Friday, October 31, 2014

Iffet episode 40, last episode, summary

Iffet episode 40, last episode, summary
After the fight Cemil leaves. Cicek isn't comfortable with her new family, and hearing a conversation between Iffet and Cemil she sneaks out wanting to go home. But because it's night time she gets lost and can't find her previous home. By chance she is seen by her father and grandpa who were prepared to leave the neighborhood. They want to take her back to Cemil and Iffet's but Cicek doesn't want to.

Cemil and Iffet look for the girl at Halil's and seeing that the door is locked and the house empty, they suppose that Halil and his father took Cicek away and left for good. In the meantime Halil persuades Cicek to stay with her real parents and brings her back. Iffet tries to be very kind with her daughter and leaves her watching cartoons on tv.

Iffet episode 40, last episode, summary
Dilek leaves the villa, goes to Arif's yacht and has an argue with him but later finds out that he is very ill. In a few days she calls him and during their coversation he has a heart attack. Dilek thinks that he hanged off on purpose. Later Arif dies at the hospital and Cemil gives his wedding ring to Dilek, who was his wife. Feyyaz and Serpil are about to separate because of Feyyaz mother who is a very fishy woman who broke her son's marriage. Serpil wants to leave him for good but she changes her mind when he tells her that he loves her and when his mother is sorry and admits that she sometimes lied to her.

Iffet episode 40, last episode, summary
In the end of the series, Cemil finds out that Halil took Cicek to his new house. He and Iffet want to take their daughter back but Halil doesn't agree and threatens them with a gun. Cemil starts fighting Halil and tries to kill him with a knife but Iffet takes Halil's gun and shots her husband to death.


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