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Medcezir / Tide - episode 6 summary

Medcezir / Tide - episode 6 summary
Mira was operated of aneurysm but she still has a serious illness of blood vessels. Sude wants to take her to the United States for a better investigation. But since they have no money, it's difficult to manage this situation. Faruk goes to Asim too and asks for help. Asim helps him only if Faruk gives him the whole profit from a business that must generate money three months later. Faruk accepts the condition because he has no choice.

Medcezir / Tide - episode 6 summary
Orkun hears Mira when, being asleep after the operation, she murmurs the name of Yaman, and then, after several days, he learns that Yaman visited Mira early in the morning. So, he decides to take revenge and to set a trap for Yaman, with the help of Hasan. Very soon though, the occasion appears. Sude asks Ender for money to go to the U.S.A. with Mira, and Ender gives her the money in their favorite restaurant. Orkun is there too and listens carefully to their conversation, mainly to the detail that Sude is going to lock that money at home, in the safe.

Medcezir / Tide - episode 6 summary
In the evening Yaman and Mert are talking near the pool, then Selim calls them inside to tell Yaman that Asim accepted him to be re-examined. They are very glad and they enjoy the news. In the meantime Orkun came with Hasan hidden in the car, then they broke Faruk's house as nobody was at home - they went to the hospital to see Mira - and Hasan managed to unlock the safe and to take the money from it. Mert and Yaman go to Faruk's house to take a toy for Safari, Mira's dog, but they don't see anything because Hasan has already left the house. When they get out, they meet Orkun leaning on his car and asking about Faruk. This coincidence is an excellent detail for Orkun, who will accuse Yaman of stealing the money from Faruk's house.

Medcezir / Tide - episode 6 summary
The second day Selim and Yaman go to Kenan, who is in jail again, where the two brothers understand that the medical assistant tricked both of them and took their money. Kenan wants revenge and asks Yaman to take the money back from that villain man. After this visit Selim and Yaman go home where all the family, with Sude, Orkun and the police are waiting for them. Sude hastily comes to Yaman, slaps him and calls him a thief ...

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  1. Hi johanna
    Thank u soo much for translating feriha in such a nice way.I am huge fan of cagatay and I want to noe episode wise summary of medcezir , can u start uploading it coz I can't find beyond 6 .
    I m from India and right now feriha is telecasting here . I wish I get positive response from u . thank u . u r doing really good job . may God bless u

    1. Hi, Kirtika! I can start uploading it but in this moment I have only the first 50 episodes on my native language blog. This show has 7 episodes. I'll try to summarise the rest of them too. God bless you too! (k)

    2. Okie den I will wait for the summary

    3. 77 episodes for Medcezir TV show.

      I'll upload today at least episodes 7 and 8.


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