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Feriha and Emir - episodes 27-28 summary

Feriha and Emir episode 27 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 27-28 summary
Cansu is bewildered that Feriha is indeed Emir's girlfriend. Shocked, she gets out and walks on the street without being careful at the cars. A car hits her and she is taken to the hospital. Sanem and Haldun want to prove that the driver is guilty but their lawyer advises them to not do that because it was not the driver's fault. Haldun understands that his daughter left home without announcing them, therefore he decides to be more careful with her medical treatment. Advised by a psychologist, he takes into consideration to find a hobby for Cansu, or to give her a job at the restaurant, to distract her attention from Emir.

Zehra goes to that woman speaking with a foreign accent and accepts the job only if she is correctly paid, not more. She wants to be paid for what she does only. Zehra is hired to do housework and to cook. Feriha is with Levent on the yacht and Emir calls her up. She lies that she is alone and then, Levent ask her something, so Emir gets upset with her because she lied to him. Later, when Sanem comes to Levent, a man paid by Hande takes photos of them to be used in a blackmail by the blonde. Mehmet, who lives with Seher now, finds Feriha's diamond ring and, not knowing its value, takes it and offers it to Seher. When Feriha asks about it, Mehmet says he doesn't know anything about any ring. Cansu is watched by Sanem at the hospital. Fortunately, she is not injured, she only had a shock after the accident. When she recovers, she tells Sanem what she saw and Her step mother advises Cansu to take revenge in small steps, by making Emir aware that Feriha is not who she pretends to be.

Cansu manages to be introduced to Emir by Unal. During their conversation Emir tells her that Feriha learns at the same university and that her father works in the tourism industry. Cansu thinks that Feriha is indeed a great liar, but in fact, Feriha has never said something like that. Her guilt is that she let her friends imagine what they wanted in certain situations. Cansu asks Emir to come with her at home because she must take some documents for her father. When they arrive in front of the door, Emir says that this is Feriha's apartment, but Cansu answers him that she lives in the apartment from the basement, not here. Emir is confused. Cansu calls Zehra at the interphone, knowing that it is exactly the hour when Feriha must collect the garbage. Cansu opens the door and Emir sees Feriha with the bin coming for the garbage at every door in the block.

Feriha and Emir episode 28 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 27-28 summary
Emir is astonished and feels like an idiot. He runs away on the stairs and Feriha shouts that she can explain everything. Emir just gets in his car and leaves that place in a big hurry. A paparazzo (photographer for glossy magazines) takes pictures of him, and he gets down to beat that man. A little later, Unal is contacted by the magazine concerning the incident, and he calls his son, but Emir is on the sea shore and throws his mobile phone in the water. Emir goes home and revises all his memories when Feriha didn't say anything and he imagined that Sanem was her mother, and so on. He realizes he was the one who believed some apparences and gets angry. He contacts Haldun and now learns the truth: that Haldun is Cansu's father, Sanem is his second wife and that he doesn't have any yacht.

Hatice, Riza's sister, was left by her husband for another woman, and Zehra tries to calm her down. Koray suspects that Emir is si different from his usual moods because of Feriha and wants to go at her place to talk to her, but there, Mehmet comes and beats Koray, thinking he is Feriha's lover (he remembers the picture from the glossy magazine). Later he finds Feriha and understands everything about her real social condition. Then he meets Gulsun (Feriha's cousin, who will become Koray's wife later), and asks her to tell Feriha that he is by her side, because she also stayed by his side when he went through difficult moments. He tells Gulsun that Emir lives in his house. Feriha will come several times at Koray's gate to wait for Emir, but when he sees her, gets very angry and can't talk to her properly. Towards Koray, Emir admits that he is madly inlove with Feriha and can't live without her, in spite of all her lies. Feriha again asks Levent to help her, but being on the yacht, she is not careful and falls into the sea. Levent saves her and takes her home.

Mehmet decides to marry Seher. She shows the ring to her aunt, but the woman notices that it must be a very expensive ring and goes with Seher to a jeweler to find out that the ring values about 45 thousand Turkish lira. Hande sends the pictures with Levent and Sanem to Haldun Yilmaz (Yilmaz is, in fact, the family name of Feriha). Unfortunately, the envelope with the CD containing the pictures arrives on Haldun's table. One day he opens the envelope and plays the CD-ROM on his laptop. In the next episode we see Haldun paying a detective to follow his wife.

Emir is very angry all the time and argues with everybody. Cansu keeps inviting him at her place, so Emir finds out that the apartment above Cansu's is free. He will immediately move there, to be close to Feriha, even if he doesn't want to see her.

The summaries are made after the original Turkish TV episodes of 2 hours each. 


  1. Thanks...nice update...i think emir will forgive feriha now.

    1. He will forgive her, but not now. They will pass through something very ugly because of Halil, who gets out of the ospice. Only then, facing death, they will be together again, and Emir will understand that character is much more important than social background.

    2. And still... :) they will marry and then divorce. And again marry in the last episode, but, as usual in the Turkish dramas, Feriha dies, shot by an unknown person, at her wedding party. It's a very sad ending of the series.

    3. It's not shown, it's the last scene of the series - Feriha and Emir dance, a shot is heard and Feriha falls down in slow-motion. There are two possibilities: either Halil kills her, or Ece (an ex-lover of Emir who appears again while Feriha is in the United Staes with Levent, after her divorce. Ece and Emir are about to marry when Feriha comes back and Emir's engagement does not take place anymore).

    4. Sorry, I answered above using my other account.

  2. Can u tell me from where could I get all episodes of feriha...
    I'm a big fan of them
    Plzz tell me


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