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Feriha and Emir - episodes 9-10 summary

Feriha and Emir episode 9 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 9-10 summary
Hande wants to persuade Emir that Feriha is involved in a relationship with Koray, but Emir is not sure, though he still wants to find out why Feriha lied to him (told him she is at the restaurant, working; in fact she was with Koray in a coffeeshop, and Emir with Hande were in the car in front of that coffeeshop). The next day, at the university, Hande tells Koray that she knows everything, but Koray thinks she is talking about Gunce. Therefore, he shouts at her to keep for herself what she had just found out. Zehra is taken to the police station where she cries because she knows nothing about that ring, but the investigators don't believe her. She is eventually left home and after a few days the policemen come to her house to search the ring. The neigbours start gossiping that she is a thief, the school children behave aggressively with little Omer and Halil's parents stay away from them considering it's not anymore the case to discuss about a marriage between their son and Feriha. This happening will have many negative consequences on Zehra because she won't find any job for some time. Emir and Feriha are heaving lunch together and Unal comes to speak with his son. Ignoring Feriha, he tells Emir that he is going to harass Mehmet's family because they pay the car damages too slow. Hearing this, Feriha leaves the restaurant without eating.

During the next days Emir has the occasion to hear Koray and Feriha talking, so he finds out that it is about a pregnant girl, but he doesn't know who is that girl. Later he hears them talking about Gunce, and he thinks he understood everything. Emir tries to discuss this topic with Koray, but because the latter promissed to Gunce not to reveal her secret, he doesn't want to give details to Emir, who now believes that Hande was right and Koray is in love with Feriha. Zehra is declared innocent, because the ring is found between the sofa's cushions. Mehmet is still looking for a job and one of his friends suggests to become a giggolo. He accepts, thinking that it's a well paid job, and buys expensive clothes for his first dating with money borrowed from his friend. He meets two rich and old ladies in a restaurant. Because he is naive and silent, he spoils everything. Though, he leaves home every night, telling his parents that he found a night-shift job, but in fact he sleeps in the park next to their block of houses. Gunce decides to abort the child because she can't raise it alone (she knows that Koray wouldn't marry her). Koray pays for the abortion at the hospital and brings Gunce at his house for one night, to recover. Feriha will be there too, and Koray decides to go somewhere else. Hande, who heard Koray talking on the phone with Feriha about her coming to his place, pays a photographer to secretly follow Koray. Feriha lies to Zehra that she must stay all night to her university friends to learn for a difficult exam, but Zehra sees her getting into Koray's car, without her schoolbag). When Feriha and Koray are in front of his house (she came to stay with Gunce, and he leaves home) for a short conversation, the photographer take some pictures of them exactly while Koray hugs Feriha.

Feriha and Emir episode 10 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 9-10 summary
Zehra often calls Feriha during that night but hearing Gunce's voice, she strats believing that her daughter didn't lie to her, after all. Hande goes to Emir to persuade him to come with her at Koray's house to reveal Feriha's treachery. They arrive at Koray's and see the lights are on. They ring the door bell, but the girls don't open the door, seeing on the viewfinder who has come to visit them. Feriha calls Koray - who is in the car on the seashore - to ask him to solve the problem, because Hande insists at the doorbell. Eventually, Hande and Emir go back home.

A few days later, because Feriha said she would like to fly, Emir takes her by helicopter to see Istanbul city from above. Cansu, seeing that Feriha is very well dressed when she is at the university, with expensive clothes that she, Cansu, gave her in the past, becomes irritated and says that Feriha lives her life and wears her clothes, she says that Feriha stole her life, because she (Cansu) had to be a student, not her. Veisel (who stole Riza's wallet, and now he can't pay his bank rate) advices Riza to take a bank loan and to set up a business with him as a partner. Veisel lies to Riza that he will pay his bank rates if he accepts to take this loan. He also lies to Riza, that he can't take a loan by himself because of the problems he had with that taxi, and this is why Riza must help him. Riza hesitates in the beginning, but finally he thinks Veisel is right and takes the loan. An article about Koray (who is the son of a famous politician) and Feriha spending one night together, with the pictures previously taken, appears in a glossy magazine. Hande makes sure that Emir sees the magazine. He is very angry, but doesn't say anything to Hande. He just go at the university and fights with Koray, who doens't understand what's the matter with Emir. Very soon everybody reads the article and learns about Feriha being a wanton. Emir is angry on her but she can't tell him the truth because she promised Gunce to keep her secret about the pregnancy. Feriha, thinking that Cansu is still a friend for her, complains about what happend to her, but Cansu asks Feriha if Koray is the man who kissed her some time ago in front of the block. Feriha's parents find out about the article because Cansu makes sure that Riza sees the magazine and reads it. Zehra loses confidence in her daughter, mainly when she hears Hande and her friends talking about Feriha being a cheap girl.

Koray asks his father to investigate who was paid for that article and by whom. Therefore, he finds out that Hande is the one, as he already suspected. Koray gets angry at Hande and doesn't want to speak to her again, or to Emir. Hande gets drunk that night and goes to Emir to talk to him and she remains there till morning. Mehmet doesn't want to be a giggolo anymore, so his friend asks for his money (for the clothes) back. In this situation, because he doesn't have any money, Mehmet accepts to go once again to meet some ladies, at Sanem's restaurant and hotel. Unfortunately, Feriha sees him there and can't believe her eyes that Mehmet is a giggolo. Later, coming home (he ran away from the lady's house, not being able to do his job), Mehmet sees the magazine and scolds his sister. In exchange, Feriha asks him about the giggolo job saying that she saw him at Sanem's restaurant.

The summaries are made after the original Turkish TV episodes of 2 hours each. 

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