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Feriha and Emir - episodes 41-42 summary

Feriha and Emir episode 41 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 41-42 summary
Riza decides that Feriha should go outside only with Gulsun or Mehmet, and they will lock their door all the time from now on. Emir does not understand too much so he asks Koray why are the Yilmazes so afraid of Halil? Koray calls Gulsun at his home and she tells them everything she knows about Feriha's engagement. Later, Feriha accepts to talk to Emir, and he figures out that she was obliged to make the engagement with Halil due to that compromising article and picture with her and Koray. Realizing that once again Hande was about to ruin someone's life, he tells Hande that he doesn't want to see her again. Ever. Mehmet finds out that Emir's vote was decisive for his family to remain there and he starts wondering why he helped them?

Sanem tries more times to make Nevbahar aware that Levent has a relationship with Feriha, which is not permitted, as he is her professor. Nevbahar is angry at Sanem because the life of her son can't be a topic of conversation, and gets her out of her house. One day, Cansu hears Sanem speaking with Nevbahar and tells her that she is too concerned about Levent and Feriha. Sanem understands that her jealousy has become obvious. Nevbahar wants to come to terms with Sanem and invites her to the New Year's Eve dinner. Levent and Bulent should be there too, but Bulent says that he doesn't want to stay at this symbolical family dinner and before going away, he pulls the table cloth and the dishes down. Sanem has just come and is amazed at what she sees on the floor of the dining room. Sanem gets out where Unal waits for her to spend the New Year together. Levent keeps asking where does Bulent go so often without telling to anyone?

Several days before, Unal told Sanem that he wanted to get Emir out of their business (because he bought that apartment with money from this business run by his father). The next day Unal terminated Emir's contract in the business without informing his son about it. Aysun doesn't agree with Unal and wishes to support her son even if he makes mistakes. When Cansu finds out about it, has an argument with Sanem, but she says that this was Unal's decision and that she doesn't involve in his personal life.

Previously, Cansu, Lara and Hande prepared the New Year party at Koray's. He doesn't like to stay there because of Hande and leaves to Emir. Seher complains that they are the only ones that do not spend the New Year's eve because of Halil. In fact, Halil has been watching Feriha all the time and follows her, but is careful to not be seen. It's New Year's eve now. Emir drinks champagne with Koray, Feriha and her family are in the living room playing scrabble (a kind of cross words on a table). Gulsun goes at apartment 10 to ask for a corkscrew and remains to drink champagne with Koray. Emir gets out to see the fireworks. Feriha is out too and Emir wants to give her his coat. Feriha gets angry and drops her keys but she doesn't notice now. Later Emir goes upstairs but his door is locked because Gulsun and Koray are making love. Feriha can't find her keys and suspecting that they must be outside she gets out again. Halil is there, and puts a handkerchief with a sleeping medicine on her nose, kidnapping her ...

Feriha and Emir episode 42 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 41-42 summary
Unfortunately, nobody notices that Feriha is missing until morning. Emir finds Feriha's mobile phone near his car. Everybody goes at the police station and declares everything they know. Now Riza finds out about that evening when Halil took Feriha to the empty house saying that it would be theirs after marriage. The policemen take into consideration this information and go to that house.

Indeed, Halil took Feriha there, but the house has other owners now, a woman and her son, who are kept there tied and threatened by Halil. He gives Feriha sleeping medicines taken from the hospice so she sleeps all the time. When the police comes at the door, Halil forces the woman to lie that she has been there for 6 months and doesn't know any Halil. In the meantime he stays in the bathroom with her boy, threatening to kill him if she doesn't do what he says. Feriha can't do anything.

The police start the investigation and ask all Feriha's neighbours if they saw something unusual in the New Year's Eve. Cansu saw Halil kidnapping Feriha, but she lies that she didn't see anything. When the police verify the records on the street video camera, they see that Cansu lied. Called again at the police station, Cansu says that she was drunk and didn't realize what happened when Halil took Feriha away in a van. Emir learns that Cansu was a witness but didn't say anything and gets very angry at her. Cansu starts trembling again and has a panic attack in front of Sanem and Unal. This is the moment when Unal learns that Cansu has some mental disorder and has developped an unusual obsession for his son.

Koray has his own problems, being sorry because he slept with Gulsun when he was drunk. Gulsun has been crying all the time since then, but everybody thinks that she is sad because of Feriha's kidnapping. Seher finds out accidentally that Gulsun spent that night with Koray and realizes the truth. Pretending that she is like a big sister to her, Seher asks Gulsun to tell her what happened, but the girl does not trust Seher.

Halil considers that Feriha can't see how much they love each other because of the devils, and one of the devils is Emir. He asks her for Emir's phone number and calls him, inviting him at the house. Emir comes right away but isn't aware that Halil trapped him. When he enters the house, Halil injects him in the neck with sleeping medicine ...

The summaries are made after the original Turkish TV episodes of 2 hours each. 

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Feriha and Emir - episodes 39-40 summary

Feriha and Emir episode 39 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 39-40 summary
Emir gets angry when he sees the photo taken at Feriha's engagement with Halil. He asks her why she told him that Halil was her driver? Emir is so furious that is almost about to hit her with his fist. Feriha doesn't know how that photo came to Emir, but she suspects Cansu did it. The next day Seher tells Cansu that Feriha was very sad and she cried all night, congratulating Cansu for her well done work. Seher also tells Cansu that Emir wants to move again to another address. Cansu talks to Emir at the university asking him why he wants to leave his appartment (she would like Emir to remain there, close to her) and if it's because of that photo. He says that this has nothing to do with Feriha's picture. Feriha hears them and scolds Cansu for what she did, accusing her that she is unfair because she didn't tell Emir that she was forced to accept Halil as her fiance. Emir calms them down saying that he doesn't care about what happened last night, he cares that Feriha was engaged and lied to him in the past.

Coming back home, Feriha realizes that Seher must have given that photo to Cansu and just slaps her for what she did. But Seher pretends that she faints and rolls on the stairs. Gulsun finds her like this and Seher will keep saying that Feriha wanted to get rid of her and of her unborn baby (she found the perfect reason for a miscarriage). Seher acts as if something very bad happened, she pretends that Feriha pushed her on the stairs and calls Feriha "a murderer". Feriha tells everybody that Seher lies and plays a game because she was not really pregnant, but nobody gives credit to her, except Hatice. During that evening, Mehmet gets drunk and injures himself by accident with a piece of a bottle. Emir takes him and Feriha to the hospital. Riza goes to Emir's door after that, to thank for his kindness. Because Seher continues to insult Feriha, Riza shouts at her to stop saying such words in his house and wants to know how she was pushed on the stairs. Now Seher says that she just doesn't remember very well the whole incident. The next day Seher and her aunt move to their house and Mehmet soon moves there too. (Seher's aunt came to live at Riza's saying that she has to help her pregnant niece. In fact they didn't do almost anything, Feriha did all the housework.)

Sanem wakes up in the morning with Unal in her bed. They start a kind of relationship, but Unal doesn't want to get involved sentimentally for Sanem. When Emir finds out that his father is Sanem's lover, tells him about Levent and her cheating on Haldun with the professor. Now Unal is decided to finish his datings with Sanem. Nevbahar doesn't want to stay at the hotel anymore and asks Sanem to find her a house or something like that. Sanem makes her move into an appartment in her block.

Emir and Feriha have a talk one day and he tells her how much he wants her, and that she is the first woman who made him to fight for, that's why she is so important to him. He is nor sorry for that proposal to spend one night with him, because, again he says, he badly wants her physically too. Feriha gets angry hearing this and promises to him that before moving to another address he will have that night. She goes home and when the night comes, she starts preparing for Emir. She begins to make up with a fire-red lipstick, gets dressed with a white night-gown and goes upstairs when nobody sees her. Emir is impressed of how Feriha looks like and starts kissing her neck while she undresses...

Feriha and Emir episode 40 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 39-40 summary
Feriha trembles with emotion, fear maybe, and desire. They are in Emir's bedroom, but suddenly Emir goes in the hall and brings her the bath gown she had on when she came and tells her to wash her face and leave. Now Feriha is the angry one, asking him why he doesn't want her anymore? Emir takes her to the bathroom, washes her face and then she goes downstairs confused. Before getting in her house, Levent, who came to visit his mother, sees her bewildered and so lightly dressed. He takes her by car and have a ride together all night long. In the morning, Gulsun notices that Feriha isn't in her bedroom and Nevbahar sees her getting down from Levente's car.

Emir comes down and he starts a fight with Levent that is seen by everybody in the block: Cansu, Sanem, Nevbahar and other neighbours. Although both of them have blood on their faces, nobody wants to stop the fight. When Feriha and Gulsun come out of the house, they end their fight and get each one in his car. Emir moves in the hotel. Cansu wants to visit him but Emir behaves rudely to her. Cansu takes revenge by speaking ugly to Sanem. Seher takes the key from the appartment number 10 to search Emir's things. Feriha catches her and they start to argue. When Mehmet comes home they argue again. Very soon the neighbours complain about too many fights and arguments lately. Sanem wants to profit by this opportunity to get Riza sacked and out of their house and to find another doorman. The next day she announces a meeting of the houseowners in the block at her place, the main subject being if they keep Riza as their doorman or fire him. Koray is informed by Gulsun about this meeting and that Sanem wants to get Feriha's family out of their house, and from Koray Emir learns about it too. During the meeting, Sanem wants to have two negative votes (against Riza and his family), hers and Emir's, because Emir is not an owner of his house, and then he can't vote. But Emir suddenly appears and shows to everyone there the property certificate (he bought the appartment the previous day), so he has the right to vote and his vote is positive (for Riza being their doorman). His vote being decisive, Riza and his family are not sacked but they promise to be more silent and to avoid arguments and fights.

Unal, who thought that Emir ended with Feriha since he moved in the hotel, is very angry hearing that he bought appartment number 10 for a liar and poor woman such as Feriha. The episode finishes with Halil. He is in the hospice and he just pretends to take his pills. In fact he keeps them under his tongue and spits them after the doctor leaves. One day he hits a worker in the hospice, takes his clothes and escapes. Riza finds out and is suddenly very worried about his daughter's life.

Other actions in episode 40:
- Hande finally appears again but Koray is with Gulsun now.
- Nevbahar keeps a secret about herself and about Bulent. Levent only realizes that there must be something but she is not willing to open her heart yet.
- Levent confesses to Feriha that he really loves her.

The summaries are made after the original Turkish TV episodes of 2 hours each. 

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Feriha and Emir - episodes 37-38 summary

Feriha and Emir episode 37 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 37-38 summary
Cansu is devastated seeing that Emir really loves Feriha and kissed her in front of so many people. Ferih, on the copntrary, thinks that Emir was just showing off, but Levent tries to tell her that Emir loves her very much. Levent asks her if she returns to Emir or if she keeps going on her way. She is confudes and she doesn't know what to do. She would go back to him, but her own lies stop her from running into Emir's arms. Levent advises her to make a choice, no matter what this would be. Then, he gives such homework to the students in the 2nd year so that they must find a project partner among the students in the 4th year. He has Feriha and Emir together again for this homework. Cansu has another reason to be sad and torn up. Sanem goes to the university to find Levent, because he is not anymore at the hotel. She enters his office to ask him how could he be interested in a retard person such as Feriha? Hande, who is on the corridor and has seen Sanem getting inside Levente's office, turns the interphone on, and hears all their discussion.

Nevbahar, Levente's mother, lives in the hotel with her other son, Bulent. Bulent is younger than Levent and is a rebelious guy who seem to have something against everybody. One day Sanem finds Seher in her appartment using one of her hand creams. She scolds Seher for entering the house just because the doorman has all the keys. Cansu saves her, telling that she called Seher inside and that she doesn't care if she is Zehra's daughter-in-law. Now Sanem accepts Seher to be their maid and cook, but when she comes, Sanem leaves home.

The next day there is the opening of the new Hills club at Sanem't hotel. Levent comes too, but he claims that he came to see his mother. The glossy magazines insert long articles and pictures about the event. Cansu gives one magazine to Seher asking her to show it to Feriha, because in the pictures there are Sanem, Cansu and Emir.

Feriha is called by Gulsun at their new home (Hatice and Gulsun found a job of doorman in another block and moved there) and because she is in a hurry, she can't find the keys anymore, so she goes out leaving the door opened. Emir comes to her while she is away, gets into her bedroom and embraces her pilow. This is how Feriha finds him when she returns.

Other actions in this episode:
- Sophie pays Mehmet's debt to Unal, as this was Hasan's last wish concerning Zehra.
- Koray and Hande are not anymore together.

Feriha and Emir episode 38 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 37-38 summary
Feriha shows her bedroom to Emir telling him that this is the room where she used to dream about him. Riza comes unexpectedly at home and Emir must stay in the bedroom. Finally Riza leaves without noticing Emir, but Mehmet comes and meets him. The two men start fighting, but Emir can't hit Mehmet because he is in Mehmet's house. Emir is saved by Hatice and Gulsun who drop by.

The next day Feriha feels pitty for Emir and tries to be by his side. Later, the accountant from the club informs Emir that an unknown person paid the debt. Emir thinks that Levent must be the benefactor and is jealous again. Levent does not admit that he paid the debt, but Emir can't believe him. He and Feriha argue again when they have to talk about their school project. Then, Sophie talks with Feriha over a cup of tea, telling her who she is, who Hasa was and that his last wish was to help Zehra with her financial problems. Feriha is amazed at hearing that her mother loved another man except Riza when she was young, and kept it as a secret. Emir learns from Unal that the debt was paid by a woman so he is calm concerning this issue.

Cansu is determined to separate Emir and Feriha. Seher finds a picture from Halil and Feriha engagement and asks Cansu 5,000 turkish lira for it. Cansu hesitates at first, but later she withdraws money from her account and buys the photo. Sanem finds out and Cansu shouts at her step mother that she does what she wants with her money, and that the hotel and everything are hers, not Sanem's. Sanem leaves very sad and angry to the hotel, she gets drunk and then Unal takes her in a room. During the next days, Sanem will try to make Unal her lover, considering that they both are free: he is divorced and she is a widow.

Cansu slips the photo of Feriha and Halil's engagement under Emir's door.

The summaries are made after the original Turkish TV episodes of 2 hours each. 

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Feriha and Emir - episodes 35-36 summary

Feriha and Emir episode 35 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 35-36 summary
Zehra talks to Hasan for the last time. Sophie wants to go back to Belgium and will send Hasan to his native village. Feriha doesn't like that Levent is her professor now and Emir starts wondering why is he teaching here if Sanem was his mistress? Emir keeps having an angry attitude towards everything and everybody: he makes scandal in the block, he doesn't agree with Sanem in the business partnership, he hurts his father reminding him that he cheated Aysun when he was young. Koray and Hande are still distant one another, so Koray starts to become close to Gulsun, Feriha's cousin.

Cansu's aunt from Canada (Haldun's sister) came to Istanbul and lives with her niece for a while. This woman can't stand Sanem and tells her exacly what she thinks every time when the occasion appears. For example, she shows to Sanem that her fridge is full of preserved food from the market and accuses her that she can't cook a proper meal for her daughters. She intends to take Cansu with her in Canada, but Cansu doesn't agree. Sanem realizes that the woman is right, because she is not a good housewife, and asks Tulin to find a cook for her. Tulin speaks with Seher who is glad to have such a job, because in this way she can learn new things about Feriha and her life.

Omer proves to be a problem-child. He steals things from his classmates, and one day Riza sees him buying drugs form a pretzels seller. After a kind of family council, they decide to send Omer and Zehra in the countryside until he grows a little, because there are far too many temptations for him in the big city. Zehra leaves crying her family and goes in the native village of Riza.

Feriha and Emir episode 36 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 35-36 summary
Feriha also cries for her mother and little brother. Seher is glad about it, because she believes that Zehra and Feriha played some games together to catch Emir in their net. Sanem begins the business partnership with Unal very soon after Haldun's burrial, because she wants to keep Cansu away from her inheritance. Unal thinks that this is a sign of professionalism. Sanem wants to come to terms with Emir but he says that she is just a substitute until Cansu is 21 years old and can legally run a business on her own. Aysun, in her turn, does not want Sanem as a business partner but Unal explains to her that he is experienced in doing business and that Sanem's private life has nothing to do with him.

Seher goes to Cansu's place to cook. She is paid with little money, she thinks, so Seher will find another method to get money from Sanem, and for the beginning she starts stealing little things such as a lipstick from the house. When Sanem finds out that Seher is Zehra's daughter in law, she sacks her. Seher tries to become close to Cansu telling her that she can't stand Feriha because she is a liar and that she is by Cansu's side. Riza is announced by Zehra to come in the village because Hasan died. They take part at his funerals and then Riza comes back to Istanbul on Feriha's birthday.

Emir has a conversation with Levent who tells him honestly that he is in the university for Feriha, because she needs support during this difficult period of time. A little later, Emir talks with Hande and understands that she sent the pictures of Sanem and Levent to Haldun, being, indirectly, guilty for his death. Hande learns from Cansu that the next day is Feriha's birthday and wanting to mock at her once again, she will prepare a very bad joke along with her colleagues. When Feriha opens the door of the classroom, she sees a little bin wrapped in a blue ribbon, as a gift for her. Levent and Emir want to find who is guilty for such a thing. Finally, Koray concludes that Cansu or Hande must be the ones who did it.

After a few days, Cansu sees Levent in the university and tells Hande that the professor is Feriha's lover. At home, Cansu tells Sanem that Levent teaches at the university and that he is Feriha's new lover. Sanem is very sad hearing this and goes to her room. Levente's mother comes to Istanbul and she finds accommodation in Sanem's hotel. Feriha and Emir have an argue in the school yard, in front of their colleagues. When Cansu, Hande and Levent come too, Feriha reproaches Emir that he is like a dog after her. Emir pulls Feriha towards him and kisses her.

The summaries are made after the original Turkish TV episodes of 2 hours each. 

Feriha and Emir - episodes 33-34 summary

Feriha and Emir episode 33 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 33-34 summary
In the morning Unal comes to Etiler and sees Feriha and her parents going home. He greets Feriha and then Riza wants to learn where does his daughter know this man from? Emir takes his amazed father (who doesn't know Feriha's story) into his appartment. Riza scolds Feriha and she just tells her father that Emir is one of her colleagues. Riza beats Feriha badly and Unal hears her shouts when he gets downstairs, after visiting his son. Emir, who comes with his father to the door of the block, hears Feriha too, and calls Riza on the interphone so that he stop beating his daughter. When Riza understands that Emir lives in the appartment number 10, he doesn't let Feriha collect the garbage anymore. Eventually, Zehra puts an end to the fight, because she is very determined to not let Riza be violent with Feriha again.

Mehmet and Seher come to Riza's place because their house has burnt. Seher doesn't want to go to the hospital, so that nobody finds out that she is not pregnant. Now the small house is very crowded: there live Riza, Zehra, Feriha, Omer, Hatice and Gulsun and now Mehmet and Seher too.

At the university the gossip about Feriha is on everyone's lips. Everybody mocks at her on the corridors and laughs. She just walks without answering back. Emir doesn't come to school in the beginning, but Koray tells him that Feriha needs support so he decides to get out of his house. One of the students, Ilker, speaks badly about Feriha and Emir beats him. Then Emir meets Feriha in the toilet, telling her that the intrigue when Hande saw her collecting the garbage was not played by him.

At home, Feriha finds her ring in the kitchen and takes it back, but Zehra gives the ring to Seher again (I really don't understand this, but the series has many strange actions done by the characters). Seher goes to the bazaar and buys a cheap one giving it to Feriha and pretending it is the real one. Haldun is burried and then Cansu is again under psychotic treatment. Now the business started between Unal and Haldun must be continued by Sanem. Unal wants that Emir to be part of it too, but he doesn't like Sanem, he says he would prefer Cansu instead of her step mother. Unal rejects this idea, saying that he doesn't do business with a 19 years old girl.

Hasan comes to Zehra's place by car but he forgot his medicine at home and starts caughing violently. Later, Sophie comes to Zehra to tell her that Hasan is ill and that she wanted her to know it. Riza is informed from Omer's school that the boy is aggressive with his classmates and often skips classes.

Episode 33 ends with Emir reading Feriha's leter, brought to him by Aysun. He goes downstairs while Feriha goes upstairs to give him the ring back (but she has the fake one). They meet half way and they look one to the other.

Feriha and Emir episode 34 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 33-34 summary
Mehmet comes home so Feriha enters Emir's appartment and returns the ring to him. At home, Seher and Zehra notice that she doesn't wear the ring anymore and they comment on this subject. Later, Aysun who came to do the housework at Emir's, finds it and takes it back to the jeweller. The man checks it an sees this is a fake one. Aysun, thinking that Feriha was not honest, goes furious to Emir to tell him that the ring is a fake. Feriha hears her and shouts at Seher to give her the real ring. During the same day, Seher hears a conversation between Mehmet and Emir about the bank rate and understands that they are in a very difficult position.

Sanem finds out from her lawyer that most of Haldun's fortune belongs to Cansu now, including the business. She tells the lawyer that Cansu is mentally unstable and, anyway, she isn't at the proper age to administrate her inherited fortune. One day Sanem goes to the marina and finds out that Levent sold his yacht and lives in a hotel now and only Feriha knows its name. Eventually, Sanem finds out where Levent is and goes to inform him about Haldun's death and to try to be together again. Levent does not want her in his life, and tells Sanem that he indeed came on land and will find a job, for himself, not for her (as she thought). Sanem leaves saying that what is between them is not over yet.

Feriha is in bad moods for a long time, She doesn't want to eat and she is weakened. She even faints into Emir's arms and he takes her to the hospital. After several days, Seher wants to sell the ring in the bazaar so that she could get the money for the debt. She goes to a jeweller but the ring was the work of another famous jeweller, Ali. The goldseller recognizes Ali's signature on the ring and phones him right away. Ali asks him to make that woman stay there for a while, and he announces Emir that his ring is found. The goldseller tells Seher to wait because he sent someone to the bank to bring the money. In the meantime, Emir comes to the bazaar but he is amazed to see Seher selling the ring, because he thought Feriha wanted to sell it. Seher, seeing that she is caught, lies continuously, but finally begs Emir to not go to the police.

He calls Feriha, who argues with Seher when she comes to the bazaar. After that, Emir takes them by car and the two young women keep arguing. Emir stops the car on the seashore, gets out and saying that anyway Feriha didn't wear that ring, throws it into the sea. Seher shouts that 45,000 lira are gone! At home, Seher warns Feriha and Zehra that if they don't behave properly with her, she is hoing to tell Riza and Mehmet that Feriha has a boyfriend in Emir.

At the university the break is finished and the students are in the classrooms. Levent enters one of the classrooms and tells Emir to get out from his course. (Levent is a professor and now he got a job at the university where Feriha is a student.) One morning Zehra calls Sophie and asks about Hasan. Sophie tells her that her father is in bed with a lung illness because he was a miner. Zehra ends the conversation and asks Sophie to not call her at home again. Hasan has a severe lung seisure and falls to bed. Sophie dares to call Zehra and asks her to come to see Hasan, because it might be the last time to see him alive. Zehra enters Hasan's bedroom ...

The summaries are made after the original Turkish TV episodes of 2 hours each. 

Feriha and Emir - episodes 31-32 summary

Feriha and Emir episode 31 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 31-32 summary
Sophie's father is Zehra's first love, Hasan. He was a miner and they loved each other very much, but Zehra's family decided to marry their daughter with Riza. Sophie wants to reveal to Zehra that this is also her second name, but Zehra is eager to go home because she is very nervous. Sophie just tells her that these are maybe the last days in Hasan's life.

The story of the diamond ring is found out by some neighbours. Because of the debt, Mehmet says to Seher that he changed his mind and can't marry now. Zehra goes to Seher aunt to take the ring back, but Seher doesn't want to, saying that if it is a fake (as Zehra claimes) why would she give it back, Mehmet can buy another one from the bazar whenever he wants. Zehra lies that the ring has a sentimental value for her family but she still doesn't return it. Later she will lie to Mehmet that she became pregnant, to force him marry her.

Emir keeps leading a messy life just to make Feriha jealous. When he comes home with another blonde and calls Feriha to bring him the appartment keys, she makes a scandal and gets the girl out of the block. Then takes Emir - who is a little drunk - to the mirror in his house and says that anytime he sees himself in a mirror, in fact he sees her. Then Emir goes back to school, but tries to keep a distance from Hande and Cansu. But Cansu wants very much that the whole university to find out who Feriha really is. Unfortunately, Cansu isn't aware that by doing this, Emir would be very disadvantaged. Cansu asks Lara to help her with her plans, but Lara refuses. Then, she makes a plan so that Hanmde to find out about Feriha's real family and then she will ask her help.

Aysun is very astonished when she figures out that her son still loves Feriha, after so many lies. Angry, she has an argue with Zehra, because she thinks that Zehra determined her son to move in their block. Feriha goes to Levent for advice again, and he tells her to come to him whenever she needs, not only to do the cleaning. Feriha talks to Mehmet and finds out that they can lose their small appartment and all their things if he can't pay the rate. Then Feriha goes and tells Levent about their desperate situation. He doesn't say anything, and a little later he goes to the Hills club to discuss with the club's accountant, because he wants to pay Mehmet's debt. The man can't give him the number of the account without informing Emir first. Levent says he will come in another day for an answer.

Sanem tells Haldun that Levent is an old family friend form Izmir (her native place). One day Cansu greets Yavuz, the driver, and Sanem, recognizing the man who follows her is scared. Cansu explains to her that he was the driver of her mother and in this way Sanem realizes that Haldun put this man to track her. Then, Sanem goes to Haldun's office, pretending to be hurt by his attitude and by the fact that he tracks her, as he has no reason to do it. Haldun shows her the pictures from the CD-ROM sent by Hande. Sanem says that hugs are normal between old friends. She gets out of the office and thinks that Emir must have sent the pictures. In the same day she has an argue with Emir, but he tells her that he doesn't care about her life and that she should keep her husband at home, because Levent must havean affair with Feriha, since he offers her large sums of money (he knows that Levent wants to pay the family debt). Hearing this, Sanem gets drunk until that evening and goes to Levent, who wants to end their relationship. Sanem asks him a last night before their separation. Haldun looks for her in her bedroom and finds an empty alcohol bottle. Imagining that his wife is on the yacht, he goes there and sees them kissing.

Feriha tries to persuade Emir to not take revenge from her parents. Emir invites her inside his house and tells her that he agrees, and proposes to Feriha to pay the debt by spending one night with him.

Feriha and Emir episode 32 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 31-32 summary
Feriha frowns at him so Emir says that maybe she keeps her love only for the captain (Levent)? Hearing this, Feriha slams the door and goes downstairs. The next day at school, Emir tells Feriha that Levent wants to pay the debt. She is amazed and goes to the marina. During the previous night, Haldun had a heart attack on the yacht and he couldn't open the box with heart pills. Sanem got down hearing the noise and saw Haldun, but didn't give him the pills, she took the box, waiting for him to die. Levent called at the hospital and Haldun was taken to the emergency, but it's too late. Haldun will die within days.

Mehmet believes Seher when she says she is pregnant and again wants to marry her. He finds out about Zehra's visit to Seher's place to ask the ring back and he gets upset at hos mother. Can, Emir's little brother, comes to him without telling Aysun that he leaves home. Can arrives in Etiler and meets Feriha, whom he asks why she doesn't want to be with Emir again? Emir is just coming downstairs, he takes Can at his appartment and then calls Aysun to come to pick Can up.

Hande finds out where Emir lives and comes with some friends to him, univited. Emir can't get them out. Koray is there too, but he defends himself saying that he has nothing to do with this new game of Hande. Gulsun, Feriha's cousin, immediately iamgines that there must be a trap, because it's time for Feriha to collect the garbage. Gulsun offers to replace Feriha, but she doesn't agree. When she knoks at Emir's door, everybody there sees her with the bin and they stay utterless with astonishment. Feriha says she is the doorman's daughter and she has come to collect the garbage. Emir is almost crying (he is humiliated in his society if they find out that he loves a poor girl.). Everybody leaves in silence, only Hande wonders how could Feriha lie about her parents, the hotel, the yacht and the captain?

Mehmet marries Seher and then the two newly wedded remain at Seher's place. Feyyaz, to revenge, puts a fire to their house during that night.

The summaries are made after the original Turkish TV episodes of 2 hours each. 

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Feriha and Emir - episodes 29-30 summary

Feriha and Emir episode 29 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 29-30 summary
Emir has moved in Feriha's block, at the last floor. Every day she comes to collect the garbage Emir gives her the garbage and closes the door without uttering a single word. When Feriha tries to talk to him, he is angry at her. Mehmet informs his family that he gets married with Seher and will go to ask for her. Haldun starts behaving very distant to Sanem. She even comes at the hotel - Haldun moved there - to be with him, but his attitude doesn't change. Haldun looks for the driver of his first wife and asks him to follow Sanem and to inform him about each move that she makes. Koray wants to know where Emir is and thinks that Feriha might know. But Feriha, understanding that Emir hasn't talked lately with Koray, tells him that she has no idea about Emir. Gulsun, who is there and who likes Koray, wanting to see him more often, tells him the truth, that Emir moved in the appartment with number 10 at the last floor. Koray visits Emir who is rude to him and says he doesn't need anybody.

Zehra, Riza and Mehmet go to Seher's place and ask her for marriage. Later, Seher warns Feyyaz that his wife will find out everything if he stops helping her and her aunt with money. Feyyaz seems to accept Seher's blackmail. Riza wants to take some money from the business opened by him and Veysel for Mehmet's wedding, but his neighbour gives him only 200 Turkish lira telling that they don't have money because their business works bad. Riza suspects that Veysel is not honest, but doesn't say anything. Zehra finds many similitudes with her native village in the house where she works as a maid and cook. All the time there are some weird coincidences and she cannot tell what happens. Sophia, the woman with a foreign accent who hired her, asks her to cook food like in her native village. Zehra is amazed about that, because Sophia claims she is a vegan person, but Zehra cooks meat too. One day Zehra hears some noises in the house, and Sophie tells her it is her father who has just come from abroad (Sophie lies here, in fact, Zehra cooks for this old man, but she doesn't know it yet), still she doesn't allow Zehra to go upstairs to see him. Being very curious, Zehra goes upstairs one day, and sees an old man listening to music - again from her native village - but can't figure out who he is because he is with his back towards the door.

Emir arranges things at the bank so that the debt of the Yilmaz family for the damaged car to be on his name only. Feriha is more and more attracted to Levent, as a confident. But Levente's love for her grows more. Feriha sees her ring on Seher's finger but Zehra calms her down saying that she will solve this problem. In the evening, Feriha and Mehmet go in the park and argue on the ring. Emir comes home and tries to stop Mehmet from being aggressive with Feriha, though, in fact, he wanted to draw attention to him, because he is with a beautiful blonde and takes her upstairs. In the morning Feriha tells Emir that if she lied to him, it's not necessary for him to become a liar too. Then she reminds him that he once told her that he would love her the way she is. Emir replies that he is not the same man anymore.

Lara blackmailed her father, but Tulin, who doesn't really want to divorce, scolds Lara and says she should mind her own business and not interfere between them. Lara can't accept to be passive, and calls Hande up to seek a good lawyer for her mother. Hande finds a young lawyer that will bring Lara flowers and will try to become her friend.

One evening Cansu is alone in her house and asks Emir to let her stay with him because she feels bored to be alone. They drink some alcohol and they fall asleep. In the morning when Feriha comes to knock at his door, Cansu opens and they are almost to fight one against the other. Emir gets Feriha out of his house, though she manages to tell him that his desire to take revenge will distroy him, without bringing any good thing. Cansu invites Emir to dine with her family.

During the dinner, Cansu and Haldun go to find some CD-s and Sanem tells Emir that Feriha forced her to lie, and that she must have a love-affair with Levent. Emir is so jealous hearing this, that he can't judge properly this information. The next day, Levent comes to Feriha to give her a compass, advising her to not lose control and direction. Levent will go away for a long time and wants to say farewell to Feriha. When he goes back on his yacht, Emir comes there and beats him so badly that Levent bleeds from an injure at his head. Levent falls in the sea and the water becoms red with his blood. Feriha has just come to the marina by taxi and sees Levent falling in the water.

Feriha and Emir episode 30 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 29-30 summary
Feriha runs to the place where Levent fell, shouting with dispair. Emir, seeing that Feriha is so scared, jumps in the water to get Levent out. Levent is taken to the hospital. Sanem manages to find out something about her lover, but doesn't know to what hospital he is. Haldun himself follows her. She finds the hospital and Haldun comes after her inside it. She must lie about her presence there, but now she realizes that Haldun must have followed her by car, otherwise he couldn't have known where she is. Emir surrends to the police without creating problems. Haldun wants to make a surprise to Sanem and takes her to the marina in front of Levente's yacht. He gets out and greets only her, because he doesn't know Haldun.

Zehra keeps going in the upstairs room every day, and once, Sophia finds her there. But nobody is in the room, except for the fact that the music is on. Zehra asks Sophie who is her father, because the music and the food, or other objects (for example, some beads found by Zehra generate old memories in her mind) are the same as in her native village. Sophie doesn't answer her, but later she calls her father and asks him why he still plays with Zehra?

Emir asks Zehra to do housework for him (he constantly tries to see if Feriha's family is a materialistic one) but she refuses telling him that she can look for someone to do it. Feriha is again on Levente's yacht and they talk about Emir jealousy. Levent thinks that if she stops working for him now, Emir will have the perfect poof that they are involved into a relationship. Levent makes Feriha understand that he is indeed interested in her. Sanem looks for Levente's yacht at the marina but the guardian says he sails with Feriha. Sanem goes back home and for the second time she notices a man following her (the one paid by Haldun). When he stops and speaks on the phone, Sanem verifies if Haldun's phone number is busy, so she realizes that Haldun put this man to follow her.

Seher wonders where she and Mehmet will live after their marriage. Mehmet tells her that they will live in her aunt's house, because she previously told him that her aunt would go to Germany (in fact Seher lied). Riza wants that Mehmet to work in his little company, and Veysel warns him that Mehmet can't take the money for his debt to the Sarrafoglu family from the company profits. Mehmet is called by Emir at the Hills club and he goes there alone, but Seher takes a taxi and arrives there too. Emir informs Mehmet that now the monthly rate is 26,000 Turkish lira and if he can't pay, the bank will take them all their properties (appartment and things). Mehmet is angry because the sum is very large for him. Seher wonders why does Mehmet hide from her that the ring costs 45,000 lira, that he meets rich people such as Emir Sarrafoglu and goes to fancy places such as Hills club?

Zehra wants to leave Istanbul, mainly because Emir promised to take revenge from Feriha's relatives. Moreover, she finds out that not Rumeysa recommended her to Sophie (as she told her), so Zehra starts being afraid and warns Sophie that she goes to the police. In that moment Sophie's father comes downstairs and Zehra is amazed seeing him. (Because he is someone from her past, before marrying with Riza) The school starts again. Cansu is now a newcomer. Feriha is alone and all her friends and colleagues form the university don't understand why. Koray goes to her and whispers in her ear that nobody knows what happend during the summer. Emir appears with Cansu and everybody is astonished. When Feriha and Cansu meet at the toilet, Feriha tells Cansu that Emir would never love her and she is now at his arm due to her, to Feriha. Cansu starts crying. Feriha and Emir have a long argument on this topic.

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Feriha and Emir - episodes 27-28 summary

Feriha and Emir episode 27 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 27-28 summary
Cansu is bewildered that Feriha is indeed Emir's girlfriend. Shocked, she gets out and walks on the street without being careful at the cars. A car hits her and she is taken to the hospital. Sanem and Haldun want to prove that the driver is guilty but their lawyer advises them to not do that because it was not the driver's fault. Haldun understands that his daughter left home without announcing them, therefore he decides to be more careful with her medical treatment. Advised by a psychologist, he takes into consideration to find a hobby for Cansu, or to give her a job at the restaurant, to distract her attention from Emir.

Zehra goes to that woman speaking with a foreign accent and accepts the job only if she is correctly paid, not more. She wants to be paid for what she does only. Zehra is hired to do housework and to cook. Feriha is with Levent on the yacht and Emir calls her up. She lies that she is alone and then, Levent ask her something, so Emir gets upset with her because she lied to him. Later, when Sanem comes to Levent, a man paid by Hande takes photos of them to be used in a blackmail by the blonde. Mehmet, who lives with Seher now, finds Feriha's diamond ring and, not knowing its value, takes it and offers it to Seher. When Feriha asks about it, Mehmet says he doesn't know anything about any ring. Cansu is watched by Sanem at the hospital. Fortunately, she is not injured, she only had a shock after the accident. When she recovers, she tells Sanem what she saw and Her step mother advises Cansu to take revenge in small steps, by making Emir aware that Feriha is not who she pretends to be.

Cansu manages to be introduced to Emir by Unal. During their conversation Emir tells her that Feriha learns at the same university and that her father works in the tourism industry. Cansu thinks that Feriha is indeed a great liar, but in fact, Feriha has never said something like that. Her guilt is that she let her friends imagine what they wanted in certain situations. Cansu asks Emir to come with her at home because she must take some documents for her father. When they arrive in front of the door, Emir says that this is Feriha's apartment, but Cansu answers him that she lives in the apartment from the basement, not here. Emir is confused. Cansu calls Zehra at the interphone, knowing that it is exactly the hour when Feriha must collect the garbage. Cansu opens the door and Emir sees Feriha with the bin coming for the garbage at every door in the block.

Feriha and Emir episode 28 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 27-28 summary
Emir is astonished and feels like an idiot. He runs away on the stairs and Feriha shouts that she can explain everything. Emir just gets in his car and leaves that place in a big hurry. A paparazzo (photographer for glossy magazines) takes pictures of him, and he gets down to beat that man. A little later, Unal is contacted by the magazine concerning the incident, and he calls his son, but Emir is on the sea shore and throws his mobile phone in the water. Emir goes home and revises all his memories when Feriha didn't say anything and he imagined that Sanem was her mother, and so on. He realizes he was the one who believed some apparences and gets angry. He contacts Haldun and now learns the truth: that Haldun is Cansu's father, Sanem is his second wife and that he doesn't have any yacht.

Hatice, Riza's sister, was left by her husband for another woman, and Zehra tries to calm her down. Koray suspects that Emir is si different from his usual moods because of Feriha and wants to go at her place to talk to her, but there, Mehmet comes and beats Koray, thinking he is Feriha's lover (he remembers the picture from the glossy magazine). Later he finds Feriha and understands everything about her real social condition. Then he meets Gulsun (Feriha's cousin, who will become Koray's wife later), and asks her to tell Feriha that he is by her side, because she also stayed by his side when he went through difficult moments. He tells Gulsun that Emir lives in his house. Feriha will come several times at Koray's gate to wait for Emir, but when he sees her, gets very angry and can't talk to her properly. Towards Koray, Emir admits that he is madly inlove with Feriha and can't live without her, in spite of all her lies. Feriha again asks Levent to help her, but being on the yacht, she is not careful and falls into the sea. Levent saves her and takes her home.

Mehmet decides to marry Seher. She shows the ring to her aunt, but the woman notices that it must be a very expensive ring and goes with Seher to a jeweler to find out that the ring values about 45 thousand Turkish lira. Hande sends the pictures with Levent and Sanem to Haldun Yilmaz (Yilmaz is, in fact, the family name of Feriha). Unfortunately, the envelope with the CD containing the pictures arrives on Haldun's table. One day he opens the envelope and plays the CD-ROM on his laptop. In the next episode we see Haldun paying a detective to follow his wife.

Emir is very angry all the time and argues with everybody. Cansu keeps inviting him at her place, so Emir finds out that the apartment above Cansu's is free. He will immediately move there, to be close to Feriha, even if he doesn't want to see her.

The summaries are made after the original Turkish TV episodes of 2 hours each. 

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Feriha and Emir - episodes 25-26 summary

Feriha and Emir episode 25 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 25-26 summary
Here starts the second season of the series.

Feriha goes to Emir, because she has changed her mind concerning the letter she has already sent to him, but when she arrives at his place, Emir is already with a letter in his hands. He is sad, but still he hugs Feriha. Fortunately, it was not Feriha's letter, it is a message from Aysun who tells to her son that she has cancer and she cannot say how much time does she have. Feriha told Emir in her letter all the truth about her and gave him back the wedding ring, thinking that Emir would not want to marry her anymore, because she is poor and because she has lied to him for so long. At Zehra's the police and the ambulance come. Halil is arrested when Feriha comes home, he tells her that he did it (shot Zehra) for them (he and Feriha).

After three months.

The summer holiday is over. Cansu is now a student at the same university as Feriha and the others. Zehra is recovered, but she is changed, she seems more humble and thoughtful (perhaps because the actrice, Vahide Gordum, found out she had cancer during the shooting of this series. Later she will be little by little out of the episodes, and finally Zehra doesn't appear anymore, the character being sent in the countryside with Omer. It was the time when Vahide got treatment for her illness.)

Feriha and Emir - episodes 25-26 summary
Feriha is away from Istanbul, and Riza's relatives (Hatice, Riza's sister, and her daughter Gulsun) came to live and help with housework and cooking. Halil is at the psychiatric hospital. Feriha comes back to Istanbul, but first she goes to Emir's place and understands that her letter was found by Aysun, who starts hating her. Aysun is convinced that Feriha did all these because they are a rich family and she is a materialistic girl who wants just Emir's money. Aysun puts the letter and the ring into her purse without intending to show them to her elder son. She takes Feriha at home by her car, and she has the occasion to meet Zehra, who was sweeping the pavement in front of the block.

Sanem goes to the marina to look for Levent. Then she remembers: Haldun stopped her when she wanted to leave home for good, announcing that she was going to rent a yacht. In fact she wanted to go away with Levent, but his yacht was not there and Sanem had to go back home. Now, in the present, Sanem finds Levent and scolds him for not telling her that he would go sailing for one month. Levent just tells her that he doesn't have a mobile phone, and she knew it.

Feyyaz is in the countryside with his wife and Seher talks with her aunt about her marriage with Mehmet. Her aunt doesn't agree with this marriage, because Mehmet is poor and he hasn't got any job, but Seher wants to marry him, to punish Feyyaz (she imagines that Feyyaz will be jealous). Riza and Zehra don't like Seher and Riza tells his son that he saw Seher kissing Mr. Feyyaz. Mehmet can't believe that and as a protest against his father, he goes to sleep a whole night in the park.

Aysun starts seeking information about Feriha. Hande tells her that indeed, Feriha turned Emir from the night life heir into a white prince. Then, we find out that Hande spent the summer holiday with Koray, as lovers, but she is not happy because she loves Emir, and she doesn't want the others to learn about this relationship. Koray gets upset when he realizes that Hande was not sincere. Hande plays another game to Feriha. Everybody is invited on a rented yacht, but finally they ask Feriha to take them on a ride with "her" yacht. Levent accepts to be in this game, for the sake of Feriha whom he loves. When they are back in the marina, Sanem comes to Levent to question him why he accepted to lie? A little later, Emir comes back on the yacht because he forgot his car keys and sees Levent and Sanem kissing. Astonished, he feels like telling to someone what he has just seen and goes to Koray. There, Hande hears all the conversation because she is hidden in the bathroom. Emir feels pity for Feriha, and understands her, because he also lived with an infidel father.

One day Emir drops by Feriha's and sees Aysun's car parked there. Aysun is inside, because she wants to have a talk with Zehra. Feriha comes home and is amazed to see Aysun in their living room.

Other actions in this episode:

- Haldun wants to become business partner with Unal and to open another Hills club in his hotel. Sanem doesn't agree at first.
- Cansu starts throwing her pills over the window.
- Tulin decides to divorce.

Feriha and Emir episode 26 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 25-26 summary
Aysun gives back to Feriha the engagement ring telling her that she can't put it asside, as if it was booked, once she accepted. Then she scolds Zehra because she didn't do anything when she realized that her daughter was lying so much. Though, Aysun still believes that Feriha is after her son's money and doesn't really love him, since she told him so many lies. When she gets out, Emir, who has been waiting in the car, sees Sanem and greets her, introducing her to Aysun as Feriha's mother. Aysun is astonished at the dimension of the mistification woven by Feriha. She couldn't believe her eyes that a person such as Sanem could also be involved in her spider web of lies.

Aysun asks Feriha to come to talk over a cup of tea, at a teashop. There she says to Feriha that she must tell Emir the whole truth, because he does not know the real Feriha, so he does not love the real one. He loves the unreal one. But though, she accepts a delay, because Emir's birthday is coming. Seher dominates Mehmet more and more every day. She even wants him to make a choice between her and his family. Mehmet eventually chooses Seher. Zehra warns her future daughter-in-low that she shouldn't expect anything good from her and Riza. Emir is confused because of what he saw (Sanem and Levent), and he doesn't understand why Haldun is never on his yacht. Feriha answers that Levent is the captain and that Haldun trusts him very much. Feriha, who gained confidence towards Levent, starts asking for his help to understand her situation and to guide her to truth again. One day Emir goes to Levent pushed by jealousy. Levent, wisely, says that he might have seen some things, but they are not what they appear to be and that he may not know very well what he really saw.

Unal and Haldun start seeing each other to talk about them and their future business. Aysun finds the opportunity to learn things about Feriha's family. For example, Unal reveals that Riza and Zehra didn't take the money he offered when Mehmet made the complaint against Emir. When Unal and Haldun have a lunch together with their wives, Sanem is in a very delicate situation, because Emir had previously introduced her to Aysun as Feriha's mother. When Aysun hears that Cansu is Sanem's daughter, frowns at her, and Sanem gets up to go to the toilet. Aysun joins her, just to humiliate her more. Later, Sanem goes to Levent to tell him that she wants to divorce, but he gets elegantly rid of her, saying that Pelin, her daughter, can't live all her life on a yacht.

On Emir's birthday, he and Feriha spend all the day together and in that night there is a party at Hills for Emir. Feriha announces Zehra that she won't come early at home. Haldun and Sanem were invited by Unal, but Cansu is supposed to stay at home. Though, Cansu waits for her parents to leave home, then she dresses and gets out to see Emir at Hills. She arrives there on time to see Feriha and Emir pasionately kissing....

Feriha and Emir - episodes 25-26 summary
Other actions in the episode 26:

- Lara and Tulin go to a lawyer to start the divorce procedures.
- an unknown young woman with a foreign accent wants Zehra to come to her place to be a maid, twice a week, but she will be paid for the whole week. Zehra is going to give an answer soon.
- Koray is upset with Hande, who declared that loves Emir. They are again separated.

The summaries are made after the original Turkish TV episodes of 2 hours each. 

Feriha and Emir - episodes 23-24 summary

Feriha and Emir episode 23 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 23-24 summary
Emir shakes hands with Sanem who must play after Feriha's game. Levent doesn't understand at first what's happening but he keeps silent. Feriha, very nervous, leaves the 500 euros on a table and hurries Emir to go home. On the way, Emir talks disrespectfully about Mehmet's family and Feriha gets angry saying what if she was the doorman's daughter and Mehmet, her brother? Emir finds this idea very unrealistic and thinks that Feriha is too concerned about poor people.

Mehmet doesn't make complaint against Feyyaz at the police, and Feriha is upset, because he accused Emir of beating him, and Emir is innocent, but he doesn't accuse Feyyaz who is guilty. Zehra finds a picture of Seher under Mehmet's pilow, and she understands why was his son beaten. Later, Feyyaz thinks that it's good for Seher to have a boyfriend as Mehmet, because his own love affair with Seher must stay hidden. Zehra, on the contrary, doesn't like Seher at all and tries to keep her son away from her.

Sanem is afraid of Feriha and tries to talk to her. They agree to keep silence about what each of them saw: Feriha won't tell anybody that Sanem has a lover, Sanem won't tell Feriha's family that she has a boyfriend. Zehra keeps going to work on Levente's yacht and Feriha doesn't agree with it, but Zehra needs money. Then Feriha persuades her mother to stay at home, or look for another job, because she will go on the yacht from now on. Later she begs Levent to tell her mother that he doesn't need a maid anymore but Levent does not accept this idea, saying that he is satisfied with Zehra's work and everybody should mind his own business.

Veisel, who promised to pay the loan made by Riza, doesn't pay anything. He lies to the bank that Riza has changed his phone number and that they will talk only to him (Veisel) from now on. Veisel promises to the bank agent that he will tell Riza to go and pay the rates. (But he never does it.) Some relatives of Riza announce them that they moved to Istanbul and invite Riza and Zehra to dinner. Being late, they remain at their relatives during that night and both Mehmet and Feriha take advantage on this occasion. Mehmet spends the night with Seher and Feriha goes to Emir, prepares dinner and breakfast for him and both spend some good time together. In the morning Emir decides to buy a diamond engagement ring for Feriha and to ask her to marry him.

Cansu tries hard to learn for the entrance exam at the university. Lara discovers that their young maid, Nataly, has a love affair with her father. Tulin doesn't know anything, yet. Zehra goes to the strange house to do the cleaning, and a young woman tells her that she and her "uncle" (in fact she is the mistress of the houseowner who is married to that sick lady locked in the room) must leave abroad and that this is Zehra's last day in that job. But suddenly Zehra hears the sick woman shouting that they want to kill her. Zehra hits the houseowner with a vase and he faints.

Emir buys a diamond ring and prepares a surprise for Feriha bringing in his garden a machine for artificial snow. He invites Feriha in the garden where it's like in winter time and asks her to marry him. Feriha waits ...

Feriha and Emir episode 24 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 23-24 summary
Feriha starts crying and knees next to Emir. She can't take the ring in that moment. She runs away leaving Emir very confused and sad. Zehra goes to the police and we find out that the sick woman was declared as missing for a long time because she was not seen and her relatives thought her dead. The policemen believed that her husband killed her for money, because she was rich. In the evening, Feriha goes back to Emir who is still in the garden, with a bottle of alcohol. She tells him that their love is true, but she doesn't deserve that ring now. She must deserve it first, and then she will accept it. Emir doesn't figure out the hint, that their love is real, but some facts are not. Emir tells her that he can wait for her as long as it is necessary. Feriha takes the little box with her. Emir gives her a ride home and kisses her good night, but in that moment, Sherife, Halil's mother, sees them.

Halil had also seen Feriha with Emir previously. Sherife goes to Riza to tell him that his daughter is not a good girl and stays up late at night in the city and she is often seen with a man. Eventually, Sherife and Riza start arguing. Feriha shows the ring to her mother telling that Emir proposed to her. Zehra is proud of her daughter but is also worried about her lies. The news spreads little by little, and Emir's parents, Unal and Aysun, will find out about it. They meet and talk about their son's decision, Aysun wondering who Feriha is? Both conclude that this Feriha must have forced Emir to propose her. But Unal believes it must be love between them, too.

Halil follows Feriha and one day stops her and asks her why she is with Emir? Mehmet comes and then Halil and Mehmet threatens one another. Unfortunately, Halil gets very angry and decides to do unusual things (he has a mental disorder but now it's only the beginning). Zehra receives by mail a cheque of 30.000 Turkish lira from the sick woman that she saved. She and Riza decide to open a bank account with it. Feriha gives back to Levent a CD with a movie he recommended her to watch. She claims that her player isn't working, so Levent plays the CD on his laptop. In the meantime Sanem drops by and doesn't like seeing Feriha and Levent on the bed watching a movie. Feriha goes home and Sanem wants Levent to get her sacked for good.

In the evening Cansu and her parents go to the Hills club where Emir and Koray spend their free time too. Cansu is eager to speak with Emir, but Sanem drops a glass of red wine on her dress, so that Cansu can't get up from her chair the whole evening. After Hande finds out that Emir proposed to Feriha she again starts playing her dirty games. One night she gets drunk and goes to Emir to tell him that she loves him. Koray, who was there too, hears her and becomes sad, because he really loves Hande for a long time, and because they are lovers for several days.

Aysun starts dating Feriha to know her better and to be sure that her son won't be disappointed in life. Feriha, later, writes a confessing letter to Emir and posts it. Lara finds new evidence that Nataly is her father's mistress. Sanem has an argue with Haldun and leaves him going to Levent. Haldun follows her untill she gets to the marina. Mehmet gets engaged with Seher, without his parents to know it. Accidentally, Riza sees Seher, twice, in the company of Feyyaz and understands that Seher is Feyyaz's mistress. Halil, who starts inventing things and lost his mind control, shouts at Zehra that she is a snake, thinking that because of her Feriha broke their engagement. Zehra gets him out of her house but Halil pulls a pistol and shots her ...

The summaries are made after the original Turkish TV episodes of 2 hours each. 

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Feriha and Emir - episodes 21-22 summary

Feriha and Emir episode 21 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 21-22 summary
Emir and Feriha have a positive period but when Mehmet learns that Riza's heart attack was because Unal increased the bank rates for the car, he gets angry and goes to the club to revenge. Feriha and Emir are inside, at a table. Emir gets out and tries to speak calm with Mehmet, persuading him to forget about Unal and to contact him only. Though Mehmet hits Emir with his head before leaving home. Emir stops the bodyguards from beating Mehmet. Sanem sees Levent kissing another woman so she goes back, disappointed. On another occasion she leaves one earing on a couch and next time she comes very sexy dressed and asks Levent to put her earing.

Feriha and Emir argue while working on the economy project. It is about poor people and rich poeple, and obviously, they have very different opinions on this topic. Feriha now understands for the first time that if Emir finds out the truth about her, her dream will be over. Seher and Feyyaz live tensioned moments. She thinks that she can control Feyyaz by telling him that if he actions against Mehmet, she will reveal their relationship to his wife. Feyyaz doesn't care too much about it and pays some guys to beat Mehmet. He remains unconscious near some garbage sacks. When Mehmet recovers, thinks that Emir sent those guys to beat him.

Cansu gets better due to medical care. Koray wants to split off with Hande because he realizes he was almost to die because of her. Zehra goes in that strange house to do the housework. Beyond the locked door she hears a faint voice crying for help. Zehra announces the houseowner who scolds her because she got too close to that door. Curious, Zehra finds the door open one day and dares to see who is inside. There is an apparently old woman on a bed. Later she finds a picture from a wedding on a table, and wonders if the woman in the bed is the bride from the photo.

Emir goes to Cansu's door (thinking that Feriha lives there) to give her back the file of the project that she forgot at the university. Nobody answers, so Emir gets down to the block admins (Riza's appartment) to let the file there. Zehra and Feriha are at home cooking when he rings the doorbell. Feriha goes to open the door ...

Feriha and Emir episode 22 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 21-22 summary
Before touching the door, she drops the eggs and water from her hands, so Zehra opens the door. She freezes seeing Emir there, but he doesn't stay, he just gives Zehra the file and leaves home. Feriha wants again to tell Emir the whole truth about her origins no matter what would happen. She goes to Emir's house and when she arrives there, police comes to tell Emir was accused to have beaten a certain Mehmet Yilmaz. Emir must go at the police, and Feriha calls her brother up, to find out that he is at hospital. Sanem feels guilty because she seduced Levent, and refuses the touch of her husband, Haldun, that night. The next day she is very thoughtful but little by little she starts making a life with Levent and puts her family on a second level.

After a while Mehmet comes home, but because only his parents and sister knew where he was, Halil thinks that he is disrespectful and Seher is worried because he can't answer the mobile phone. Feyyaz, being jealous, tell her that he paid 3 men to beat Mehmet. Feriha still goes on Levente's yacht to clean the place. One day she can't stay because she must hurry to the university. Levent, who is inlove with Feriha, pays her for the full day and takes her to school by his motorcycle. Emir sees them and begins to be jealous. He also remembers that Feriha has recently told that she will reveal that Feriha he doesn't know yet. He suddenly realizes that he really doens't know anything about Feriha's family or entourage.

Unal thinking he is now in a delicate situation, suggests to Zehra and Riza to cancel their debt for the damaged car in exchange of the accusation (Mehmet to give up to the accusation). Riza and Zehra does not accept, and consider that Unal came with this proposal because it was true that Emir beat their son. Then Unal threatens them telling that it's all right, they go on with the trial, justice will be done, but after that he will take his revenge.

Sanem tries to convince Zehra to not do housework on the yacht anymore (she doesn't want to be seen there by Zehra or Feriha), because it is not necessary. Zehra doesn't want that and Sanem gets angry. Feriha arrives home and counting the money given by Levent, they notice he gave Feriha 500 euros, not 500 Turkish lira. Feriha goes to Sanem to ask her to give the money back to Levent, but she refuses saying that she doesn't want to be involved in their problems with Levent. (This is another strategy. She hints that Levent is not satisfied with their work and wants them sacked, but it is not true.)

The 3 men who beat Mehmet go to Feyyaz to get their money for the job done. But Feyyaz tells them that they beat Mehmet too bad and doesn't give them anything. Those 3 promise to revenge and go to the police to surrender. Now Mehmet finds out who beat him, but Seher begs him to not make a complaint to the police because Feyyaz is their relative (hers and her aunt's) and is the only one who helps them with money and with the job. When the three men go to the police, Unal calls Emir to tell him that the case is over and they were found not guilty.

Emir spends the day with Feriha and then they stay on the yacht. Sanem goes to Levent and takes him to a restaurant to talk. When Sanem and Levent are back to the marina, Feriha and Emir are just getting out. Sanem kisses Levent and the two youngsters see them. Emir is confused because he thinks that Sanem is Feriha's mother. Sanem and Feriha exchange long sights while passing one by another.

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Feriha and Emir - episodes 19-20 summary

Feriha and Emir episode 19 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 19-20 summary
Fortunately, Cansu doesn't see the girl kissed by Emir, but when she arrives at home she searches on the internet who is Emir's girlfriend. For a while, Cansu being obsessed with Emir's life, she will neglect school (she attends particular classes as a preparation for the entrance exam at the university). In the meantime Halil doesn't understand why Feriha gave him up and because nobody gives him a satisfactory answer, he starts secretly following Feriha, mainly to see if there is someone taking her from home or if she leaves home with someone.

Seher, who has a complicated love affair with her patron, Feyyaz, who is married, gets upset when he announces that he is going to have a short vacation with his wife. Seher hoped he would divorce and marry her, but time passes by and her expectations do not become reality. As a revenge, she spends one night with Mehmet and the next day tells him (Mehmet) that she had another man in her life who left her, and she doesn't want to be heartbroken again. Later during that day she begins to spread the news that she is Mehmet's lover, so that she forces him to marry her. Zehra starts looking for a good job and a woman whom she doesn't know, hires her for a house owner who needs a maid. But from the beginning she notices that there must be some weird things happening there. In a room, which is locked almost all the time, she is not allowed to clean at all. She is told that inside it there is a sick old woman that under no circumstances must be disturbed.

Halil goes to the university and has a fight with Emir. Koray suspects that something must have been between Emir and Hande, because he finds out that Hande spent a night in his house and that Emir went at the motel to bring her back home. Cansu invites Feriha in her appartment to chat about Emir, expecting that she would tell her who is Emir's girlfriend. Feriha tells the truth: that she is not Koray's girl, she is Emir's. But Cansu, being sure that Feriha mocks at her, starts laughing and says that Emir wouldn't even look at someone like Feriha. Then Cansu gets angry, accuses Feriha of lying and pushes her to the door to get her out. Sanem is just coming home and sees Feriha pushed on the stairs but doesn't understand what happens. Cansu tells everybody that Feriha mocks at her that she would be Emir Sarrafoglu's girlfriend. Lara asks Cansu what's so funny about it? Cansu replies that Emir would never date such a poor girl as Feriha. Things go worse for Cansu when a letter arrives, from her meditators, and Haldun learns that his daughter has bad results. Cansu accuses Sanem for her bad results, because Sanem is always criticizing her actions and that's why she lost confidence and selfesteem. Sanem defends herself revealing that Cansu is interested only in Emir's life and glossy magazines. Then Sanem and Haldun have an argument that ends when Sanem leaves home to go to Levent. Cansu starts trembling and Haldun will have to take her to the hospital. Sanem sets her mobile phone on silent mode, and only in the morning sees that Haldun called her desperately and finds a text message from him.

It is Koray's birthday. Koray, Emir, Feriha and Hande get on a particular plane and fly to a vacation house. (Zehra has to lie to Riza that their daughter is spending the night with an old woman who has heart problems.) At the vacation house Feriha cooks for everybody and Koray drinks too much. When Koray gets inside to bring another bottle of wine, Hande goes after him to stop him drinking, but Koray asks her if she and Emir had a love affair together. Feriha wants to go to the bathroom and unwillingly hears their conversation, and because Hande doesn't answer to Koray she believes that Emir cheated on her with Hande.

Feriha and Emir episode 20 synopsis

Feriha and Emir - episodes 19-20 summary
Hande didn't say anything because she saw Feriha on the stairs and wanted her to think that Emir spent a night with her. Unfortunately, Koray suspects the same thing seeing that Hande avoids a direct answer. Feriha, bewildered, gets out of the house through a back door and leaves them without saying anything. Koray, drunk, gets angry at Hande and breaks a bottle, but cuts himself badly exactly at the wrist so he starts bleeding heavily and faints in a short time. Hande and Emir hurry to take him to a hospital. Emir calls Feriha who tells him that she knows everything and he can go to hell. Then she takes a bus back home.

When Zehra learns what happened, she is by her daughter's side. Mehmet is in love with Seher and declares it to her. Feyyaz sees them together and threatens her with sacking off from the shop. She says that because he is married, he has no rights upon her. Emir comes to Feriha's block and gives Zehra Feriha's purse, forgotten at the vacation house the day before. Cansu comes back from the hospital with the diagnosis of "panic seisure".

After Koray is recovered, at the university all the 4 friends start an argument on the topic of Emir and Hande's love affair. Other colleagues come to amuse and watch them making scandal. Hande goes on with her intrigues and games. One day Zehra hears Hande admitting it was nothing between her and Emir, and Zehra hurries to tell it to Feriha, so she doesn't suffer anymore. Feriha gaining confidence, finds Hande at the university bar and tells her loudly, to be heard by the others, that she is a liar and that Emir doesn't like her and he wouldn't spend a minute with her. Then Hande calls Koray up, leaves the mobile phone on (so that he hears her conversation) and scolds her friend for having told to Feriha that she hadn't slept with Emir. In this way she wants to determine Koray return to her.

But now Feriha thinks that she lost Emir for good. Zehra has injured her ankle and sends Feriha on Levente's yacht to clean there. She is taken by Sanem in her jeep, and exactly in that moment Emir comes there and starts following the jeep. Seeing that Feriha gets on the yacht, he believes that it is her parent's yacht. Riza is announced by the bank that the rates for the car are bigger, because Unal Sarrafoglu wants them to pay faster. Hearing this he has a heart attack. Zehra still goes on the yacht wondering if Feriha can manage all the cleaning by herself. When she arrives at the marina, Emir is still there and she doesn't know what to do: to stay or to go back?

 Other actions of the episode: Unal wants to help her ex-wife by paying treatment in the U.S. Though, she doesn't want to accept help from him.

The summaries are made after the original Turkish TV episodes of 2 hours each.