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Medcezir / Tide - episode 4 summary

Medcezir / Tide - episode 4 summary
This episode starts with Nevin leaving from Selim's with Hasan. Then, we are shown childhood memories of Yaman. We see Nevin trying to commit suicide by throwing herself in the sea, then we learn that Yaman's father, Turan Koper, might be dead, because Hasan and Nevin were witnesses to his being shot by a gangster, Turunc Nadir. Nevin has never told the truth about Turan to her children, who saw him one day just leaving the family in a van.

Medcezir / Tide - episode 4 summary
Kenan, in the jail, reads a newspaper where he finds out about the fire where Yaman could have died. Later, trying to find a way to get out of the prison, he pretends to be mad and to be seeing and hearing things, so that he can be transferred from the prison to a hospital in the city. He hopes that by being declared insane, he will be absolved of the punishment. So, he starts acting as a mad person and he is soon transferred to a hospital for investigations. There Kenan trusts one of the medical assistants and tells him the truth, asking that man to help him get the insanity certificate from the doctors. The assistant promises that he can do it if Kenan gives him 1000 Turkish lira.

Medcezir / Tide - episode 4 summary
Yaman wants to go back to his home, but Selim and Ender Serez ask him to stay until he and Orkun repair the model-house. Ender doesn't believe Orkun's story and wants to find out the truth about the fire so she says towards Orkun that she is going to watch the recordings from the street cameras. Orkun grows pale, but he doesn't say anything, hoping that there are not street cameras in the neighborhood. Yaman and his friends go shopping new clothes and shoes for him.

Medcezir / Tide - episode 4 summary
Faruk is about to declare bankruptcy but he still hides his problems to his family and friends. During the evening all the high society from the neighborhood meets at their favorite restaurant. Umit,  Hale's father, who invested money in Faruk's business, goes to his table and tells him that he eats and drinks on his money, and he doesn't want to answer the phone when he (Umit) calls him to ask him his money back. There is a short fight in the restaurant, but now everybody knows that Faruk is in debts. In fact, the worst is that many business men believe that he took the money and pretends to have problems, so they call him a thief.

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