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Feriha and Emir - episodes 17-18 summary

Feriha and Emir episode 17 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 17-18 summary
Feriha faints when she hears on tv the news about Hande and Emir being at hospital, seriously injured. Zehra is the only one who figures out why her daughter has fainted. Later, Feriha geos to see Emir, in spite of her mother's interdiction. She calls Koray up to give him the bad news. Cansu finds it on the internet and gets panicked. Sanem has to go out to meet Levent (who lives on his yacht, and suggests him she can help him with a maid, thinking to give Zehra another good job), and calls Zehra to stay with Cansu who, as usual, overreacts and wants to go to the hospital to see Emir. While Zehra is with her, Cansu sees the news on tv and recognize the hospital, so she begs Zehra to let her leave there. Zehra hasn't many choices and joins her. Knowing that Feriha has arrived at the hospital already, Zehra wants to warn her that Cansu comes there too, but Feriha's mobile phone is off. Fortunately, Cansu isn't allowed to enter the hospital because she is not from Emir's family, but she insists that she won't go home unless she finds out if Emir is all right. Later, Haldun comes and takes Cansu home.

Feriha doesn't leave Emir and when he wakes up she promises to him that she is going to tell him a lot of things about her. The days pass and little by little Emir is getting well, while Hande's situation is still serious and she is connected to medical devices. Halil doesn't know where Feriha is, and starts asking her parents. They both lie to him, but tell him different lies, so Halil realizes that Riza ans Zehra are hiding the truth from him. One morning Riza tell him that Feriha is still sleeping, and Halil sees her getting down from the bus (coming from the hospital) after several moments. Right away he goes to Zehra and shouts at her, but Zehra tells him that she sent Feriha to buy something from the market and Riza didn't know about it.

Feriha and Emir - episodes 17-18 summary
After several days, Feriha decides to give up lying and gives Halil the wedding ring back, telling him that she is sorry but she didn't agree with this engagement. Halil pretends he is ok, he is not very upset, and offers to give her a ride where she wants (they are in a cafe). Feriha would like to go to the hospital because Emir is waiting for her, but Halil trapped her and drives on a different road. At home, Mehmet, Zehra and Riza are wondering why Feriha is not at home and where she could be. Mehmet knows she went to meet Halil, but it's late and she can't be contacted. Somebody rings their doorbell ...

Feriha and Emir episode 18 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 17-18 summary
At the door is Sherife, Halil's mother, who has come to ask if they know something about him because he wouldn't answer his mobile phone. Halil took Feriha somewhere out of Istanbul into an empty house which he said it would be their home. Feriha doesn't care about that house and eventually Halil must drive back home. He tells to his partents that Feriha broke the engagement, but doesn't mention about their going to that house. Mehmet feels unsecure about his job at Halil's shop, now that Feriha is not anymore his fiancee. Though, Halil says he is satisfied with his work and he can stay there, no matter what his sister did. Mehmet is also satisfied, because in this way he can daily see Seher, the vendor at the next shop. What he doesn't know, is that Seher is her patron's lover and that she is a materialistic woman.

Riza doesn't agree with the engagement breaking and wants Zehra to ask Feriha why she did it, but Zehra, knowing the truth, postpones questioning her daughter. Sherife comes very angry at their door and makes a scandal, while they give back the engagement gifts. Feriha is all day long at the hospital with Emir. Cansu wants to find out about him on the phone, lying that she is a relative, but those from the hospital don't give her any information. (That's strange, isn't it? :) Feriha is not a relative either, still she is with Emir all the time...).

Feriha and Emir - episodes 17-18 summary
After Hande and Emir recover completely, Lara and Tulin suggests Hande to organize a fashion show to raise funds for orphan children. One day Emir is invited at Hande's to talk about this fashion event and he comes with Feriha. The problem is that Zehra is there and comes with the coffees, and Feriha feels very embarrassed but her mother just looks harshly at her. Riza and Veisel open the new shop, but Riza doesn't know that his neighbour wants to profit by Riza's naivety concerning business and that Veisel lied to him when he told him he would pay the bank loan. In fact, Veisel will not pay a single cent and Riza will have another big financial problem later.

The fashion show day comes. Koray, Emir and their colleagues are models on the catwalk. Feriha, who intially didn't want to come, has changed her mind. Cansu was invited but she says she won't go, towards Sanem and Pelin. After the two leave for the show, Cansu gets dressed in a beautiful dress and arrives at the show almost at the end. She follows Emir who didn't see her coming. But Emir and Feriha are in a small hall pasionately kissing. Cansu is astonished ...

Other subplots of the episode: Zehra starts cleaning on Levente's yacht. Emir's mother has cancer but she doesn't want her sons to find out. On the contrary, Unal wants to tell Emir about it, but doesn't find a proper moment. Mehmet socializes with Seher on facebook and she pretends to be more and more attracted to him (in fact she wants just a naive husband to manipulate).

The summaries are made after the original Turkish TV episodes of 2 hours each. 


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