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Medcezir / Tide - episode 5 summary

Medcezir / Tide - episode 6 summary
Orkun came to Yaman and they started fighting in front of Yaman's room. Selim's family don't bother with them anymore, because now everybody is concerned about Faruk, whose properties are seized the next day. Even Mithat, Orkun's father, tells his son to stay away from Mira, because now she will marry him for his money. Sude, desperate to lose the luxury she lives in, goes to Asim and humiliates herself begging him to help her family. But since she is face to face with Asim, she also tells him that Ender lended Faruk with a huge sum of money. This detail makes Asim worry about the family business.

Medcezir / Tide - episode 6 summary
Ayshe, Kenan's girl friend, writes him a letter that she wants to separate from him, because she can't live anymore with a man like him. In fact she is in love with Giray, another guy from Tozludere neighborhood, who promises marriage to her. Giray is not a trusty man, because very soon he starts dating Beren, Mira's younger sister, to whom he lies that he is rich and uses a fancy car left by its owner to the garage where he works as a mechanic for a period of time.

Medcezir / Tide - episode 6 summary
Yaman starts learning for the entrance exams at Asim's university. In the meantime Kenan calls him asking to bring him the thousand Turkish lira for the doctors. Unfortunately, the money must be brought on the same day when Yaman has exams. He leaves after the first exam, finds the money (borrows from his work colleagues, sells his mobile phone) and gives it to the medical assistant for Kenan. That man lies to Kenan that his brother didn't show up with the money and takes it for himself.

Medcezir / Tide - episode 6 summary
Yaman wants to go back to the second exam. In the meantime, Mira takes the car and goes for a ride to save it from the distraint. After a while she calls Orkun but he follows his father advice and tells her that he has some problems to solve. So, feeling alone, Mira goes in Tozludere to Nevin and Hasan's house where she is served with a tea. Very soon her usual headache starts and Mira gets fainted. Hasan takes her to the hospital where the doctors discover she could have a very serious brain illness and she must be operated. Yaman finds this out and doesn't go to his exam anymore, running to the hospital to see what is the situation with Mira.

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