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Feriha and Emir - episodes 33-34 summary

Feriha and Emir episode 33 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 33-34 summary
In the morning Unal comes to Etiler and sees Feriha and her parents going home. He greets Feriha and then Riza wants to learn where does his daughter know this man from? Emir takes his amazed father (who doesn't know Feriha's story) into his appartment. Riza scolds Feriha and she just tells her father that Emir is one of her colleagues. Riza beats Feriha badly and Unal hears her shouts when he gets downstairs, after visiting his son. Emir, who comes with his father to the door of the block, hears Feriha too, and calls Riza on the interphone so that he stop beating his daughter. When Riza understands that Emir lives in the appartment number 10, he doesn't let Feriha collect the garbage anymore. Eventually, Zehra puts an end to the fight, because she is very determined to not let Riza be violent with Feriha again.

Mehmet and Seher come to Riza's place because their house has burnt. Seher doesn't want to go to the hospital, so that nobody finds out that she is not pregnant. Now the small house is very crowded: there live Riza, Zehra, Feriha, Omer, Hatice and Gulsun and now Mehmet and Seher too.

At the university the gossip about Feriha is on everyone's lips. Everybody mocks at her on the corridors and laughs. She just walks without answering back. Emir doesn't come to school in the beginning, but Koray tells him that Feriha needs support so he decides to get out of his house. One of the students, Ilker, speaks badly about Feriha and Emir beats him. Then Emir meets Feriha in the toilet, telling her that the intrigue when Hande saw her collecting the garbage was not played by him.

At home, Feriha finds her ring in the kitchen and takes it back, but Zehra gives the ring to Seher again (I really don't understand this, but the series has many strange actions done by the characters). Seher goes to the bazaar and buys a cheap one giving it to Feriha and pretending it is the real one. Haldun is burried and then Cansu is again under psychotic treatment. Now the business started between Unal and Haldun must be continued by Sanem. Unal wants that Emir to be part of it too, but he doesn't like Sanem, he says he would prefer Cansu instead of her step mother. Unal rejects this idea, saying that he doesn't do business with a 19 years old girl.

Hasan comes to Zehra's place by car but he forgot his medicine at home and starts caughing violently. Later, Sophie comes to Zehra to tell her that Hasan is ill and that she wanted her to know it. Riza is informed from Omer's school that the boy is aggressive with his classmates and often skips classes.

Episode 33 ends with Emir reading Feriha's leter, brought to him by Aysun. He goes downstairs while Feriha goes upstairs to give him the ring back (but she has the fake one). They meet half way and they look one to the other.

Feriha and Emir episode 34 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 33-34 summary
Mehmet comes home so Feriha enters Emir's appartment and returns the ring to him. At home, Seher and Zehra notice that she doesn't wear the ring anymore and they comment on this subject. Later, Aysun who came to do the housework at Emir's, finds it and takes it back to the jeweller. The man checks it an sees this is a fake one. Aysun, thinking that Feriha was not honest, goes furious to Emir to tell him that the ring is a fake. Feriha hears her and shouts at Seher to give her the real ring. During the same day, Seher hears a conversation between Mehmet and Emir about the bank rate and understands that they are in a very difficult position.

Sanem finds out from her lawyer that most of Haldun's fortune belongs to Cansu now, including the business. She tells the lawyer that Cansu is mentally unstable and, anyway, she isn't at the proper age to administrate her inherited fortune. One day Sanem goes to the marina and finds out that Levent sold his yacht and lives in a hotel now and only Feriha knows its name. Eventually, Sanem finds out where Levent is and goes to inform him about Haldun's death and to try to be together again. Levent does not want her in his life, and tells Sanem that he indeed came on land and will find a job, for himself, not for her (as she thought). Sanem leaves saying that what is between them is not over yet.

Feriha is in bad moods for a long time, She doesn't want to eat and she is weakened. She even faints into Emir's arms and he takes her to the hospital. After several days, Seher wants to sell the ring in the bazaar so that she could get the money for the debt. She goes to a jeweller but the ring was the work of another famous jeweller, Ali. The goldseller recognizes Ali's signature on the ring and phones him right away. Ali asks him to make that woman stay there for a while, and he announces Emir that his ring is found. The goldseller tells Seher to wait because he sent someone to the bank to bring the money. In the meantime, Emir comes to the bazaar but he is amazed to see Seher selling the ring, because he thought Feriha wanted to sell it. Seher, seeing that she is caught, lies continuously, but finally begs Emir to not go to the police.

He calls Feriha, who argues with Seher when she comes to the bazaar. After that, Emir takes them by car and the two young women keep arguing. Emir stops the car on the seashore, gets out and saying that anyway Feriha didn't wear that ring, throws it into the sea. Seher shouts that 45,000 lira are gone! At home, Seher warns Feriha and Zehra that if they don't behave properly with her, she is hoing to tell Riza and Mehmet that Feriha has a boyfriend in Emir.

At the university the break is finished and the students are in the classrooms. Levent enters one of the classrooms and tells Emir to get out from his course. (Levent is a professor and now he got a job at the university where Feriha is a student.) One morning Zehra calls Sophie and asks about Hasan. Sophie tells her that her father is in bed with a lung illness because he was a miner. Zehra ends the conversation and asks Sophie to not call her at home again. Hasan has a severe lung seisure and falls to bed. Sophie dares to call Zehra and asks her to come to see Hasan, because it might be the last time to see him alive. Zehra enters Hasan's bedroom ...

The summaries are made after the original Turkish TV episodes of 2 hours each. 


  1. Why it is in turkish culture ....beating their own children????

    1. Their traditions are respected and the father or brother in a family is held responsible for the women's deeds and attitude. If the wife or the children don't completely obey their father, they are punished by being badly beaten, locked into the house and so on. It is considered normal in their traditional culture.

      The father of a family is a little dictator. The people living in big cities such as Istanbul or Ankara are more modern today, but those from the villages still respect their traditions of centuries.

      Feriha is beaten in this episode because Turkish girls are not allowed to have any kind of relationship with a man before getting married. And they still are married with a man chosen by their father, not one who they love. As I already said, the children must do what their father considers is the best, not what they want. Because if a young person does something not accepted by the community, it's his father failure, not his own.

  2. Does anyone know the name of the song that was played while emir hands the ring to feriha while she's looking for it in the bushes? I really love that song it's really lovely and I've been searching for that song everywhere and I still don't know what's it called. I can't find it nowhere. I would really appreciate it if anyone knows the name of the song. Thankyou

  3. ya its true even indian girls and girls frm many countries are living under such insane restrictions and then consequences occur if feriha or girls like her wont have been jeopardized by society or family then they would have been truthful without any fear.


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