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Feriha and Emir - episodes 39-40 summary

Feriha and Emir episode 39 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 39-40 summary
Emir gets angry when he sees the photo taken at Feriha's engagement with Halil. He asks her why she told him that Halil was her driver? Emir is so furious that is almost about to hit her with his fist. Feriha doesn't know how that photo came to Emir, but she suspects Cansu did it. The next day Seher tells Cansu that Feriha was very sad and she cried all night, congratulating Cansu for her well done work. Seher also tells Cansu that Emir wants to move again to another address. Cansu talks to Emir at the university asking him why he wants to leave his appartment (she would like Emir to remain there, close to her) and if it's because of that photo. He says that this has nothing to do with Feriha's picture. Feriha hears them and scolds Cansu for what she did, accusing her that she is unfair because she didn't tell Emir that she was forced to accept Halil as her fiance. Emir calms them down saying that he doesn't care about what happened last night, he cares that Feriha was engaged and lied to him in the past.

Coming back home, Feriha realizes that Seher must have given that photo to Cansu and just slaps her for what she did. But Seher pretends that she faints and rolls on the stairs. Gulsun finds her like this and Seher will keep saying that Feriha wanted to get rid of her and of her unborn baby (she found the perfect reason for a miscarriage). Seher acts as if something very bad happened, she pretends that Feriha pushed her on the stairs and calls Feriha "a murderer". Feriha tells everybody that Seher lies and plays a game because she was not really pregnant, but nobody gives credit to her, except Hatice. During that evening, Mehmet gets drunk and injures himself by accident with a piece of a bottle. Emir takes him and Feriha to the hospital. Riza goes to Emir's door after that, to thank for his kindness. Because Seher continues to insult Feriha, Riza shouts at her to stop saying such words in his house and wants to know how she was pushed on the stairs. Now Seher says that she just doesn't remember very well the whole incident. The next day Seher and her aunt move to their house and Mehmet soon moves there too. (Seher's aunt came to live at Riza's saying that she has to help her pregnant niece. In fact they didn't do almost anything, Feriha did all the housework.)

Sanem wakes up in the morning with Unal in her bed. They start a kind of relationship, but Unal doesn't want to get involved sentimentally for Sanem. When Emir finds out that his father is Sanem's lover, tells him about Levent and her cheating on Haldun with the professor. Now Unal is decided to finish his datings with Sanem. Nevbahar doesn't want to stay at the hotel anymore and asks Sanem to find her a house or something like that. Sanem makes her move into an appartment in her block.

Emir and Feriha have a talk one day and he tells her how much he wants her, and that she is the first woman who made him to fight for, that's why she is so important to him. He is nor sorry for that proposal to spend one night with him, because, again he says, he badly wants her physically too. Feriha gets angry hearing this and promises to him that before moving to another address he will have that night. She goes home and when the night comes, she starts preparing for Emir. She begins to make up with a fire-red lipstick, gets dressed with a white night-gown and goes upstairs when nobody sees her. Emir is impressed of how Feriha looks like and starts kissing her neck while she undresses...

Feriha and Emir episode 40 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 39-40 summary
Feriha trembles with emotion, fear maybe, and desire. They are in Emir's bedroom, but suddenly Emir goes in the hall and brings her the bath gown she had on when she came and tells her to wash her face and leave. Now Feriha is the angry one, asking him why he doesn't want her anymore? Emir takes her to the bathroom, washes her face and then she goes downstairs confused. Before getting in her house, Levent, who came to visit his mother, sees her bewildered and so lightly dressed. He takes her by car and have a ride together all night long. In the morning, Gulsun notices that Feriha isn't in her bedroom and Nevbahar sees her getting down from Levente's car.

Emir comes down and he starts a fight with Levent that is seen by everybody in the block: Cansu, Sanem, Nevbahar and other neighbours. Although both of them have blood on their faces, nobody wants to stop the fight. When Feriha and Gulsun come out of the house, they end their fight and get each one in his car. Emir moves in the hotel. Cansu wants to visit him but Emir behaves rudely to her. Cansu takes revenge by speaking ugly to Sanem. Seher takes the key from the appartment number 10 to search Emir's things. Feriha catches her and they start to argue. When Mehmet comes home they argue again. Very soon the neighbours complain about too many fights and arguments lately. Sanem wants to profit by this opportunity to get Riza sacked and out of their house and to find another doorman. The next day she announces a meeting of the houseowners in the block at her place, the main subject being if they keep Riza as their doorman or fire him. Koray is informed by Gulsun about this meeting and that Sanem wants to get Feriha's family out of their house, and from Koray Emir learns about it too. During the meeting, Sanem wants to have two negative votes (against Riza and his family), hers and Emir's, because Emir is not an owner of his house, and then he can't vote. But Emir suddenly appears and shows to everyone there the property certificate (he bought the appartment the previous day), so he has the right to vote and his vote is positive (for Riza being their doorman). His vote being decisive, Riza and his family are not sacked but they promise to be more silent and to avoid arguments and fights.

Unal, who thought that Emir ended with Feriha since he moved in the hotel, is very angry hearing that he bought appartment number 10 for a liar and poor woman such as Feriha. The episode finishes with Halil. He is in the hospice and he just pretends to take his pills. In fact he keeps them under his tongue and spits them after the doctor leaves. One day he hits a worker in the hospice, takes his clothes and escapes. Riza finds out and is suddenly very worried about his daughter's life.

Other actions in episode 40:
- Hande finally appears again but Koray is with Gulsun now.
- Nevbahar keeps a secret about herself and about Bulent. Levent only realizes that there must be something but she is not willing to open her heart yet.
- Levent confesses to Feriha that he really loves her.

The summaries are made after the original Turkish TV episodes of 2 hours each. 

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