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Feriha and Emir - episodes 23-24 summary

Feriha and Emir episode 23 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 23-24 summary
Emir shakes hands with Sanem who must play after Feriha's game. Levent doesn't understand at first what's happening but he keeps silent. Feriha, very nervous, leaves the 500 euros on a table and hurries Emir to go home. On the way, Emir talks disrespectfully about Mehmet's family and Feriha gets angry saying what if she was the doorman's daughter and Mehmet, her brother? Emir finds this idea very unrealistic and thinks that Feriha is too concerned about poor people.

Mehmet doesn't make complaint against Feyyaz at the police, and Feriha is upset, because he accused Emir of beating him, and Emir is innocent, but he doesn't accuse Feyyaz who is guilty. Zehra finds a picture of Seher under Mehmet's pilow, and she understands why was his son beaten. Later, Feyyaz thinks that it's good for Seher to have a boyfriend as Mehmet, because his own love affair with Seher must stay hidden. Zehra, on the contrary, doesn't like Seher at all and tries to keep her son away from her.

Sanem is afraid of Feriha and tries to talk to her. They agree to keep silence about what each of them saw: Feriha won't tell anybody that Sanem has a lover, Sanem won't tell Feriha's family that she has a boyfriend. Zehra keeps going to work on Levente's yacht and Feriha doesn't agree with it, but Zehra needs money. Then Feriha persuades her mother to stay at home, or look for another job, because she will go on the yacht from now on. Later she begs Levent to tell her mother that he doesn't need a maid anymore but Levent does not accept this idea, saying that he is satisfied with Zehra's work and everybody should mind his own business.

Veisel, who promised to pay the loan made by Riza, doesn't pay anything. He lies to the bank that Riza has changed his phone number and that they will talk only to him (Veisel) from now on. Veisel promises to the bank agent that he will tell Riza to go and pay the rates. (But he never does it.) Some relatives of Riza announce them that they moved to Istanbul and invite Riza and Zehra to dinner. Being late, they remain at their relatives during that night and both Mehmet and Feriha take advantage on this occasion. Mehmet spends the night with Seher and Feriha goes to Emir, prepares dinner and breakfast for him and both spend some good time together. In the morning Emir decides to buy a diamond engagement ring for Feriha and to ask her to marry him.

Cansu tries hard to learn for the entrance exam at the university. Lara discovers that their young maid, Nataly, has a love affair with her father. Tulin doesn't know anything, yet. Zehra goes to the strange house to do the cleaning, and a young woman tells her that she and her "uncle" (in fact she is the mistress of the houseowner who is married to that sick lady locked in the room) must leave abroad and that this is Zehra's last day in that job. But suddenly Zehra hears the sick woman shouting that they want to kill her. Zehra hits the houseowner with a vase and he faints.

Emir buys a diamond ring and prepares a surprise for Feriha bringing in his garden a machine for artificial snow. He invites Feriha in the garden where it's like in winter time and asks her to marry him. Feriha waits ...

Feriha and Emir episode 24 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 23-24 summary
Feriha starts crying and knees next to Emir. She can't take the ring in that moment. She runs away leaving Emir very confused and sad. Zehra goes to the police and we find out that the sick woman was declared as missing for a long time because she was not seen and her relatives thought her dead. The policemen believed that her husband killed her for money, because she was rich. In the evening, Feriha goes back to Emir who is still in the garden, with a bottle of alcohol. She tells him that their love is true, but she doesn't deserve that ring now. She must deserve it first, and then she will accept it. Emir doesn't figure out the hint, that their love is real, but some facts are not. Emir tells her that he can wait for her as long as it is necessary. Feriha takes the little box with her. Emir gives her a ride home and kisses her good night, but in that moment, Sherife, Halil's mother, sees them.

Halil had also seen Feriha with Emir previously. Sherife goes to Riza to tell him that his daughter is not a good girl and stays up late at night in the city and she is often seen with a man. Eventually, Sherife and Riza start arguing. Feriha shows the ring to her mother telling that Emir proposed to her. Zehra is proud of her daughter but is also worried about her lies. The news spreads little by little, and Emir's parents, Unal and Aysun, will find out about it. They meet and talk about their son's decision, Aysun wondering who Feriha is? Both conclude that this Feriha must have forced Emir to propose her. But Unal believes it must be love between them, too.

Halil follows Feriha and one day stops her and asks her why she is with Emir? Mehmet comes and then Halil and Mehmet threatens one another. Unfortunately, Halil gets very angry and decides to do unusual things (he has a mental disorder but now it's only the beginning). Zehra receives by mail a cheque of 30.000 Turkish lira from the sick woman that she saved. She and Riza decide to open a bank account with it. Feriha gives back to Levent a CD with a movie he recommended her to watch. She claims that her player isn't working, so Levent plays the CD on his laptop. In the meantime Sanem drops by and doesn't like seeing Feriha and Levent on the bed watching a movie. Feriha goes home and Sanem wants Levent to get her sacked for good.

In the evening Cansu and her parents go to the Hills club where Emir and Koray spend their free time too. Cansu is eager to speak with Emir, but Sanem drops a glass of red wine on her dress, so that Cansu can't get up from her chair the whole evening. After Hande finds out that Emir proposed to Feriha she again starts playing her dirty games. One night she gets drunk and goes to Emir to tell him that she loves him. Koray, who was there too, hears her and becomes sad, because he really loves Hande for a long time, and because they are lovers for several days.

Aysun starts dating Feriha to know her better and to be sure that her son won't be disappointed in life. Feriha, later, writes a confessing letter to Emir and posts it. Lara finds new evidence that Nataly is her father's mistress. Sanem has an argue with Haldun and leaves him going to Levent. Haldun follows her untill she gets to the marina. Mehmet gets engaged with Seher, without his parents to know it. Accidentally, Riza sees Seher, twice, in the company of Feyyaz and understands that Seher is Feyyaz's mistress. Halil, who starts inventing things and lost his mind control, shouts at Zehra that she is a snake, thinking that because of her Feriha broke their engagement. Zehra gets him out of her house but Halil pulls a pistol and shots her ...

The summaries are made after the original Turkish TV episodes of 2 hours each. 


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