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Feriha and Emir - episodes 31-32 summary

Feriha and Emir episode 31 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 31-32 summary
Sophie's father is Zehra's first love, Hasan. He was a miner and they loved each other very much, but Zehra's family decided to marry their daughter with Riza. Sophie wants to reveal to Zehra that this is also her second name, but Zehra is eager to go home because she is very nervous. Sophie just tells her that these are maybe the last days in Hasan's life.

The story of the diamond ring is found out by some neighbours. Because of the debt, Mehmet says to Seher that he changed his mind and can't marry now. Zehra goes to Seher aunt to take the ring back, but Seher doesn't want to, saying that if it is a fake (as Zehra claimes) why would she give it back, Mehmet can buy another one from the bazar whenever he wants. Zehra lies that the ring has a sentimental value for her family but she still doesn't return it. Later she will lie to Mehmet that she became pregnant, to force him marry her.

Emir keeps leading a messy life just to make Feriha jealous. When he comes home with another blonde and calls Feriha to bring him the appartment keys, she makes a scandal and gets the girl out of the block. Then takes Emir - who is a little drunk - to the mirror in his house and says that anytime he sees himself in a mirror, in fact he sees her. Then Emir goes back to school, but tries to keep a distance from Hande and Cansu. But Cansu wants very much that the whole university to find out who Feriha really is. Unfortunately, Cansu isn't aware that by doing this, Emir would be very disadvantaged. Cansu asks Lara to help her with her plans, but Lara refuses. Then, she makes a plan so that Hanmde to find out about Feriha's real family and then she will ask her help.

Aysun is very astonished when she figures out that her son still loves Feriha, after so many lies. Angry, she has an argue with Zehra, because she thinks that Zehra determined her son to move in their block. Feriha goes to Levent for advice again, and he tells her to come to him whenever she needs, not only to do the cleaning. Feriha talks to Mehmet and finds out that they can lose their small appartment and all their things if he can't pay the rate. Then Feriha goes and tells Levent about their desperate situation. He doesn't say anything, and a little later he goes to the Hills club to discuss with the club's accountant, because he wants to pay Mehmet's debt. The man can't give him the number of the account without informing Emir first. Levent says he will come in another day for an answer.

Sanem tells Haldun that Levent is an old family friend form Izmir (her native place). One day Cansu greets Yavuz, the driver, and Sanem, recognizing the man who follows her is scared. Cansu explains to her that he was the driver of her mother and in this way Sanem realizes that Haldun put this man to track her. Then, Sanem goes to Haldun's office, pretending to be hurt by his attitude and by the fact that he tracks her, as he has no reason to do it. Haldun shows her the pictures from the CD-ROM sent by Hande. Sanem says that hugs are normal between old friends. She gets out of the office and thinks that Emir must have sent the pictures. In the same day she has an argue with Emir, but he tells her that he doesn't care about her life and that she should keep her husband at home, because Levent must havean affair with Feriha, since he offers her large sums of money (he knows that Levent wants to pay the family debt). Hearing this, Sanem gets drunk until that evening and goes to Levent, who wants to end their relationship. Sanem asks him a last night before their separation. Haldun looks for her in her bedroom and finds an empty alcohol bottle. Imagining that his wife is on the yacht, he goes there and sees them kissing.

Feriha tries to persuade Emir to not take revenge from her parents. Emir invites her inside his house and tells her that he agrees, and proposes to Feriha to pay the debt by spending one night with him.

Feriha and Emir episode 32 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 31-32 summary
Feriha frowns at him so Emir says that maybe she keeps her love only for the captain (Levent)? Hearing this, Feriha slams the door and goes downstairs. The next day at school, Emir tells Feriha that Levent wants to pay the debt. She is amazed and goes to the marina. During the previous night, Haldun had a heart attack on the yacht and he couldn't open the box with heart pills. Sanem got down hearing the noise and saw Haldun, but didn't give him the pills, she took the box, waiting for him to die. Levent called at the hospital and Haldun was taken to the emergency, but it's too late. Haldun will die within days.

Mehmet believes Seher when she says she is pregnant and again wants to marry her. He finds out about Zehra's visit to Seher's place to ask the ring back and he gets upset at hos mother. Can, Emir's little brother, comes to him without telling Aysun that he leaves home. Can arrives in Etiler and meets Feriha, whom he asks why she doesn't want to be with Emir again? Emir is just coming downstairs, he takes Can at his appartment and then calls Aysun to come to pick Can up.

Hande finds out where Emir lives and comes with some friends to him, univited. Emir can't get them out. Koray is there too, but he defends himself saying that he has nothing to do with this new game of Hande. Gulsun, Feriha's cousin, immediately iamgines that there must be a trap, because it's time for Feriha to collect the garbage. Gulsun offers to replace Feriha, but she doesn't agree. When she knoks at Emir's door, everybody there sees her with the bin and they stay utterless with astonishment. Feriha says she is the doorman's daughter and she has come to collect the garbage. Emir is almost crying (he is humiliated in his society if they find out that he loves a poor girl.). Everybody leaves in silence, only Hande wonders how could Feriha lie about her parents, the hotel, the yacht and the captain?

Mehmet marries Seher and then the two newly wedded remain at Seher's place. Feyyaz, to revenge, puts a fire to their house during that night.

The summaries are made after the original Turkish TV episodes of 2 hours each. 

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