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Feriha and Emir - episodes 11-12 summary

Feriha and Emir episode 11 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 11-12 summary
In the morning, Gunce comes to Emir; Hande, seeing her on the window, gets dressed in one of Emir's shirts so that Gunce to believe they had a romantic night, and then to tell Feriha about it. Gunce came to tell Emir the truth about what happened with her, Koray and Feriha during the last days, that all was about her pregnancy and that Feriha and Koray are not lovers. Gunce appreciates Feriha for what she did, because she was the only person to help her. Zehra and Cansu have an argument and when Cansu's behaviour degenerates, Zehra decides to not be a maid in that house anymore. Haldun wants to pay her but she doesn't want to take the money and leaves. At home, Zehra tells her daughter how Cansu behaved and how she accused her (Feriha) for living at double standards (pretending she is rich at the university, and being humble at home). Then Feriha takes all the clothes given by Cansu and leaves them in front of Sanem's door. Lara, who is just coming from shopping, finds out what happened and takes Feriha's side, because she can't stand Cansu. As a consequence, Feriha is forced to wear cheap clothes for a while, but she is lucky because Lara and her mother, madame Tulin, suggest her to wear clothes from their fashion shop for publicity among the university students.

Mehmet is beaten by his gigolo friend, because he lost customers and money after Mehmet running away from a woman's house. Halil, the young man wanting to marry Feriha, is passing by and hearing that Mehmet owes 200 Turkish lira, helps him by offering Mehmet a job at his parents shop. Cansu, to get revenge, puts the magazine opened at the article about Feriha and Koray outside the apartment door to be taken to the bin. Riza is cleaning the stairs when he sees the article...

Feriha and Emir episode 12 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 11-12 summary
At first Riza considers Zehra guilty because she was too permissive with Feriha. When their daughter comes home, Riza beats her badly and keeps her locked in her room. Feriha tells Emir on the phone that everything must be over between them. Cansu finds out what happened and feels sorry, but it's too late now. Riza, still angry at his daughter, starts thinking to marry her against her will, as the best way to save her reputation, so he speaks with Halil's parents to come to them and ask Feriha to be his wife. Zehra, who married Riza forced by her parents, doesn't want Feriha to have the same fate, but for the moment she can't do anything but wait. Emir is confused because he doesn't understand what his fault is. He has the chance to speak with Feriha face to face once more, and she only tells him that everything is over and there is nothing else to be said. Emir meets Koray at the university and tells him about this unusual separation between him and Feriha. Hande is nearby and hearing this, she smiles very satisfied. Halil and his parents come to visit Riza and to ask for Feriha's hand. Cansu finds out about it and tries to contact Koray on facebook. Emir, being sad, gets drunk every night at his father's club and meets one-night-stand women. Every night he brings home another girl. Feriha must go to the university only with Halil and Mehmet, wearing the engagement ring. When Halil leaves, she hides the ring in a pocket. Riza is sorry for what he decided, but it's too late now and he must go forward with the engagement party. Koray gets back the CD with the compromising video in the club, makes some copies and gives one to Gunce suggesting her to watch the whole movie, to figure out why Hande was so concerned about it.

The episode ends when Halil, seeing that Feriha forgot her mobile phone in the car, comes inside the university yard to give it back, and notices that Feriha is talking to Emir about their relationship ...

The summaries are made after the original Turkish TV episodes of 2 hours each. 

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