuz. Then she starts crying and finally she falls into apathy. Yavuz is worried and calls Sanem asking her to try to talk with his sister and find out what happened. In the meantime, Emir begins to regret what he did, and keeps on him the pair of earrings that Gunesh forgot on the yacht.

Emir'in Yolu/Emir's Way - episode 3 synopsis
Koray is bewildered because of Hande and he will try to contact her again. One day she visits Emir and he is glad to see his old friend again. Emir tells her that now Koray is free and they could be together again, but Hande shows him her engagement ring, saying that she is going to marry Mert, a man who calm her and makes her feel good. One day Koray sees her in his club and learns that she will soon marry and that Mert comes to Istanbul in short time for their marriage. Thus, he becomes upset and goes home where he tells Pinar that Hande is engaged. Gunesh asks Yavuz if he has any connection with the man that committed suicide at the opening party of his new club, but Yavuz denies everything and his sister believes him. Sanem keeps calling Gunesh who doesn't want to see or talk to anybody, but eventually she answers and accepts to go out with Sanem, and go to a coffeeshop. Emir is informed by his contact where Gunesh is and he goes there right away. After a short conversation - Gunes tells Sanem just generally what happened, and that she is very disappointed by the man whom she loved - Gunesh leaves. In a few minutes Emir comes there and tells Sanem all what happened between him and Yavuze's sister. Now Sanem is worried because she knows that if Yavuz learns the truth, he would certainly kill Emir. When Yavuz calls her, Sanem doesn't tell him what Emir has just confessed to her.

Emir'in Yolu/Emir's Way - episode 3 synopsis
Both Emir and Gunesh think about one another more and more often. One day Emir stops Gunesh on the street but she says that she can't be used anymore against Yavuz. On another occasion Emir goes to their mansion and sees her at the window, without being seen. On the other hand, Gunesh remembers all the time their intimate and happy moments. Later, Emir is informed that Gunesh is going to seek for revenge. Can, the policewoman, goes to see Emir and they meet at his new club on the Bosphorus shore to have a chat. He tells her about Gunesh and their relationship. Can is not happy to hear that, but she still has a hope when Emir tells her that he and Koray will open their club soon. Therefore Can asks him to help her with a job (she was fired because of Yavuze's manipulations). Later Emir proposes to Can to be their business partner, but she doesn't want such responsibility. Hande and Gunesh meet again (they know each other from abroad) and decide to make business together, so they settle their office next to Koray's club. When Koray finds out about that, thinks that all the story about Hande's future marriage is nothing but one of her games.

Hande is invited by Emir at the club opening party and she speaks to Gunesh to go there together. The party night comes and the invites show up in the club. Among them, there is Aysun too. Can decides to be there as well, while Hande and Gunesh are there and meet Emir. Hande notices that Gunesh and Emir are intensely looking one to another.

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Efsun and Bahar episode 3 synopsis (O hayat benim)

Efsun and Bahar episode 3 synopsis (O hayat benim)
Efsun moves very quickly from a humble life to a luxury one but the DNA test asked by Hulya to see if Efsun is indeed Mehmet Emir's child has important consequences on the quiet life of the modest family. This desire will specifically change the lives of Bahar and Efsun.
Meanwhile Efsun moves as soon as posible at the mansion of Mehmet Emir and she takes advantage of the possibilities offered by her new lifestyle, but manages to quarrel with everyone.
Nuran is very glad to get rid of the life of poverty and deprivation that she has led so far and insists that the whole family should stay at the mansion to be next to Efsun, because they raised her. Anyway Mehmet Emir has no intention to do so, but Efsun is the one who makes him change his mind and eventually he accepts her family to settle temporarily in the rooms for servants. Nevertheless, Mehmet's family is not at all glad that they would have to see Efsun parents all day long there, so a distance appears between Mehmet Emir and his family.
Atesh realizes that he can use Efsun to take revenge from Mehmet Emir, but his plan might affect the Bahar.
Efsun can not accept the fact that Bahar will live at the mansion too, and when Nuran understands that her daughter can't stand Bahar, she scolds Efsun and tells her to behave herself, because if it hadn't been for Bahar, now they would be living the same modest life.

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Yaman and Mira - episodes 15-16 synopsis

Yaman and Mira - episode 15

Yaman and Mira - episodes 15-16 synopsis
Selim calls Yaman and tells him that they are back, but they are driving to the company because Asim wants to speak to them on a specific matter. Yaman and Mira go home and hurry to clean everything as if the party didn't take place. Mert and Eylul help them. Asim announces that he is not upset about what happened (he had to give up that business involving the ground that was protected by the state), but he wants to make Sedef a part of his company, and gives her the project "Middle East" which was Ender's project, and the he says he gets Ender out of it leaving her free to do what she wants. In other words, he almost fired Ender from the company. Sedef is very glad to hear that, Ender and Selim are astonished about the sudden bad news, and Asim is eager to see Selim's next move, because his target is Selim, not his daughter. Then he adds that he would like that the damages at the model house to be paid by Selim (thinking that he cannot afford it), because they are a sprt of parents for Yaman.

Selim accepts and will pay within a few days, with the money he gets from Arsen Reyhan. Ender is very angry and wants revenge, but Selim advises her to have a second thought, because this fight would be tiring and uneven. Fortunately, a journalist has the recording with Sedef dancing, drunk, in a night club and he wants to sell it to Sude, but Sude, learning that "Middle East" project is now lead by Sedef and that Faruk is involved too, she tells to the journalist that she is not interested in that recording, he can do whatever he wants with it. Therefore, the clip is seen by the foreign investors who cancel their contract in the project, and now Sedef has to find other businessmen to cooperate with. Sedef is angry with her sister because she believes Ender sent the recording to the investors.

The mysterious guest who comes to see Kenan is his father, Turan Koper, who is alive, and who tells him that he opened a bank account on Yaman's name where he deposited 100,000 TL for him, for Kenan (Kenan being in jail, Turan couldn't open an account on his name). Selim finds out about the money accidentally, when he wants to transfer a sum for Yaman, to buy a gift to Mira on the New Year's eve. Selim figures out that Turan must have had that much money and hopes he can track Turan Koper and find him.

Yaman and Mira - episodes 15-16 synopsis
Soon there is the New Year party. Selim organizes the party at his place and invites Sude, Sedef and many other guests. Leyla waits for Yaman at his working place and together they go to have lunch. Mira finds out about it but Yaman doesn't say anything. One evening Ayshe calls him and asks him to come in Tozludere, where she and Giray are having the engagement ceremony. There, Yaman meets Leyla again. Mira calls him and hears Leyla's voice. Even sooner, Eylul's father, Barish, who was a widower, has his second marriage. At this party Sedef gets drunk and is taken out by Selim. The youngsters congratulate the new couple and then they go in a club. There, Mira sings a sad song when Yaman enters. When she finishes her song, she tells him that he is a liar and she doesn't want to see him again. Orkun involves in their conversation and Yaman hits him with his head. Mira gets angry and hurts Yaman telling that the club is not Tozludere (a bad neighborhood).

Yaman and Mira - episode 16

It's the New Year's eve. Yaman is on the beach with Giray, Ayshe, Kenan (he has some free days from the prison) and Leyla, who receives text messages every minute. Yaman is a little bit annoyed by those messages and suddenly he takes Leyla's mobile phone from her hand and sees that actually she had a lover in Germany and they were exchanging text messages on the New Year's night. Upset, Yaman leaves the beach party and feels like being alone.

Yaman and Mira - episodes 15-16 synopsis
At Selim's place the party has started. Mira is with her old friends and Orkun, but she thinks only about Yaman, who now is playing his guitar, alone on a bench. Mert takes a plate with cookies and finds Yaman on the sea shore. While the two friends are talking, Mira enters in Yaman's room with a gift, but being very curious, she accesses his laptop finding his conversations with Leyla on skype. Inside, Sedef comes with a group of entertainers dressed as Americans and the party becomes more vivid. Yaman comes back home and sees Mira having fun and dancing with Orkun. Then he goes in a bar till morning. Mira sees him coming and prepares many pancakes and then she goes to give him too.

Faruk comes to tell Sude that he wants to be out of their lives and he will be also out of Asim's business, because he wants a calm life, without problems. Sude does not feel comfortable, because she thought that by announcing Faruk that she contacted the lawyers for the divorce he would come back to her. Asim eants to marry Sedef with Faruk after he is divorced, but he does not agree with Faruk's being out of the business. Mira asks Eylul to do something and to chat with Leyla using Yaman's laptop and account, and to tell her that he doesn't want to see her again. Mert sees Eylul and she has to tell him what she was doing there. Leyla suspects that it is not Yaman who talks to her on Skype and calls him to see where he is. Suposing that Mira must be in Yaman's room, Leyla starts being very sweet and says that they felt very well last night. Yaman comes home unexpectedly and catches Mira at his laptop. In his turn he replies that he didn't expect such an educated girl like her to to things like that, because his room is not Tozludere. Then he tells Leyla he is going to change his username on skype and he really doesn't want to see her again.

Selim asks to the bank where Turan deposited 100,000 T Lira to see the recordings of that day, so he now is sure that Turan Koper is alive. Ayshe calls Yaman to give her soime money for the abortion and Yaman goes to Giray's working place, a mechanic workshop. It is night and Yaman doesn't know that Giray is in a group of car thieves. The police comes to catch them in the act of dismantling a car, but Yaman, instinctually, runs away. The police cathes him too thinking that he ran because he was an accomplice.

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