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Feriha and Emir - episodes 7-8 summary

Feriha and Emir episode 7 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 7-8 summary
Zehra goes immediately at home, leaving the money for that working day at Hande's. She scolds Feriha then beats her, but stop beating her daughter because Mehmet comes home. Zehra also tells Riza what she saw on Hande's laptop, and they begin to wonder what is their daughter doing at the university? Feriha continues her life and her lies to Emir. Cansu has the chance to see them and tells her mother. Hande gives Koray some money to buy another CD when he realizes that somebody stole that precious CD form his house. Feriha and Emir start dating publicly and walk hand in hand, to be seen by their enemies. Hande goes mad when she sees them like that. Zehra witnesses an argument between Cansu and her mother Sanem on the piece of paper with Emir's name on it. later Zehra tires to calm Cansu down, but doesn't tell her that the note was left in her room by mistake. Mehmet finds working as an ocasional porter. He is very tired after the first day, but the next day he is not chosen to go to work so he leaves and starts looking for a permanent job at some car mechanics. One evening Mehmet defends Lara from two tramps, and then he shows her he was not armed, but he only pretended to be.

Hande follows Feriha after school and she discovers that Feriha is a waiter in Mrs. Sanem's restaurant. Then, Hande thinks of another game to play upon Feriha, and invites her friends at that restaurant on her birthday. That night Feriha is astonished seeing them at a table and can't utter a single word in front of them. In the meantime, Sanem and Haldun (Cansu's father) enter the restaurant and go to their table (they have an anniversary of their wedding). Riza has a job as a taxidriver but only during the night, job given by his neighbour, Veisel, who is a very materialistic person. Because he is old, some scoundrels try to profit and not to pay the taxi, so Riza gets stabbed and is taken to the hospital.

Feriha and Emir episode 8 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 7-8 summary
Feriha doesn't know what to say, is extremely embarassed and thinks that all her lies are going to be revealed. Emir, who remembers Sanem calling Feriha from the balcony, thinks she is her mother, and saves the situation by saying that Feriha works in her parents hotel and restaurant. Hande is amazed at how rich are Feriha's "parents". Eventually, Hande gets drunk and she is taken home by taxi. Riza is at the hospital but Feriha doesn't know it yet. Sanem tells Cansu that Emir Sarrafoglu greeted her and Haldun at the restaurant. Cansu overreacts and they argue because Cansu thinks there is a certain relationship between Sanem and Emir, but her step-mother didn't want to tell her.

Mehmet goes to the club owned by Unal Sarrafoglu to talk to him and ask him to give up to their payment for the damaged car because it is too expensive for them. He is not allowed inside and the bodyguards beat him. Emir arrives and tells him to talk with him, not with his father. Mehmet goes home upset. Riza is out of the hospital and Veisel, the taxi owner, is concerned about his financial loss instead og being sorry for his friend. Koray gives Hande a horse as a gift for her birthday. Zehra's sister finds a good job for her in the house of some rich poeple but one day the daughter of the houseowner can't find her diamond ring and suspects that Zehra must have stolen it. Gunce is pregnant with Koray and asks Feriha to help her, and to be a mediator between her and Koray but asks her to swear that she won't tell anybody about her pregnancy. Because now they have to talk alone, Hande believes that Feriha and Koray have a secret relationship and starts again to plan some of her games. Hande makes Emir understand that Feriha lies to him. Riza and Zehra have some guests: their neighbours come to discuss about the posibility that their son, Halil, could marry Feriha. Riza tells Zehra that he won't give their daughter to Halil, but since they have come as suitors, he can't behave rudely. After several minutes the police come to the door to arrest Zehra for the theft of the diamond ring.

The summaries are made after the original Turkish TV episodes of 2 hours each. 


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