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Feriha and Emir - episode 6 summary

Feriha and Emir - episode 6 summary
Sanem calls Feriha from her balcony, so Emir turns his head around and he is almost about to see Feriha carrying her basket with food. She rapidly throws it behind a car and goes towards him. Emir offers her a splendid bunch of white orchids, and remains with the idea that Feriha lives at the 3rd floor. Feriha puts the flowers in a bin, so her parents can't see them in the house. Zehra starts working as a maid in Hande's house and Feriha starts working in the restaurant owned by Cansu's parents. Zehra finds the orchids in the bin and looking up better, she also finds a note written by Emir. Then, she takes one orchid and puts it on Feriha's bed near the note, hoping she will tell her who is the boy that gives her flowers. Feriha, on the contrary, doesn't tell her anything about Emir. One day Riza hears some gossip about his daughter from a neighbour. Zehra loses a note with Emir's name on it at Cansu's and her mother scolds her thinking that Cansu didn't give up to her obsession for Emir. Cansu doesn't understand what happens, but she is going to investigate who wrote that note and who left it in her room.

Emir loves Feriha more and more, he comes in the evenings at her block and looks at the 3rd floor, hoping to see her in the balcony or at the window. One day they talk in the park nearby and Cansu hears them, so she goes at the window to see to whom Feriha is speaking. She sees them kissing, but she can't figure out who is the young man. Hande wants to get the CD with the video clip recorded at the club where the drug dealer appears on some images. Koray doesn't want to give it to her, because he knows Hande could use it to blackmail somebody. Therefore, Hande has to find another way to get that CD, and asks Gunce to help her. Gunce takes it during a visit to Koray who is her lover now, while he is in the batroom. Hande goes straight at home and rushes to watch the whole video on her laptop. Zehra, who is still cleaning in her house, hearing Feriha's voice, enters the room and sees her daughter dancing like a drunk woman.

The summaries are made after the original Turkish TV episodes of 2 hours each. 

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