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Feriha and Emir - episodes 19-20 summary

Feriha and Emir episode 19 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 19-20 summary
Fortunately, Cansu doesn't see the girl kissed by Emir, but when she arrives at home she searches on the internet who is Emir's girlfriend. For a while, Cansu being obsessed with Emir's life, she will neglect school (she attends particular classes as a preparation for the entrance exam at the university). In the meantime Halil doesn't understand why Feriha gave him up and because nobody gives him a satisfactory answer, he starts secretly following Feriha, mainly to see if there is someone taking her from home or if she leaves home with someone.

Seher, who has a complicated love affair with her patron, Feyyaz, who is married, gets upset when he announces that he is going to have a short vacation with his wife. Seher hoped he would divorce and marry her, but time passes by and her expectations do not become reality. As a revenge, she spends one night with Mehmet and the next day tells him (Mehmet) that she had another man in her life who left her, and she doesn't want to be heartbroken again. Later during that day she begins to spread the news that she is Mehmet's lover, so that she forces him to marry her. Zehra starts looking for a good job and a woman whom she doesn't know, hires her for a house owner who needs a maid. But from the beginning she notices that there must be some weird things happening there. In a room, which is locked almost all the time, she is not allowed to clean at all. She is told that inside it there is a sick old woman that under no circumstances must be disturbed.

Halil goes to the university and has a fight with Emir. Koray suspects that something must have been between Emir and Hande, because he finds out that Hande spent a night in his house and that Emir went at the motel to bring her back home. Cansu invites Feriha in her appartment to chat about Emir, expecting that she would tell her who is Emir's girlfriend. Feriha tells the truth: that she is not Koray's girl, she is Emir's. But Cansu, being sure that Feriha mocks at her, starts laughing and says that Emir wouldn't even look at someone like Feriha. Then Cansu gets angry, accuses Feriha of lying and pushes her to the door to get her out. Sanem is just coming home and sees Feriha pushed on the stairs but doesn't understand what happens. Cansu tells everybody that Feriha mocks at her that she would be Emir Sarrafoglu's girlfriend. Lara asks Cansu what's so funny about it? Cansu replies that Emir would never date such a poor girl as Feriha. Things go worse for Cansu when a letter arrives, from her meditators, and Haldun learns that his daughter has bad results. Cansu accuses Sanem for her bad results, because Sanem is always criticizing her actions and that's why she lost confidence and selfesteem. Sanem defends herself revealing that Cansu is interested only in Emir's life and glossy magazines. Then Sanem and Haldun have an argument that ends when Sanem leaves home to go to Levent. Cansu starts trembling and Haldun will have to take her to the hospital. Sanem sets her mobile phone on silent mode, and only in the morning sees that Haldun called her desperately and finds a text message from him.

It is Koray's birthday. Koray, Emir, Feriha and Hande get on a particular plane and fly to a vacation house. (Zehra has to lie to Riza that their daughter is spending the night with an old woman who has heart problems.) At the vacation house Feriha cooks for everybody and Koray drinks too much. When Koray gets inside to bring another bottle of wine, Hande goes after him to stop him drinking, but Koray asks her if she and Emir had a love affair together. Feriha wants to go to the bathroom and unwillingly hears their conversation, and because Hande doesn't answer to Koray she believes that Emir cheated on her with Hande.

Feriha and Emir episode 20 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 19-20 summary
Hande didn't say anything because she saw Feriha on the stairs and wanted her to think that Emir spent a night with her. Unfortunately, Koray suspects the same thing seeing that Hande avoids a direct answer. Feriha, bewildered, gets out of the house through a back door and leaves them without saying anything. Koray, drunk, gets angry at Hande and breaks a bottle, but cuts himself badly exactly at the wrist so he starts bleeding heavily and faints in a short time. Hande and Emir hurry to take him to a hospital. Emir calls Feriha who tells him that she knows everything and he can go to hell. Then she takes a bus back home.

When Zehra learns what happened, she is by her daughter's side. Mehmet is in love with Seher and declares it to her. Feyyaz sees them together and threatens her with sacking off from the shop. She says that because he is married, he has no rights upon her. Emir comes to Feriha's block and gives Zehra Feriha's purse, forgotten at the vacation house the day before. Cansu comes back from the hospital with the diagnosis of "panic seisure".

After Koray is recovered, at the university all the 4 friends start an argument on the topic of Emir and Hande's love affair. Other colleagues come to amuse and watch them making scandal. Hande goes on with her intrigues and games. One day Zehra hears Hande admitting it was nothing between her and Emir, and Zehra hurries to tell it to Feriha, so she doesn't suffer anymore. Feriha gaining confidence, finds Hande at the university bar and tells her loudly, to be heard by the others, that she is a liar and that Emir doesn't like her and he wouldn't spend a minute with her. Then Hande calls Koray up, leaves the mobile phone on (so that he hears her conversation) and scolds her friend for having told to Feriha that she hadn't slept with Emir. In this way she wants to determine Koray return to her.

But now Feriha thinks that she lost Emir for good. Zehra has injured her ankle and sends Feriha on Levente's yacht to clean there. She is taken by Sanem in her jeep, and exactly in that moment Emir comes there and starts following the jeep. Seeing that Feriha gets on the yacht, he believes that it is her parent's yacht. Riza is announced by the bank that the rates for the car are bigger, because Unal Sarrafoglu wants them to pay faster. Hearing this he has a heart attack. Zehra still goes on the yacht wondering if Feriha can manage all the cleaning by herself. When she arrives at the marina, Emir is still there and she doesn't know what to do: to stay or to go back?

 Other actions of the episode: Unal wants to help her ex-wife by paying treatment in the U.S. Though, she doesn't want to accept help from him.

The summaries are made after the original Turkish TV episodes of 2 hours each. 

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