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Feriha and Emir - episodes 15-16 summary

Feriha and Emir episode 15 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 15-16 summary
Emir is astonished at how evil could Hande be during the night at the club, and understands that Feriha was innocent. Angry, he goes to Hande to tell her she must stay away from Feriha and leave her alone. Emir treats Hande in a very distant way, then she tries to beg for his mercy. Emir just hits her away and leaves. Koray, who is inlove with Hande, helps her to feel better. Now Emir is angry at Koray too, becasue he knew the truth and didn't tell anybody, because he wanted to protect Hande. Emir blames Koray for the problems he has with Feriha, and decides to go back home. Later, Hande leaves  nobody knows where.

Feriha keeps behaving like a stranger to Halil, while he tries to make conversation and to know her better. He noticed that at their engagement ceremony none of her university colleagues came, and asks Feriha why they didn't come. Feriha doesn't give a proper answer to him. At school, Emir stays by her side everytime when this is possible, and tells her that it was his fault to not trust her (he thinks he must have done some mistake since Feriha wants to split off). To really show her that he loves her, he contacts the theatre club of the university that are having a performance with a theater play during that day, and asks them to let him say a monologue in the opening. Feriha is in the hall, and when Emir starts declaring his love for her on the stage, a light spot emphasize Feriha, the rest of the audience being in the dark. (It's one of the most beautiful scenes of the whole series). Unfortunately, she can't tell him the truth (that she has a fiance now) and keeps saying that it is too late for them.

At home, Feriha has guests, their relatives from the countryside, and her cousin sleeps in her small room. In the evening she confesses to her cousin saying she is very sorry that she lied to Emir, because now she is madly inlove with him, and can't tell him the truth, although the pressure of her own lies is too heavy. Her cousin advises Feriha to try to tell the truth to Emir, because in this way she can test his love: if he really loves her, he will accept her the way she is. Feriha still wonders if Emir could ever forgive her for having lied to him from the beginning.

At school, Feriha loses the engagement ring, and when she notices that the ring is not in her pocket, starts looking for it. Emir finds it and asks her if this is what she was looking for ...

Feriha and Emir episode 16 synopsis

Emir thinks that the engagement ring is just a trick. When Halil comes to pick Feriha up, she leaves the ring into Emir's hand and goes home. Emir throws it in the grass. Halil thinks that Feriha has lost it and says they will go to buy another one. Zehra suspects that Feriha hides the ring to not be seen by Koray (after the magazine article and photo, she thinks that Feriha's boyfriend is Koray).

Feriha and Emir - episodes 15-16 summary
Cansu starts going at the gym with Lara, hoping that she will see Emir there. One day Emir comes at the gym too and Cansu is so emotioned that she almost faints into his arms. When she gets home, tell everybody about the incident exaggerating its importance. Hande can't be contacted and nobody knows where she could be, because she left her mobile phone at home on purposely. Her mother starts looking for her and making phone calls to every friend she had. Emir doesn't know where she is and doesn't care about Hande. Koray is thrilled by this news and starts drinking because he can't find her. Finally, Hande who is blind drunk, calls Emir to come to take her from a motel room.

At school, students have to develop some projects in pairs. Feriha has already a partner, but Emir arranges to make an exchange, so he becomes Feriha's partner during the whole school year at economy classes. Feriha tells Emir that she doesn't love him anymore, but they still remain partners for the project. As a consequence, Halil has again the occasion to see them talking and becomes very jealous, and wants to oblige Feriha to never talk to Emir. She explains to him that they have to do a project together and this thing can't be changed.

Emir goes to pick Hande up from that motel. On the way home, she reveaqls that she was the one who paid a photographer to take pictures and to write that article about Feriha and Koray because she thought they were having an affair. In her mind, being so sincere should determine Emir to appreciate her. Instead, Emir gets mad and makes an accident. Hande is very seriously wounded at her head.

Riza and Zehra find out about the accident on TV news.

Other subplots in this episode: Sanem starts dating Levente, an ex lover of hers, cheating on Haldun, her husband. Mehmet falls in love with the beautiful vendor lady who works at the shop next to Halil's shop.

The summaries are made after the original Turkish TV episodes of 2 hours each, non-commercial. 

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