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Feriha and Emir - episodes 29-30 summary

Feriha and Emir episode 29 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 29-30 summary
Emir has moved in Feriha's block, at the last floor. Every day she comes to collect the garbage Emir gives her the garbage and closes the door without uttering a single word. When Feriha tries to talk to him, he is angry at her. Mehmet informs his family that he gets married with Seher and will go to ask for her. Haldun starts behaving very distant to Sanem. She even comes at the hotel - Haldun moved there - to be with him, but his attitude doesn't change. Haldun looks for the driver of his first wife and asks him to follow Sanem and to inform him about each move that she makes. Koray wants to know where Emir is and thinks that Feriha might know. But Feriha, understanding that Emir hasn't talked lately with Koray, tells him that she has no idea about Emir. Gulsun, who is there and who likes Koray, wanting to see him more often, tells him the truth, that Emir moved in the appartment with number 10 at the last floor. Koray visits Emir who is rude to him and says he doesn't need anybody.

Zehra, Riza and Mehmet go to Seher's place and ask her for marriage. Later, Seher warns Feyyaz that his wife will find out everything if he stops helping her and her aunt with money. Feyyaz seems to accept Seher's blackmail. Riza wants to take some money from the business opened by him and Veysel for Mehmet's wedding, but his neighbour gives him only 200 Turkish lira telling that they don't have money because their business works bad. Riza suspects that Veysel is not honest, but doesn't say anything. Zehra finds many similitudes with her native village in the house where she works as a maid and cook. All the time there are some weird coincidences and she cannot tell what happens. Sophia, the woman with a foreign accent who hired her, asks her to cook food like in her native village. Zehra is amazed about that, because Sophia claims she is a vegan person, but Zehra cooks meat too. One day Zehra hears some noises in the house, and Sophie tells her it is her father who has just come from abroad (Sophie lies here, in fact, Zehra cooks for this old man, but she doesn't know it yet), still she doesn't allow Zehra to go upstairs to see him. Being very curious, Zehra goes upstairs one day, and sees an old man listening to music - again from her native village - but can't figure out who he is because he is with his back towards the door.

Emir arranges things at the bank so that the debt of the Yilmaz family for the damaged car to be on his name only. Feriha is more and more attracted to Levent, as a confident. But Levente's love for her grows more. Feriha sees her ring on Seher's finger but Zehra calms her down saying that she will solve this problem. In the evening, Feriha and Mehmet go in the park and argue on the ring. Emir comes home and tries to stop Mehmet from being aggressive with Feriha, though, in fact, he wanted to draw attention to him, because he is with a beautiful blonde and takes her upstairs. In the morning Feriha tells Emir that if she lied to him, it's not necessary for him to become a liar too. Then she reminds him that he once told her that he would love her the way she is. Emir replies that he is not the same man anymore.

Lara blackmailed her father, but Tulin, who doesn't really want to divorce, scolds Lara and says she should mind her own business and not interfere between them. Lara can't accept to be passive, and calls Hande up to seek a good lawyer for her mother. Hande finds a young lawyer that will bring Lara flowers and will try to become her friend.

One evening Cansu is alone in her house and asks Emir to let her stay with him because she feels bored to be alone. They drink some alcohol and they fall asleep. In the morning when Feriha comes to knock at his door, Cansu opens and they are almost to fight one against the other. Emir gets Feriha out of his house, though she manages to tell him that his desire to take revenge will distroy him, without bringing any good thing. Cansu invites Emir to dine with her family.

During the dinner, Cansu and Haldun go to find some CD-s and Sanem tells Emir that Feriha forced her to lie, and that she must have a love-affair with Levent. Emir is so jealous hearing this, that he can't judge properly this information. The next day, Levent comes to Feriha to give her a compass, advising her to not lose control and direction. Levent will go away for a long time and wants to say farewell to Feriha. When he goes back on his yacht, Emir comes there and beats him so badly that Levent bleeds from an injure at his head. Levent falls in the sea and the water becoms red with his blood. Feriha has just come to the marina by taxi and sees Levent falling in the water.

Feriha and Emir episode 30 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 29-30 summary
Feriha runs to the place where Levent fell, shouting with dispair. Emir, seeing that Feriha is so scared, jumps in the water to get Levent out. Levent is taken to the hospital. Sanem manages to find out something about her lover, but doesn't know to what hospital he is. Haldun himself follows her. She finds the hospital and Haldun comes after her inside it. She must lie about her presence there, but now she realizes that Haldun must have followed her by car, otherwise he couldn't have known where she is. Emir surrends to the police without creating problems. Haldun wants to make a surprise to Sanem and takes her to the marina in front of Levente's yacht. He gets out and greets only her, because he doesn't know Haldun.

Zehra keeps going in the upstairs room every day, and once, Sophia finds her there. But nobody is in the room, except for the fact that the music is on. Zehra asks Sophie who is her father, because the music and the food, or other objects (for example, some beads found by Zehra generate old memories in her mind) are the same as in her native village. Sophie doesn't answer her, but later she calls her father and asks him why he still plays with Zehra?

Emir asks Zehra to do housework for him (he constantly tries to see if Feriha's family is a materialistic one) but she refuses telling him that she can look for someone to do it. Feriha is again on Levente's yacht and they talk about Emir jealousy. Levent thinks that if she stops working for him now, Emir will have the perfect poof that they are involved into a relationship. Levent makes Feriha understand that he is indeed interested in her. Sanem looks for Levente's yacht at the marina but the guardian says he sails with Feriha. Sanem goes back home and for the second time she notices a man following her (the one paid by Haldun). When he stops and speaks on the phone, Sanem verifies if Haldun's phone number is busy, so she realizes that Haldun put this man to follow her.

Seher wonders where she and Mehmet will live after their marriage. Mehmet tells her that they will live in her aunt's house, because she previously told him that her aunt would go to Germany (in fact Seher lied). Riza wants that Mehmet to work in his little company, and Veysel warns him that Mehmet can't take the money for his debt to the Sarrafoglu family from the company profits. Mehmet is called by Emir at the Hills club and he goes there alone, but Seher takes a taxi and arrives there too. Emir informs Mehmet that now the monthly rate is 26,000 Turkish lira and if he can't pay, the bank will take them all their properties (appartment and things). Mehmet is angry because the sum is very large for him. Seher wonders why does Mehmet hide from her that the ring costs 45,000 lira, that he meets rich people such as Emir Sarrafoglu and goes to fancy places such as Hills club?

Zehra wants to leave Istanbul, mainly because Emir promised to take revenge from Feriha's relatives. Moreover, she finds out that not Rumeysa recommended her to Sophie (as she told her), so Zehra starts being afraid and warns Sophie that she goes to the police. In that moment Sophie's father comes downstairs and Zehra is amazed seeing him. (Because he is someone from her past, before marrying with Riza) The school starts again. Cansu is now a newcomer. Feriha is alone and all her friends and colleagues form the university don't understand why. Koray goes to her and whispers in her ear that nobody knows what happend during the summer. Emir appears with Cansu and everybody is astonished. When Feriha and Cansu meet at the toilet, Feriha tells Cansu that Emir would never love her and she is now at his arm due to her, to Feriha. Cansu starts crying. Feriha and Emir have a long argument on this topic.

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