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Feriha and Emir - episodes 25-26 summary

Feriha and Emir episode 25 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 25-26 summary
Here starts the second season of the series.

Feriha goes to Emir, because she has changed her mind concerning the letter she has already sent to him, but when she arrives at his place, Emir is already with a letter in his hands. He is sad, but still he hugs Feriha. Fortunately, it was not Feriha's letter, it is a message from Aysun who tells to her son that she has cancer and she cannot say how much time does she have. Feriha told Emir in her letter all the truth about her and gave him back the wedding ring, thinking that Emir would not want to marry her anymore, because she is poor and because she has lied to him for so long. At Zehra's the police and the ambulance come. Halil is arrested when Feriha comes home, he tells her that he did it (shot Zehra) for them (he and Feriha).

After three months.

The summer holiday is over. Cansu is now a student at the same university as Feriha and the others. Zehra is recovered, but she is changed, she seems more humble and thoughtful (perhaps because the actrice, Vahide Gordum, found out she had cancer during the shooting of this series. Later she will be little by little out of the episodes, and finally Zehra doesn't appear anymore, the character being sent in the countryside with Omer. It was the time when Vahide got treatment for her illness.)

Feriha and Emir - episodes 25-26 summary
Feriha is away from Istanbul, and Riza's relatives (Hatice, Riza's sister, and her daughter Gulsun) came to live and help with housework and cooking. Halil is at the psychiatric hospital. Feriha comes back to Istanbul, but first she goes to Emir's place and understands that her letter was found by Aysun, who starts hating her. Aysun is convinced that Feriha did all these because they are a rich family and she is a materialistic girl who wants just Emir's money. Aysun puts the letter and the ring into her purse without intending to show them to her elder son. She takes Feriha at home by her car, and she has the occasion to meet Zehra, who was sweeping the pavement in front of the block.

Sanem goes to the marina to look for Levent. Then she remembers: Haldun stopped her when she wanted to leave home for good, announcing that she was going to rent a yacht. In fact she wanted to go away with Levent, but his yacht was not there and Sanem had to go back home. Now, in the present, Sanem finds Levent and scolds him for not telling her that he would go sailing for one month. Levent just tells her that he doesn't have a mobile phone, and she knew it.

Feyyaz is in the countryside with his wife and Seher talks with her aunt about her marriage with Mehmet. Her aunt doesn't agree with this marriage, because Mehmet is poor and he hasn't got any job, but Seher wants to marry him, to punish Feyyaz (she imagines that Feyyaz will be jealous). Riza and Zehra don't like Seher and Riza tells his son that he saw Seher kissing Mr. Feyyaz. Mehmet can't believe that and as a protest against his father, he goes to sleep a whole night in the park.

Aysun starts seeking information about Feriha. Hande tells her that indeed, Feriha turned Emir from the night life heir into a white prince. Then, we find out that Hande spent the summer holiday with Koray, as lovers, but she is not happy because she loves Emir, and she doesn't want the others to learn about this relationship. Koray gets upset when he realizes that Hande was not sincere. Hande plays another game to Feriha. Everybody is invited on a rented yacht, but finally they ask Feriha to take them on a ride with "her" yacht. Levent accepts to be in this game, for the sake of Feriha whom he loves. When they are back in the marina, Sanem comes to Levent to question him why he accepted to lie? A little later, Emir comes back on the yacht because he forgot his car keys and sees Levent and Sanem kissing. Astonished, he feels like telling to someone what he has just seen and goes to Koray. There, Hande hears all the conversation because she is hidden in the bathroom. Emir feels pity for Feriha, and understands her, because he also lived with an infidel father.

One day Emir drops by Feriha's and sees Aysun's car parked there. Aysun is inside, because she wants to have a talk with Zehra. Feriha comes home and is amazed to see Aysun in their living room.

Other actions in this episode:

- Haldun wants to become business partner with Unal and to open another Hills club in his hotel. Sanem doesn't agree at first.
- Cansu starts throwing her pills over the window.
- Tulin decides to divorce.

Feriha and Emir episode 26 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 25-26 summary
Aysun gives back to Feriha the engagement ring telling her that she can't put it asside, as if it was booked, once she accepted. Then she scolds Zehra because she didn't do anything when she realized that her daughter was lying so much. Though, Aysun still believes that Feriha is after her son's money and doesn't really love him, since she told him so many lies. When she gets out, Emir, who has been waiting in the car, sees Sanem and greets her, introducing her to Aysun as Feriha's mother. Aysun is astonished at the dimension of the mistification woven by Feriha. She couldn't believe her eyes that a person such as Sanem could also be involved in her spider web of lies.

Aysun asks Feriha to come to talk over a cup of tea, at a teashop. There she says to Feriha that she must tell Emir the whole truth, because he does not know the real Feriha, so he does not love the real one. He loves the unreal one. But though, she accepts a delay, because Emir's birthday is coming. Seher dominates Mehmet more and more every day. She even wants him to make a choice between her and his family. Mehmet eventually chooses Seher. Zehra warns her future daughter-in-low that she shouldn't expect anything good from her and Riza. Emir is confused because of what he saw (Sanem and Levent), and he doesn't understand why Haldun is never on his yacht. Feriha answers that Levent is the captain and that Haldun trusts him very much. Feriha, who gained confidence towards Levent, starts asking for his help to understand her situation and to guide her to truth again. One day Emir goes to Levent pushed by jealousy. Levent, wisely, says that he might have seen some things, but they are not what they appear to be and that he may not know very well what he really saw.

Unal and Haldun start seeing each other to talk about them and their future business. Aysun finds the opportunity to learn things about Feriha's family. For example, Unal reveals that Riza and Zehra didn't take the money he offered when Mehmet made the complaint against Emir. When Unal and Haldun have a lunch together with their wives, Sanem is in a very delicate situation, because Emir had previously introduced her to Aysun as Feriha's mother. When Aysun hears that Cansu is Sanem's daughter, frowns at her, and Sanem gets up to go to the toilet. Aysun joins her, just to humiliate her more. Later, Sanem goes to Levent to tell him that she wants to divorce, but he gets elegantly rid of her, saying that Pelin, her daughter, can't live all her life on a yacht.

On Emir's birthday, he and Feriha spend all the day together and in that night there is a party at Hills for Emir. Feriha announces Zehra that she won't come early at home. Haldun and Sanem were invited by Unal, but Cansu is supposed to stay at home. Though, Cansu waits for her parents to leave home, then she dresses and gets out to see Emir at Hills. She arrives there on time to see Feriha and Emir pasionately kissing....

Feriha and Emir - episodes 25-26 summary
Other actions in the episode 26:

- Lara and Tulin go to a lawyer to start the divorce procedures.
- an unknown young woman with a foreign accent wants Zehra to come to her place to be a maid, twice a week, but she will be paid for the whole week. Zehra is going to give an answer soon.
- Koray is upset with Hande, who declared that loves Emir. They are again separated.

The summaries are made after the original Turkish TV episodes of 2 hours each. 


  1. My mother watch this show here. episode 88 was written when it started....????

    1. The summaries are made after the original Turkish TV episodes of 2 hours each, without commercials.

      If in your country there is episode 88, your television redimensions them.

    2. If in your country one episode lasts 40 minutes (without commercials/ads) it means that you are at about the 30th Turkish episode.

  2. В кой епизод емир спи с руя за да накаже фериха

    1. The first date between Emir and Ruja is not shown in the series, she just appears when she found out that she was pregnant, but in fact it was not Emir's baby.

      Google translate: Первая дата между Emir и Ruja не показано в серии, просто она появляется, когда она узнала, что она была беременна, но на самом деле это было не Emir на ребенка.

    2. Google translate, Bulgarian: Първата дата между Емир и Ружа не е показана в поредицата, само че тя се появява, когато научила, че е бременна, но в действителност това не е бебе емира.

  3. I like this show because whenever I watch this show I fill turkey culture almost same to the Indian culture.

  4. I like this show because whenever I watch this show I fill turkey culture almost same to the Indian culture.

  5. I'm a 16 years girl from Lesotho, I loved these show the first time I watched it which is these year. I'm always watching the show on Sundays because I'm a student so I really love these show. My favourite characters are Feriha and Emir, I wish these show will not have the END and I really pray for these.


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